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Fighters Gonna Fight

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Posted (edited)


The mod adds the following fighting features to the game:



  • Fight Club

The fights look almost the same as they did in the movie.
You'll find the fighters in unused underground parking lot at Commerce, LS.
For each fight you will earn $350 - or lose it.
The fight is over when one of the fighters goes low on health - neither you or your opponent can not be killed.
You can view the rules any time by approaching the chalkboard.
According to the rules - your shirt and shoes will be taken off and you CAN'T cancel / leave the fight until it's over.
You can teleport to the area by typing "TPFC".





  • Octagon

You fight with your opponent on the octagon-shaped arena/ring, partially inspired by UFC fights.
The stake is $1250 per fight.
The fight is located in Doherty, San Fierro - you can teleport there by typing "TP8G".



  • Challenge

You can challenge any male civilian to fight by pressing Tab + Z while standing near them.
You may win or lose $150.



  • Knockout

Any pedestrian you hit by a less-powered melee weapon will be knocked down for a while instead of dying.
They will start to bleed when their health goes under 50 HP.
You can still kill them with weapons such as knife or chainsaw and firearms / projectiles of course.
The player can also be knocked out.



  • Brassknuckles


You can get or get rid of brassknuckles any time by simply typing in "BRAS" cheat code.




@indraCG : Boxing Gloves


>> GDrive <<
>> Blog Post <<



- DON'T use any custom player models (such as skin selector) before and during the fight ;
make sure you are using vanilla CJ skin as player model before starting the fight

- issue:
your opponent may fall under the ground or get glitched when using madleg's ragdoll mod
this makes finishing the fight a lot harder or rather impossible and often may lead to game crash / freeze

- solution:
either DON'T use the ragdoll mod at all
during the fight, try NOT to use the combination of RMB+F; use RMB+LMB instead and it'll be good

- issue:
the script may act weird or cause the game to crash when you die in a fight or teleport from there to any other place

- solution:
DON'T use "GOODBYECRUELWORLD" cheat and DON'T teleport anywhere during the fight

- issue:
at the Commerce fighting place, there are the gates and invisible boundary objects created by script ;
they will stay in your save file if you save the game (with Save Anywhere mod or something) nearby the place
( similar problem occurs with radar icons - that's why you may want to disable them )

- solution:
just DON'T save your game within the radius shown as a red circle on the image included in mod archive ;
originally there isn't any save point in the game within this area, so you'll do just fine

! Don't hesitate to read the readme file !

Edited by CML99

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This is awesome. Keep up with such mods, man.

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DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE HOW COME I DIDN'T SEE THIS BEFORE JEEEZUZZZZ, I tried a fight club mod myself but didn't got myself to end it, this seems cool, i'll try it.

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It's amazing mod,one of the best i downloaded this year! Keep making mods like this.

Edited by Cohex17

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