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Multiplayer Script Modding Tutorial (37.5% done)

B Dawg

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SCO Toolbox


Required for modifying race tracks:

Location Handler (makes it easier to recognize races)

Trainer/Mod Menu (how else are you going to get the full coordinates for your custom race checkpoints (including Heading, which is important)? I don't think the read coords and warp to coords works in Location Handler)



- Modifying selectable vehicle lists (Lone Wolf Biker, Chopper VS Chopper) and vehicle spawns (Club Business, Own The City or other modes):

- Modifying race tracks:




First off, you should use OpenIV and extract the game mode .sco's from Network_Script.img located in Common>Data>CDImages. After that, you should open them with SCO Toolbox.


Using the program is simple, Browse to find your extracted game mode .sco and then Open it.
Now, set the Editor Mode to Advanced (Very Important) and Natives Mode to 1070.

Play as a Ped of your choosing in any game mode:


While you could technically use Zolika1351's menu to change after you start the game mode, you might find that inconvenient because your model gets reset back to default after every round (if I recall correctly).

For any mode that uses the standard MP model (Deathmatch, Race, Mafiya Work/Car Jack City, Lone Wolf Biker, Chopper VS Chopper):
Search for the following code (CTRL+F):


Replace all instances of that code with:


How do you get your desired model's hash code? Simple, using the Hash Converter provided.
Type in it the model name of your choosing (if you don't know the name of the model you want, use OpenIV and look in PC > Models > CDImages > Componentpeds.img)

Example: Let's say you want to be M_Y_Bouncer_01, you type that into OpenIV > Tools > Hash Generator Input field and get the hash in the Output field, copy it into SCO Toolbox. The line of code for this model would be:

Push 0x95DCB0F5 (caps are not important)

Save as Encoded File with the same name and import into Script_Network.img with OpenIV.

Other game mode examples and vehicle replacements to be explained later, but if you understand this enough, you could easily figure out the rest yourself.


Modifying selectable vehicle lists (Race & GTA Race):


As far as I know, you cannot add more vehicles to race classes/vehicle selections in modes, only replace. The reason for that is unknown. If you try to add more vehicles, and then try to start the game mode, you just get an image of the sky (your player location in the lobby) and when you press enter, get thrown back into Singleplayer, so your only choice here is replacement (unless you learn to fully understand decompiled code and all the other side sh*t/variables and somehow figure it out, but it's highly unlikely, would only be plausible with source code and R* compiler, which sadly aren't available). But the race mode has enough classes imo.
This is similar to player model replacement, except you search for the hash codes of the vehicles you want to replace. Let's say you want to replace the Feltzer in Sports class because it's much slower than the other cars (slower than the Sentinel and most likely regular Sultan). Type in Feltzer into the Hash Converter/Generator, then search for it's HEX hash in SCO Toolbox. Replace with HEX hash of any other car you want.

Here's some extra info. Despite IV's Race mode only having 4 selectable vehicles in each class (only exceptions being Motorcycles that has 5), each class actually has 5 entries in the script. The 5th entry to every car class is listed as the Faggio (except for Boats and Helicopters which is Police Predator and Annihilator respectively). Why? Simple, the 5th vehicle/entry for each class is the respawn vehicle for that class in GTA Race mode. It's a dumb decision R* made which makes GTA Race less fun that it would have been if you could respawn in your selected vehicle. You could make GTA Race more fun if you replaced the Faggio with another vehicle. Make sure not to accidentally replace the Faggio in the Motorcycles class with a Car, or the GTA Race Faggio/5th entry in car classes with a motorcycle. To make the finding process easier, first search for the HEX of a car/motorcycle of the car class you want, then replace the 5th entry of it there.

Save as Encoded File with the same name and import into Script_Network.img with OpenIV.


Modifying Race Tracks:


As I'm kinda lazy on writing this part, I guess I should at least write something to it. For me, the only difficult part to modifying them was finding the exact coordinates in the script. Once you find one track, all the rest are easy to find (as they're either right above or under the one you're looking), so here's a quick pointer on what to search for in SCO Toolbox:


Exhaust Fumes - Race Start/Finish (IV):
PushF 968.991
PushF 1170.28
PushF 16.8751
PushD 3
PushS 7862


GTA IV race setup

start line
start heading
1st checkpoint respawn heading
start/finish line respawn heading


Ramped Up - Race Start/Finish (TLAD):

PushF 1220.47
PushF 604.55
PushF 37.072


For TLAD/TBOGT the respawn headings are right underneath the coordinates for every checkpoint unlike IV where they are separate


Blockie - Entire Script (TLAD):




:Label3354PushF 1112.92 StartPushF 982.06PushF 13.1433PushD 3PushS 6491LocalVarArrayImplodePushF 90.5031PushS 6494LocalVarRefSetPushS 6490LocalVarPushF 1006.146PushF 978.1569PushF 16.3372PushF 110.7388Call @Label3368PushS 6490LocalVarPushF 964.6472PushF 782.4741PushF 24.6919PushF 180.334Call @Label3368PushS 6490LocalVarPushF 1036.974PushF 762.6746PushF 30.8275PushF 269.2355Call @Label3368PushS 6490LocalVarPushF 1211.418PushF 762.1996PushF 35.1675PushF 268.2883Call @Label3368PushS 6490LocalVarPushF 1284.444PushF 752.8832PushF 35.6412PushF 330.5415Call @Label3368PushS 6490LocalVarPushF 1356.937PushF 888.712PushF 12.878PushF 321.9843Call @Label3368PushS 6490LocalVarPushF 1340.227PushF 952.0643PushF 12.7202PushF 29.5713Call @Label3368PushS 6490LocalVarPushD 3PushS 6491LocalVarArrayExplodePushS 6494LocalVarRefGetCall @Label3368PushF 12PushS 6495LocalVarRefSetPushF 1.5PushS 6496LocalVarRefSetJump @Label3369



Now that you know where to find at least one of the tracks in each game, you can easily find modify the rest. Use the aformentioned Location Handler program to identify the tracks.

Also, some notes:

Negative coordinates are displayed as following: PushF enternumbershere, with a NegF right under it indicating negative coordinate value on the X/Y/Z axis.




New explanation for editing GTA IV tracks:

Get Zolika's menu, get OpenIV, get SCO Toolbox

In game, enable Coordinates display in Zolika's menu, go to where you would want your checkpoints, then take screenshots or write them down, repeat


In OpenIV, go to common>data>cdimages>script_network.img, open races_cr.sco, and click Save code as text, and open it with Notepad++ or whatever You use this txt file as a reference to make editing the script easier. Search for ''case 20'' about three times and you'll land in the middle of a giant list of coordinates. That's where you'll find the coordinates for all of the tracks. Case 1 to 23 in that segment is all the 23 circuit tracks. Below that you have case 1 to 4, case 1 to 10 (x3) which are 4 boat races, 10 helicopter races, 10 free races and 10 cannonball races.


l_U7862 is the start race coordinate, l_U5887[0] to l_U5887[18] are the checkpoints, l_U7871 is the direction in which your car/character is pointed at the start of the race (360 degrees, 0 is North, 90 is West, 180 is South, 270 is East and everything in between), l_U5972[0] to l_U5972[18] is the respawn direction of each checkpoint, l_U7861 is the number of checkpoints and the rest I have no clue what they do or what they're for.


Also, extract the races_cr.sco to your desktop and open it with SCO Toolbox Using SCO Toolbox, Browse to it, click Open, set Natives mode to New (1070) and Editor Mode: Advanced, then click Open Code Editor


Copy any of the coordinates from the text file of any track you want to edit (preferably only copy 1 decimal as they normally get rounded and then you can't find them) and search for it in SCO Toolbox. You can now start replacing the coordinates with your own, and or adding more checkpoints to a track if you know what you're doing (can't be arsed to explain that in detail).


Just save as Encoded when you're done.

Edited by B Dawg
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