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[XB1] The Acciaroli Crime Family.


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Federal Investigation Bureau.

Organized Crime.

Subject: The Acciaroli Crime Family.

File No.: #100782




"You come in alive and get out dead."


  • Formed circa 1906.
  • Formed by Giorgio Acciaroli.
  • Hereditary-type hierarchy; Giorgio Acciaroli was succeeded by his son, Ignacio, followed by his son, Carlo and then finally to the current Don, Gaetano.
  • Originated from Ragusa, Sicily.
  • Operations expanded to Liberty City in 1914.
  • Operations expanded to Vice City in 1978.
  • Operations expanded to San Andreas in 1991.
  • Organized Operations: Robbery, Burglary, Extortion, Racketeering, Car Theft, Kidnapping, Prostitution, Drug-trafficking, Arms-dealing, Counterfeiting, Embezzlement, Fraud, Fencing, Assassination and Murder.



The Acciaroli Crime Family - 1906 - Present - Biography.


1906 - 1946...


The Acciaroli Crime Family was formed in 1906 by Giorgio Acciaroli, then, a business owner in Ragusa, Sicily. Giorgio ran a business that would export Olive Oil to East-coast of the United States, most notably Liberty City. Despite running a legitimate business, Acciarolis financial power gained him a following of loyal friends and business partners who would address Acciaroli with their concerns in which he would do favours in order for them to be returned. Further investigation into Giorgio discovered that he had been involved in a number of petty crimes, such as burglary and fencing. Giorgios life became endangered in which this resulted in the murder of local rival Genco Povucci after he had discovered Giorgio had been stealing from him. Giorgio allowed his then advisor, Maurizio to continue running operations in Ragusa whilst he fled the country, migrating to the United States in 1914. Upon arrival, known from his actions in Ragusa, Acciaroli instantly resumed with his ever-growing empire in which he established a corresponding Imports business in Liberty City so he was able to specifically corner the Olive Oil market. Given his power in Ragusa, Acciaroli Olive Oil started to become a monopoly of the Olive Oil market, with his organization committing embezzlement in order to completely control the Imports and Exports of Olive Oil directly from Sicily.




1947 - 1977...


In 1947, shortly following after World War II, Giorgios empire had continued to grow under the running of Gianmauro Zampe, the family consigliere, who was acting Don after the sudden death of Giorgio, who had suffered a heart-attack at his estate in his hometown of Ragusa, Sicily. The family had finally turned into a criminal organization in which he ruled with an iron fist. Following the Import and Export business remaining his legitimate source of income, his organization in Liberty City had started to operate illegally in order to increase to income, such as Burglary, Robbery, Car Theft, Boot-and-Buttlegging, Racketeering, Extortion, Kidnapping, and a continuous list of other operations. However, due to heavy immigration of Sicilians and Italians into the United States, despite the family growing larger, rivals did also. The Syracuse War began in which rival gangsters in the Forelli Family, then affiliated with the Leone Family had gone to oppose The Acciaroli Family. The war lasted four months with over 200 casualties for each gang; it was finally over once Paolo Cicirelli, Street Boss of the Leone Family was assassinated in his residence by two members of the Acciaroli Family. They were believed to have been sent from Ragusa by Maurizio, following surveillance on Cicirellis movements. At the end of the war, Zampe died of natural causes and the Underboss, Ignacio Acciaroli, became Don of the Acciaroli Family.






In 1978, with Ignacios health deteriorating at the age of 66, he spent majority of his reign restricted to the family estate, located in Liberty City. His son, Carlo became the acting Don, overruling Ignacios Right Hand Man, Claudio Eguelfi due to the absence of his father and spent the next decade broadening the horizons of Acciaroli and expanding south towards Florida, most notably Vice City. Here, the Acciaroli Crime Family focused heavily on narcotics, arms dealing and prostitution, given the opportunities they had arise from local businesses in which Carlo strong-armed businesses into embezzlement using his power with political and local government figures being under his payroll.




1985 - 1990...


Following their continued expansion over the Eastern coast of the United States, the Acciaroli Family had become the rival of numerous street gangs and mobs wanting a stake in the criminal underworld that Acciaroli had controlled. Ignacio had passed away in 1987 at the age of 76, and his son Carlo, now 39, the Don of the Acciaroli Family had a poor reputation amongst the criminal underworld. Exemption from the Five Families in Liberty City and increasing pressure from the FIB and local authorities of Liberty City and Vice City forced Carlos hand. With numerous businesses seized and racket operations shut down by the FIB, Carlo and his wife, Luisa, fled to his grandfathers home in Ragusa, Sicily, where they had the imminent arrival of their son, Gaetano. Luisas issues with fertility had led to the loss of their first child at birth, but Carlo was desperate for a son to continue to tradition of Acciaroli blood within the family.




1991 - 2010...


Arise 1991, and with dramatic effect, after numerous assets seized, Carlo migrated back to the United States, to the West-coast. Following a rebuild of operations, Carlo had competition from street gangs and cartels that controlled the narcotics and arms within San Andreas. Given two decades, the year being 2011 and Carlo at the age of 61, he was murdered. Numerous rival gangs claimed to have been the key to murdering Carlo, however it is believed following the incident regarding his fathers right hand man, his last request upon his death bed was to send his regards to Carlo Acciaroli, which his son, Vincent, did to dramatic effect. Carlos corpse was riddled with .45 caliber rounds and dumped into an empty grave on his birthday.




2011 - Present...


Gaetano Acciaroli, at the young age of 24, was urged into the Acciaroli Crime Family to continue to organizations tradition and to revamp a new era of organized crime. Gaetano spent the next five years establishing links within San Andreas, ensuring the Acciaroli Crime Family could steadily grow towards their former shadow. The Don shrewdly conducted business of both legal and illegal operations in order to maximise the organizations income. Mostly focusing on armed robbery, fencing, narcotics and arms dealing, the Acciaroli Crime Family is beginning to stabilize and in the present day, run a moderate organized operations with their assets, such as warehouses, offices and the Marlowe Vineyards, continuing their legitimate imports and exports of Acciaroli Olive Oil along with San Andreas Wine.



About Us:

We are a new mafia-based roleplaying crew based on the Xbox One. We spend our time in public sessions and invite only sessions roleplaying together and with other people, acting realistically within reason. (Obviously you cant fight Buzzards, Oppressors, Hydras with your pistols, etc.) We also do jobs such as Heists, CEO work etc. in order to make cash together. Sometimes we may just chill, have a session where we can chill out, get up to whatever with each other. Its a community and a crew. We will obviously spend majority of our time roleplaying as wiseguys, dress, drive and act accordingly.


Age has to be 14+

Working headset.

Have good knowledge of roleplaying.

Have considerable knowledge of the Mafia and the Omertà.


  • Follow any orders given to you by a superior rank.
  • Always respect fellow members.
  • Drive vehicles specific to your rank when in a session with members.
  • Wear clothes specific to your rank when in a session with members.
  • Use weapons specific to your rank when in a session with members.
  • Do not discuss any information you may obtain from the family with an outsider.
  • If you are unable to attend a session, you must give a reason as to why.
  • You are obligated to attend any family meetings; if you cannot, you must give a reason as to why with atleast 24 hours notice.



  • The Don/Boss/The Godfather; the highest rank within the family, they are the leader and are the most powerful member within the crime family. Always to be addressed by either Don, Boss, Godfather, Padrino, Mr. Acciaroli, Sir or Signore.
  • Underboss/Street Boss; the second highest rank, second in line to the Don. They will be acting Don if the Don or the Consigliere is not present. They will run any illegal operations with the supervision of the Consigliere. Always to be addressed as Boss, Sir or Signore, unless you are a Made Man.
  • Consigliere/Right Hand Man; the crime familys advisor and the Dons Right Hand Man. Always closely working with the Don. Any proposals or decisions will have to be put by the Consigliere before the Don. Has the ability to either give or take the responsibility of acting Don to/from the Underboss. Always to be addressed as Sir or Signore, otherwise Don if they are acting Don.
  • Caporegime; one of the captains within the crime family. They will be given the responsibility of assigning tasks to lower-ranked members that are under their wing. Always to be addressed as Boss, Sir or Signore, unless you are a Made Man.
  • Made Man/Wiseguy; an official member of the Acciaroli Crime Family. These members can be soldiers or enforcers, however they have been inducted into the family by a ceremony. These men are considered friends of ours and notably untouchable.
  • Enforcer; a combat specialist whos role it is to assassinate enemies or protect valuable members of the family. Otherwise known as the family muscle. These members are highly skilled at their respective jobs, in either Driving or Shooting.
  • Soldier; A standard member of the crime family. They are the frontmen of the organization and the ones that matter the most. A select number of these soldiers will either be in this Thing of Ours or will be asked to be inducted into it depending on their performances and loyalty to the Acciaroli Crime Family.
  • Associates; Notably the members that have an interest in joining the ranks of the organization. Normally, in order to become a soldier, these Associates will be working with soldiers and asked to do a favour for a superior in order to earn his promotion to Soldier.



We introduced a dress code in order for players to look more like a traditional Italian-American Mafia. We incorporate suits and other clothing that was captured by the Wiseguy culture in order to make the experience as authentic as possible.


Torso; Suit Jacket (Normal/Fitted/Continental) (Neutral Colours), Business shirt, Turtleneck (Any Colour).

Bottoms; Suit Pants (Normal/Fitted/Continental) (Neutral Colours).

Shoes; Smart Shoes (Neutral Colours)

Head: Flat Cap, Fedora (Navy/Grey/Brown/Black)

Accessories; Tie (Any Colour), Glasses (Any)


Torso; Suit Jacket (Normal/Fitted) (Neutral Colours), Business shirt, Turtleneck (Any Colour).

Bottoms; Suit Pants (Normal/Fitted) (Neutral Colours).

Shoes; Smart Shoes (Neutral Colours)

Head: Flat Cap, Fedora (Navy/Grey/Brown/Black)

Accessories; Tie (Any Colour), Glasses (Any)


Torso; Work Jacket/Smart Quilted Jacket/Overcoat (Black), Business Shirt, Turtleneck (Neutral Colours).

Bottoms; Black Team Pants with Work Jacket, Black Suit Pants (Normal/Fitted) with Quilted Jacket/Overcoat.

Shoes; Smart Shoes (Black)

Head; Flat Cap (Black)

Accessories; Tie (Black), Glasses (Any)


Outfit; Tracksuit/Jogsuit, with Sport Shoes (Any) or Canvas Shoes (Dark Colours)


Torso; Tucked Shirt (Neutral Colours),

Bottoms; Suit Pants (Normal/Fitted), (Neutral Colours).

Accessories; Any Tie, Any Flat Cap/Fedora, Any Glasses.

Given some members will be of a higher profile, they have the trust and ability to dress according to their role at their own freedom, given obvious clothing options being prohibited that would be distasteful in terms of capturing the Italian-American Mafia cultures from the 20s-80s.


Vehicles are also a key figure in order to maintain authenticity within roleplaying as a member of the Acciaroli Crime Family. We are strict on the vehicle range as we wish to capture realism and the culture as much as we possibly can.


Hermes, Manana, Peyote, Tornado, Emperor, Roosevelt/Valor, Primo, Washington, Oracle XS, Oracle, Felon, Schafter/V12, Cavalcade, Dubsta, XLS, Rancher, Cognoscenti (Don/Underboss/Consigliere Only).

How to Apply:




Roleplaying Experience:

Social Club:

Character Info:

Character Name:

Character Date of Birth:

Character Place of Birth:

Character Biography:




*NOTE:Thread will be updated regularly regarding family tree, thread graphics, thread polishing. This is a constant work in progress and will be updated accordngly.

Edited by Acky.
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