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Finding new artists

Recommended Posts


A simple topic, what methods do you have for finding new artists that you'll enjoy listening to?


Thought it was worth making this topic since I have quite a few, but it's nice to have more...Here's what I have so far:


-Spotify's discover weekly; I've never used spotify, but this is probably what I've heard about the most.

-Radio stations; ignore the larger ones and you have a DJ curating everything. Ain't that nice.

-Playlists; made by other people, another method of curation but with wildly varying levels of quality.

-Generated playlists; more in the vein of those "mix" playlists you see on youtube, usually good for similar sounding stuff.

-Compilation albums; fan made, maybe a label release.

-Music Labels; indie labels are great for hosting similar styled artists - check what the label of an artist you like is posting/promoting.

-Soundtracks; movies, TV, video games, usually they have a homogeneous theme and are often chosen by a single music supervisor, so if an artist has a song on a soundtrack there's a good chance the others will suit your tastes as well.

-Whatever songs pop up in the sidebar of youtube/soundcloud/bandcamp/whatever. I like this since it's a lot more anarchic in jumping genres.

-Comments (e.g. youtube); if there isn't already a chain responding to a "what other artists are like this" post, then start yer own.

-Forums; plenty of artists have dedicated (if small) fan forums, and without fail there's at least one thread asking for recommendations.

-Music discovery websites - everynoise, music map is all I got right now. Hit and miss in my experience.

-Review websites - check what sites review music you like, check which reviewers seem to have the same taste as you, and dive into their recommendations.

-Charts; I mean...no? No, not really. It technically counts, so I'll throw it up here, but no.


And outside the internet...

-Supporting acts for That Band You Like are often your cup of tea. Even if you're not going, it's worth checking out who the supporting acts are.

-Attend shows and see what local/smaller band surprises you.


Most of these (sans review websites) are pretty pants at getting you into completely different genres and the like, so...hit me.

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First off, let me just say that Spotify is f*cking incredible and is one of those all time great innovations. I was skeptical until I tried it, but it's legit the best service for streaming music. Very reasonably priced too. f*ck iTunes, Google Music and all that sh*t.

My favourite way to discover new artists is to pretty much play the Song Radio of a song I really dig at the time. I usually end up finding atleast a couple tracks I really enjoy that way. Spotify's great for this.

Edited by Warlord.

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TV has been a great source for me over the years, if I hear a track that I dig I will find out what it is and usually grab or at least check out other songs/albums from the artist. Beyond that a couple of Youtube channels, now and then I'll check out comments and threads on music related forums or places like reddit, Spotify sometimes but rarely these days.


I tend to go through bursts of finding new music, creating playlists of new stuff I've grabbed and listening to that till I get bored then go searching again.

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B Dawg

- Youtube Channels

- Facebook (Pages dedicates to certain types of music, local music promoters/organizers - live shows nearby)

- Bandcamp

- Soundcloud

Edited by B Dawg

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I like to use Discogs occasionally for that. Usually I'll find a release I like on there and they more often than not have some recommended projects, sometimes from the same artist but also from label mates. It isn't the most reliable way but it can be good for EPs or singles that have a specific sound and you really want something similar. YouTube is also good for that. I will agree that most of the time, their recommended video algorithm can be a little off the mark but I've found some genuinely good artists that way.

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Mister Pink

I'm actually still discovering great stuff via YouTube related videos. Last year I wasn't discovering much new stuff so I actually did a few searches and found some blogs recommending albums in a particular genre.

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I was skeptical for a long time about Spotify, as I thought it was just for mainstream music. Boy, was I wrong.


I've discovered so many awesome bands through their Discover Weekly, I whole-heartedly recommend it.


Sure, in the beginning it can be a bit off, but after a while the goodies start rolling in.

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To echo others here, I was so skeptical about Spotify at first, to the point that I laughed at anyone who was actually paying for the subscription. To me, I was using Youtube mainly for finding and discovering music, so when I tried out the free version of Spotify, it just seemed pointless. You still had to know what you were searching for, and the free version just doesn't seem to show off what truly lies behind the subscription service, so I never touched it again, and stuck to Youtube. I'd spend my days browsing music topics on forums, then heading to Youtube and going from there, clicking on all the recommended videos, and at that point it was all I really needed.


A few years ago I got with my current GF, and she gave me access to her Spotify, so this time I decided to try it out, and again it was still a case of only playing what I knew...until I discovered the full potential of Spotify, and f*ck me, nothing even comes close to what it gives you. You literally have a whole world of music on the front page, from every genre possible, and then it only takes a few clicks to discover a sh*t ton more, whether it be from Artist/Song Radio, Similar Artists, Discover Weekly etc. Me and the GF have been to about 6/7 gigs that have been for artists purely from random finds on Spotify, and this even includes Royal Blood, who I randomly came across on there and had to instantly see them live. Funny thing about that gig was, a few weeks prior I'd found and started loving a new artist on Spotify, and then they got announced as the support act for Royal Blood...made my week! (Blood Honey, btw).


I already have a list of gigs I want to do this year just from the 'concerts' section on Spotify.


It's got to the point that I download music, put it on my phone...yet still only use Spotify, find a new artist, download their album, put it on my phone...and repeat. I have a backlog of around 50 new artists just this year that I've downloaded.


Besides Spotify, I'd say my 2nd way of finding new music is from downloading pre-compiled playlists from the internet. I'm a big indie fan so stuff like Birp!, Sag's Indielectrock, Indie/Rock etc are constantly downloaded every time they get released, and again, found a fair few artists I like from there.


Besides that, I'd say my least used methods now would be the radio and through word of mouth, though word of mouth I seem to hate as I like to be the one who discovers a great band and tell everyone else about.

Edited by KilnerLUFC

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The album cover for one of the mods, intrigued me. Used Google images to find the band.



Looked up the band,was curious (I like metal genres)....turns out, sounds like sh*t lol. To me anyway. Like I said I Dig metal, but there needs to be some intelligence with the compositions still. Sounded like what a adolescent cave boy would, if he just discovered a guitar and started to smash on it with his club and scream. I know its Finnish Black Metal and maybe you just gotta be Finnish to get it. Which I am not and I don't get it at all.




Anyway, Google Images has been a interesting tool to find new music for me.

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mr quick

Facebook fan groups are great! It's a casual environment where you can ask for recommendations + people will often just post them. 

I don't know that everyone will be able to do this, but for me there used to be a record store downtown where I could ask extremely specific things like "I liked song x (a relatively obscure free jazz album) do you have any other recommendations?" and she'd bring me some records to try based on that. the non-chain record stores usually have staff like this. 

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I type the word "auto-generated" on YouTube along with some random words. Then I click search and explore from there. 

Edited by TheRandomUser1

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