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Looking for some voice actors for my GTA IV Machinima Movie

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Well, I changed my mind and decided to do a machinima series instead of a movie because I thought of the storyline and it would be too long for one movie so I'm just going to extend it. I just need some talented voice actors to send me their numbers so we can work something out. It would be great if you already have voice recording software, and if you don't, that's okay, we'll work something out. My Machinima series is about a man named Howard Kelly who is an ex-marine who quit because of the death of his friend. He became a drunk and later on decides to become a vigilante who kills bad guys and fights the extreme crime in liberty city. He has a tech guy named Palmer who helps him find the bad guys and catch them. I will be needing actors for the following:


- Howard Kelly (Main Character)

- Palmer (Tech guy)

- Isabella Salter (The woman in love with Howard)

- Kline (Gang leader's right hand man)

- Marco Diaz (Perferrably someone with a spanish accent)

- Charlie Walter (Howard's friend)

- Nate Tuppler (Drug dealer)

- Danny Gattler (City Bomber)

- Officer Gunner (Police Officer)

- Sally Juner (Private Investigator)

- Jack Tatum (Private Investigator)

- Pastor Rabbye (Pastor for friend's death)

- Mason Milbourne (Howard's best friend)

- Vlad Putton (Russian sex slave dealer)

- Jacob Gurley (Army General)

- Concerned mother

- Concerned mother's daughter

I'll explain what I need from each character and each tone from each character. If you decide to join, then we are going to be working at 12 on Saturdays and Sundays. We won't start until I get all voice actors.

Edited by Brutelsack123

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