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It's 2018! The 10th Year Anniversary for GTA IV is in the horizon! Share your best memories of IV and Liberty City.

Recommended Posts


Prepare for a long read.



When I was younger, I didn't care much about video game stories - I usually just skipped cutscenes and played along with cheats just to get a cheap thrill. I think that changed around about when I started playing GTA V, because of those individual cutscenes, so unfortunately, there's not a lot to remember.


I do remember, however, that I think the first time I played GTA IV was over at my neighbour's house. I remember the musty smell of the room, and just sitting at the TV, playing GTA IV, and at one point, swapping out (what I think was) an Infernus for a blue Turismo and an LCPD Vapid. I don't think he was too pleased. And one more thing - I found a lot of fun in going up to the smokestacks and pinging off police officers to their deaths.


Then, I got GTA IV for myself. I had a lot of fun in those earlier years by cheating in an Annihilator, changing the weather to a thunderstorm, and sending cars, peds, and props flying with my helicopter blades, all the while, mashing the 'A' button to keep the helicopter flying. I got TLAD (I didn't play that much) and TBoGT (I played that very much), and for a while, it was my go-to.


Eventually, I got GTA IV for the PC, and four years ago, after being inspired by countless YouTube videos and GTAGarage mods - it was Lt. Caine's Esperanto that really inspired me to start modding in IV - I started modding my game, taking the usual steps and resources from when I had started modding The Sims 2 - my first exercise in game modding. At the time, I had a fairly-basic set-up - a wireless keyboard, a 32-bit POS PC that my neighbour who we don't see anymore 'built' for me, and my TV being a monitor. Most of the time, I was sat on the floor or my bed, trying as hard as I could to control stuff with a keyboard.


Most of my mods came from the 'mod database' which I have now turned my back on, [email protected] and GameModd1ng - just so those weren't caught in censors. I had a mix of lore-friendly and realistic car mods in there, including Compeasts' NYPD cars, but in LCPD liveries - those cars were the ground zero of my lore-friendly drive. Eventually, that computer got moved upstairs into my sister's room, meaning I played it less, having to substitute for my Xbox 360 again.


But before then, it was near the time of GTA V. I remember that on the private little computer that my most-hated teacher gave me the privileges for, I made a list of things I wanted to do in GTA V, based off of the trailer, including driving the sadly-cut LSPD Stanier, something to do with the jewelry store, and so forth. Man, I miss those hype days. And on the morning that GTA V came out, before it was picked up, I drove my favourite cars that I had saved outside of my safehouse - a black Rancher and Emperor - to FIA. I recorded it...and I sang along the way, so it's probably too cringe for me to handle.


Come 2016, however, I get a beefy new computer, and I really start to invest time in modding. I create a fictional game called 'British Liberty City', and I intended to make liveries for ELS cars...then, ELS didn't work, so I went to the 1980s instead, and with skills taken from using Adobe Fireworks at school, I made my own 1980s British Hong Kong-style police cars, falling in love with the 1978 Ford Fairmont along the way...then I think the vehicles.img broke. I still have the liveries, they can be viewed a few pages down in my GTA IV screenshots on LCPDFR.


So come the summertime of 2016, I take up a lore-only approach. I download the UK emergency template pack, and I began modding police cars, following a failed attempt at releasing an ambulance. With a little bit of editing, I released my first mod in August - the Humberside Police Vincent, then after that, I put out my second mod, the Met Police Stanier. From there, it's just history...


Now that I have a working copy of GTA V, which my previous failure to have a working copy may have inspired me to take up GTA IV, I do play my PC version rather less. But I still haven't forgot about it. Even though I never got the game first-hand, and even though I didn't care for the story at first, I still loved it. I am trying to complete the game without cheats, and watching all the cutscenes, but sadly, I just can't get around to it at best.


GTA IV...what a game.

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Xav Curbelo

I bought the game from a friend in 2013. He was tired of it and never really enjoyed it, and I was eager to see how GTA IV was. I was already a big fan of the series and played tons of hours with the 3D Era games.


I loved it. I loved Liberty City. I loved the characters. I loved the air.

I lived in Montevideo, Uruguay, my whole life, and it's very similar to LC and I guess New York too (But smaller). MVD is a gritty city, with social, political and criminal issues; but it's also very beautiful in its own way. We all survive here. I felt related to what Liberty City was.


I remember playing the last mission with my two best friends at the time, and it was so epic. What a great conclusion.


In 2014 I got GTA V and played it for some time, finished the story and everything. Then, I came back to IV and God... It was so different and so beautiful, like coming back home. In 2015 or 2016 I got the Episodes of Liberty City and loved those two. Very different sides of the city to enjoy and a lore that goes on and on and on. That's what I love.


After the universe reboot Rockstar had to build a lore from scratch. A set of iconic characters and events for the new generation, and it delivered. Liberty City was full of compelling characters and storylines that intertwined and connected every arc greatly. After months of not playing games, last year I got back to IV and I had the same feeling. A homecoming.


I'll always be yours, Liberty City. Cheers for the worst place in America. <3

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The Lundy

Steam says I have 933 hours in 4, 271 in EFLC, and PSN would definitely surpass both combined 3x if they had a counter.


It's the best video game I've ever played, probably will ever play, and has brought me more joy than any other game.

Edited by The Lundy

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Official General
Posted (edited)

Just returned to Liberty City after a long hiatus.....I just love cruising the streets of LC in a car, or just hopping on the subway, or taking a walk in the ghetto projects observing the scenery. It never gets old !

Edited by Official General

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Posted (edited)

I remember reading the GTA EFLC game manual when i was a kid.A friend gave me EFLC.That one manual was enough to blow me away.I thought it was a real life simulator at a point.But sadly i was too much of an idiot that time. So sadly i couldn't play EFLC (Still can't truth be told).Then a few years later I get IV as a gift from my uncle for my birthday(He allows me to buy a game every B'day).I couldnt install the game because i did not have internet connection that time.I was very sad about it.But in the birth of 2017, I finally learnt how to mod and crack games.I finally got to play IV. It was amazing.I just loved doing missions and roaming the streets.Then a tragedy happened.For some reason, my save game crashed.I had completed some mission called "truck husle".Well after that I thought IV was a stupid game and I didnt play it beacuse of the pain-in-the-ass lag.But soon I learnt IV modding and now i can play the game at +30 FPS in a POC PC with an Intel HD graphics family and 2 GB ram.But its not always smooth.The car driving is annoying as it lags a lot.But i still enjoy this game very much.I've had very funny and amazing moments with this one of a kind game.

So therfore, I would rather prefer a patch which actually fixes the Lag and make the game much more better than a mobile port of the game.

Edited by gamerlogic

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Posted (edited)

I bought my first Xbox 360 off a friend just to play this game, seeing as the needed PC upgrades would've been way too expensive to get back then. I've never played another game quite like it before nor since. I just fell in love with its rendition of Liberty City and the dark story. When The Lost and Damned dropped I loved it even more in a way. The gritty filter, biker culture and metal radio station appealed to me even more. The Ballad of Gay Tony was not as good in my opinion as I couldn't relate to Luis at all, but I liked how it added some color to the otherwise dark setting of GTA IV.


One of my strongest memories is from early on in the game, during the mission where you drive around looking for a van with stolen TV:s for Faustin. The weather was always grey and rainy during this mission and The Journey (radio) was playing by default. I remember the track "The Oh of Pleasure" by Ray Lynch always playing during this mission and it really enhanced the mood and left an, obviously, most memorable mark on this mission for me. That's what GTA IV was about to me - a perfectly rendered city with a fitting story, character(s) and radio-soundtracks. I think GTA V failed on all levels regarding these things.

Edited by Watain

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Btw, ulp real canon name is bernard. I'm kinda happy that r* mention IV timeline in online.

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Arrows to Athens

Will they remaster this game? I want to re-live my childhood again.


Fingers crossed.

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From my experience, IV's Liberty City remains to be the most lived-in city-based open world in terms of ambiance.

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Just completing the story mode was my most memorable thing!

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BLADE_San_Andreas +1

The story mode is deep and tense, one of the best in GTA series, unlike V.

Recently I installed IV again, slowly walking throught story missions. And when I hear Roman screaming "My cousin is here !" in very first cutscene, I just got goosebumps man ))

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Posted (edited)

Star junction at night I started a shootout with a security guard NPC and a homeless man with a frying pan on his head came out of his limo.

Edited by Zello

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Hmmm nice bike

Star junction at night I started a shootout with a security guard NPC and a homeless man with a frying pan on his head came out of his limo.

GTA IV had some interesting combos between NPCs, vehicles and the radio stations they were listening to. I've seen a lot of homeless people driving around in luxury cars, and once there was an elderly woman on an NRG-900 listening to L.C.H.C.

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