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Happy New Year GTA V & All the Awesome Fans!


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Well, here we are New Years Eve! Poised for yet another GTA New Year! 2018 is basically year 5 of a game that is 4+ years old now. And what better way to commemorate the masterpiece that is the culmination of DECADES of Rockstar's hard work and stellar creativity, GTA V!


This is a time of year for resolutions, gratitude, and fervent wishes for unparalleled success in the coming year. One of my New Year's resolution is going to be to find some cool people to play with and DIVE into Online! I have been a boycotting holdout, knowing almost nothing about Online, and I think its time for me to see for myself if Online is as truly amazing.....or, as hard as it is to believe, even better than V's breathtaking Single Player experience.


So let's all hold up a glass and have a toast to one of the greatest games in videogame history, one of the best in GTA franchise history, and the game that truly redeemed the franchise, GTA V.


Cheers and Happy New Year, GTA V!






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Excalibur Voltaire

Happy new year everyone! wish you all the best, hopefully the next year will be better for all of us


Edited by CGFforLife
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Here's hoping Rockstar actually release a new game this year with a good single player mode and it isn't clogged with microtransactions.

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Happy new year all GTA fans, I am really excited about rdr2.


I hope it didn't turn into a huge disappointment.

Edited by Sleepwalking
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