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Looking for Roleplay Police Dispatch


Recommended Posts

Statewide Roleplay


Are you looking for a professional and serious Police Roleplay group on the xbox one? Statewide Roleplay is the new up and coming group on the xbox one. We base our LEOs out of California, and train them to be the best and most realistic cop on GTA V.


Statewide roleplay is currently recruiting for all positions:


  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Civilians
  • Dispatch
  • Fire/EMS (Coming soon)


We are in dire need of a permanent dispatcher who can lead our LEOs during in game sessions. If you want to become a dispatcher, we will be more than happy to show you the ways and train you to become the best! As well as to become a civilians and LEO, you will be trained to become the best in any roleplay group.




Civilians roles are the most crucial there is in ANY police roleplay group. You guys create the scenes, give our LEOs a hard time, as well as be the backbone to any and all roleplay sessions. With out you guys, GTA V RP would not be a thing. This is why we need to give you guys the best training on what and what not to do. Just kind of showing you the base on everything. It sounds ridiculous, "training to be a civilian?" You would be surprised the kind of training some civilians need to gta. We will mostly show you guys basic scenarios, show y'all "in game fear", as well as realistic driving, how to create a scene, and what to do before you create a priority call/scene.


If DoJ on PC is something you want to join but don't have a computer to handle FiveM and GTA, feel free to join us, as we are based off DoJ and try out best to make professionalism an easy roleplay task you can handle. We use discord, its a free app you can download on your phone/PC/Laptop. Once you get discord add me and DM me that you want to join the community.



Discord: Trestle#7244


I hope to hear from all who wants to join!


Application: https://goo.gl/forms/raeJjA3H6CHXb7Su1




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