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bunker sale PC


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anyone wiling to help me with bunker sale, i let it produce too long, it is 2 man job now.

ACMJT94 - social club

EDIT: BTW can anyone stay in my list as afriend and be active, i would like to excange helping with business stuff

Edited by ACM-Jan
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Alright, lets do it, my boi.

Edited by Sanches
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can i count on you as business partner and friend?

300k isnt a fortune to live forever with and i have no friends who would stick to gta online.

i was really hurt when the last guy quit being friends after helping with doomsday heist only.

Edited by ACM-Jan
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As long as u friendly.
Just message me via Social Club when you see me Online.
Or message me here if you need help really bad.

Edited by Sanches
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well if i cant sell it without losing half product then i quess i need it "bad" (i have tried it last year and know when it is impossible alone)

Edited by ACM-Jan
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gmt +2, estonia and today it's facked to sell, i cant enter it due to "servers unavailable", i sold one time 329k value wiht other guy but if you added me as well id be able to properly fill it up

Edited by ACM-Jan
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Hi guys, our PC crew is set up specifically for finding help with sales.


If any of you are interested the majority of us are GMT+0 and we organise ourselves using a discord server. Please feel free to check it out and check out the crew recruitment post (click my signature) for a better idea of what we are about. I managed to get one of the guys to help me out with a full bunker this morning.



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  • 2 weeks later...

ok, since noone but me can see fun in business running im shutting it back down, everyone can keep thinking it's a chore to do...no roleplay for me, idk yet how much GRIM going to have time yet so im putting it on hold

Edited by ACM-Jan
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