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[#36] Customs, Cruisers and Classics: V4S, 2002-2017


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I feel like death which excuses the time of this post. Talking about death V4S has been virtually killed so be sure to pay your respect in this virtual memorium.


The week's vehicle releases include the Albany Hermes which was available to collect for free (unless you got scammed of course) on Christmas Day for those who lack family.



Albany Hermes as seen in GTA Vice City

Price: 535, 000 Dan Dollars.

Inspiration: Hudson Hornet


Some other car came out based on a concept that no one desired.




Feast your eyes on a portfolio of excellence from Vehicle Screen’s finest hoons, loons and goons.

Pay ya respects. Or don't, I don't care
The pressure of falling in love with a one, SummersJr27 our benevolent God and sex master combined with his perpetual absence from his holy thread was too much for V4S causing her to commit forum Harakiri.
Here's her final words to you all.


Previous Issues: #33/#34/#35

Wanna shill yourself or your workshop in an exclusive interview? Spam mein inbox.

Press F to pay respects

Edited by ARTHUR.
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RIP V! 😭 Great looking shots though, I can't wait to get my hands on that Pantera.

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I'm legit bummed that V4S is gone. Like...is it forever? There's a hole inside me that only V4 can fill.

Also, better version of the F pic.

Edited by livejoker
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damn rip

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R.I.P Mr.V4S...We Miss your old days,We wish you came back.


Admins Always Keep a playa down man.

Edited by AfricaDesignerDz
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