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unwanted blue tint on vehicles windows GTA SA

Legacy Ivy Terascale

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Legacy Ivy Terascale

i got a problem

it's a visual one not tehnical

on the vehicle mods, windows are blue rather than colorless


the car in the photo is Elegant ( but with Greenwoo .dff and .txd files )

i can reverse the modding but i prefere like this

do you know how can i do this without (un)modding ?

or where can i find stock models with installation ?

Edited by Adrian Fidi
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Are all vehicles like that or just this one? If it's just this one it's the model at fault, if they're all like that it's probably the timecyc(24).dat

Edited by LaDiDa
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Legacy Ivy Terascale

i took Greenwood.txd and Greenwood.dff files from gta3.img , renamed them into Elegant.dff and Elegant.txd and replaced

now Elegant looks like Greenwoo

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Legacy Ivy Terascale

not all are like that , only on some where i manually installed .dff and .txd models from the game

i also have it on Glenadale where i placed the Glendale Oceanic model ( a glendale with oceanic rear )


but on Glensh*t i placed Nebula and they're all fine

what has timecyc to do with that ?

and what do i have to do ?

Edited by Adrian Fidi
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Copy the color line from greenwoo in carcols.dat and replace it with Elegant. I think the car colors are probably what's messing with the model.


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Legacy Ivy Terascale

not working

i'll try to find it as mod with install kit

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