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The N. Bellic Man

The Room

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The N. Bellic Man



I didn't see a topic about this so-called "greatest bad movie of all time". Now that James Franco's The Disaster Artist is getting some critical acclaim and success I think it's time to talk about this movie. And those that are not familiar with The Disaster Artist - it is based on a book about making The Room and about the driving force behind that project - director and actor Tommy Wiseau. It was written by co-star Greg Sestero. That book also gathered some critical acclaim.


The Room that originally came out in 2003 on the other hand has not gathered any critical acclaim, but it has however become a cult classic. Last night I watched this movie online and I have to say that it is actually one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I am glad that I didn't pay to see it. Although I must admit that it was pretty enjoyable to watch, especially because of Wiseau's non-existent acting skills. Some scenes are legendary. Still, this is a one star movie.


What is more interesting than the movie is the story behind it and the mystical nature of Tommy Wiseau. Wikipedia article about The Room and Tommy are pretty expansive and there is many speculative topics about him in forums like Reddit and such. However, not much was known about this man until very recently.


It's obvious that he originates from Europe - I would say Poland, but there isn't much else that could be confirmed if you don't have proper authority to see his immigration papers. His age can only be speculated. I would say he is at least 60. He also seems to lie about everything and sometimes there isn't any consistency in his stories.


The most intriguing part is his wealth. Before starting to sell jeans he seemed to work a variety of low paying jobs. Somehow he managed to raise enough money to make a 6-7 million dollar movie (even this sounds pretty high considering really low production values) and it appears that he owns at least one building in San Francisco.


There's much in this case that seems rather fishy. Whole thing seems to be some kind of pyramid scheme or hoax. I mean considering that The Room is so bad movie - how much money can you make out of it.

Edited by The N. Bellic Man

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Leftist Bastard

He's part of the mob and I will believe that till the day I die. He has a criminal record all over Europe according to The Disaster Artist [book and all of it is very vague; if you watch The Room as a mob movie it becomes even weirder.

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The Time Ranger


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Mr. Scratch

The Room is a work of art, and you're about 14 years late to the party.

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Leftist Bastard

So like, the whole ''Room as a mob movie'' thing


Tommy is very, very vague about his job. All we know is that he works for the ''bank'' - having a hard time moving up the hierarchy. He lives a lavish life for someone who's not that all high up, what gives?


The bank is really just a code word for the bomb. Tommy is likely some kind of enforcer running a racket - all the shops he goes know his order right away; familiarity and fear in equal measure. Ever wondered why that ''hi doggy'' bit is so rushed? because everyone is scared to f*cking death of the weird ''protection agent'' making a movie around the neighborhood.


That drug dealer isn't coming after Denny for no good reason. He knows Tommy is a made man - coming after him is a big deal. When Tommy and Mark stop him, they're both fully willing and ready to cap his ass if not for the family stepping in.


They drop him off at the police station within like, a minute? I think it's implied they killed him and dumped the body.


It's a never ending list of clues and hints. The Room is Goodfellas' unofficial sequel.

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Michael: I did not betray him, it's not true, it's bullsh*t, I did not betray him, I DID NAHT!... Oh hai Franklin.

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I only saw The Room for the first time a couple of weeks back and three things I took from it.


-You can never have enough exposed tits.


-Its perfectly acceptable to throw around a football in a tuxedo for no reason.


-You can threaten to throw another person off a roof and resume to have a normal conversation with them and a few seconds later like nothing happened.


Oh and HAI MARK!!!

Edited by Algonquin Assassin

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Im trying my damnedest to watch the Room for the first time in a long time. 3/4 of the way through as I type this. My brain is mush. And I fast forwarded the sex scenes. Otherwise I would no longer have the cognitive ability to...


I really cannot come up with an example of something I can do right now.

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