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REGULAR Car Meet [Starting in 3 hours!]


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I'm Going to start a regular car meet so it's easier for people!!

8pm AEST (10am GMT) is the main one... the one I'll be on the most.
8am AEST (10pm GMT) is the secondary one.. because I have a lot of friends in the US, so this is for them and anyone else it may be convenient for.

As described.. I'll be on the main one the most, but I'll still be in the server for the secondary one, so you can still join me!!

Private server..
Every day car/bike meets..

Normal rules apply, I don't need to explain myself... but just in case, here are some base rules.

No Killing
No Unrealistic Things (Flying/Weapons/Smashing Cars)
No Unrealistic Cars (Rocket Cars/Flying Vehicles)

Treat this like a regular car/bike meet.. we meet up, show off our vehicles, if some people want to race then that's completely up to them, but it's not encouraged nor dismissed (Do it at your own discretion, don't announce a race in the middle of a meet).

Again like in real life.. you wouldn't shout an illegal race in real life.

GT: JonG 1508

Add me and let's get this thing going.

I want to make this an every day thing, so people don't have to keep coming back here to check for meets.
Once you add me.. you can quickly join the server at the above time by:

Load up GTAV Online, once you're in

Pause > Friends > JonG 1508 > Show Gamercard > Join > Join Game

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