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Account has Perma Ban?

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So last night get on gta forums to look for people to play with as I recently purchased a ps4 and am looking for some new people to play with. So its been roughly 2 years since I have been on the site and cant remember my original UN/PW. So I go to create a new account and it tells me that the email is already associated with an account. So I go to reset my password, all goes fairly well, that is until I go to login this morning, only to find out that I have been perma banned from the site, given 1000 points by voodoo for some reason. All of this because I tried to reset my password to get into my original account, not a 2nd account? So here I am breaking the 2nd account rule to actually be able to contact someone on here that can fix my issue. This is all because I cant contact them from the original. I havent done a thing wrong and within less than 24 hours of trying to find some people to play with, (no post or comments made in almost 2 years) and im banned. What really gives here? I an admin would pm me so we can figure out why I got a ban for logging in that would be greatly appreciated

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The new account's IP partially matched a PBM. It's been restored :^:

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