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just do it bob3

GTA Guide

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just do it bob3

I have a question.


Am I allowed to make my own GTA 3 vehicle guide? I have worked a bit on it and have added stuff that the original didn't include that users may find helpful.


My problem is that I fear that an admin or mod may lock it due to the fact that they already have one pinned.


Will my guide be locked in this case?

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Rather than make your own topic, post your findings/work in the existing one. If it is new information, the original topic may be edited to include it and you'll receive full credit as other submitters have.

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I do my best at the NINE GTA Special Vehicle Guides as I can, plus making Save Files and Starter Saves for these Games, plus re-confirming all Vehicles in IV (reading Scripts and obtaining them to see them in Save Editors to check if they're Special etc.), plus other real life annoyances and Projects which I have to complete.

I don't know why you want to re-make your own III Special Vehicle Guide, while mine on the Forums is actually fully finished fully up to date... Others still need some tweaks and repairings which I will complete in the coming months.

Like Craig said, if you want to share your findings, show it in the existing Guide, and then I will add them into the Guide if they're Special and true. Trust me, making your own Guide is not easy at all and it's a huge chore.

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