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Codename B0A4 - E2LC


3 members have voted

  1. 1. which MP was better?

    • Codename B0A4
    • E2LC
    • Neither
  2. 2. Which protagonist and antagonist was better?

    • Anthony
    • Jane
    • The B0A4
    • The General of SA
  3. 3. Which supporting character was better?

    • Sgt.James Connolly
    • Mike

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Codename B0A4 : Escape 2 Liberty City




My newest mission pack, CODENAME B0A4 - ESCAPE 2 LIBERTY CITY

I suggest you to play the main series first,to know more about the virus.


After the LVPD was overrun by the infected,Anthony,desperate about his girlfriend's death,leaves with his childhood buddy,Lee,with Paul and the General of San Andreas Military. However,some hours later they get shot down by B0A4,though Anthony is really lucky to survive. After he wakes up with a part of his memory temporarily lost,he struggles through many risks to leave the zombie land of San Andreas.

Though there is something Anthony missed in the LVPD. Jane DIDN'T die.She wakes up after she gets bitten and gets knocked down,finding herself between dead bodies. She runs to her home to get a gun that her boyfriend must have left there.After she's sure that Anthony has left San Andreas,she decides to escape from San Andreas,but will it be easy?

Please rate & give feedback.





Jane : The main protagonist of this MP.

"Washing away the memories of this bloody wasteland" - Jane to Mike


Mike : He's a good shooter and driver. He is also responsible for his actions.


"In bad times like these you should really do a favor to someone" -Mike to Jane


Joey : Nothing is known about this guy,only that he survived the first days of the outbreak.


"There's three of 'em" - Joey to Mike


Ashley : She's a calm adult girl. She can't handle guns too well,but she can survive a horde with others.


"I can't stand this music" - Ashley to the other survivors.


Rick : He's a Spec Ops Soldier in a squad other than Anthony.


"Asshole. Told you I wasn't going to spare the bullets next time." - Rick to Francis' dead body.


Francis : An extremely aggresive man,who would do anything to get what he wants.


"He's a psychopath!" - Francis to Rick,refering to Mike.


Johnny : A strategic though very emotional survivor.


"No. You brought this on yourself" - Johnny, aiming his shotgun to Francis


Doug : A Las Venturas medic. Not much is known.


"f*ck this oldman!" - Doug to Francis,telling him to finish off a scientist.


Scientist : A survivor,though nothing is known.


"We have enough food..." - his last words,before being killed by an aggressive Francis.


Garry : A weapon smuggler. Not much is known


"I'm sorry it had to be this way." - Garry to his brother Patrick.


Patrick : It is not known if he's a smuggler or not,but he's Garry's brother.


"Let's go there" - Patrick to Jane ,Rick,Johnny,Francis,Doug and Mike.


Anthony : The protagonist of the main series. Makes 2 appearances during the MP


"You piece of sh*t! That was for Paul! That was for Lee! That was for Randall! That was for me!" - Anthony to B0A4.


Cpl.Randall : His dead body only appears for a short moment on the MP.


No quote is provided for this character as he only appears dead in this MP


Sgt.James Connolly - A supporting character in the main series. Mentioned by Rick.


"When Area 69 got overrun,some people and I managed to survive" - Rick refering to himself,his squad,Squad VII, and the sixth battalion,which is led by James.



B0A1 : The B0A1 is the basic form of the infected host. It is easy to get killed.


B0A2 : An evolved form of B0A1. IQ is high enough about knowledge of firearms.


B0A3 : An extremely evolved host. Takes many bullets to get killed and has a high IQ. Enough to be a demolitions and pyro expert.


The B0A4 : The ultimate form of the infected host. High IQ,strategic mastermind and a regenerative body.


Infected Paul : Paul was Anthony's friend until his death. The infected form is in the B0A1 stage,though takes more bullets to get killed.


Infected Lee : Lee was Anthony's childhood friend until his death. Infected form is in the B0A3 stage.


Infected General : The general of San Andreas had the ability to evolve quickly into the B0A4 stage.









Please give feedback.


I suggest you to play first the main series to know what's going on.



Edited by TQR12345

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Poll added.

I'm starting the vote.

Edited by TQR12345

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Nuddle King

Voted!Also is was good DLC...waiting INFECTION.

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Thanks for voting.

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