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Which GTA Protag had best standard outfit?

Jack Lupino

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In my opinion,Claude has the best outfit. The black leather jacket,green jeans and sneakers looked very cool.


2nd favourite is CJ the most simplest yet the most unique outfit.


What is yours?


EDIT: I can't add a poll can someone help me out.

Edited by Jack Lupino
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Niko Bellic. Althought Fido's a close second. Niko's entire appearance has this subtle "Don't f*ck with me" feel. He genuinely looks like a street criminal, and the kind of guy you could see being involved in drug-deals or human trafficking..

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Johnny, Claude, Michael all had good outfits. the one Tommy wears would be pretty bad in real life but somehow it works for me in the game. CJ and Niko looked awful.

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Tommy, I'm a sucker for those Hawaiien T-shirts.

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Tommy - I really liked his Hawaii shirts it really fit his character as someone who was there just for a deal.

Luis - Don't know why, but I liked his default outfit a lot.

Michael - His gray suit looks awesome.

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Black Boxcar in the dark

Tommy - i like his palm shirts which in my opinio it suits him.

Michaels grey suit looks exellent on it.

And Claude for me it looks soo badass.

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Maybe it's because IMO black leather jackets look cool,but I think Johnny and Claude had badass looking outfits.

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Claude's outfit looks nice.


Would've voted for CJ, but mods don't count --- I've replaced his White Tank with a Forest Camo. Tank instead. Looks cooler. All he needs is the Forest Camo Pants from Binco and the set would be complete.

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Algonquin Assassin

Niko, Tommy and Claude.

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Excalibur Voltaire

Claude, Tommy, Michael, Franklin and Chop

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-Niko: Has that classic adidas (or Heat considering it's the gta brand) soviet look lol

-Claude: Looks great

-Huang Lee: Judging from the artworks... looks kinda cool

-Franklin: Urban but it works

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I like Johnny's.

I don't really like the standard clothing for any other Protagonist and switch out quickly. Getting the green hoodie for Frankling/CJ, getting stuff for Mike and Trevor, getting that blue Russian track jacket for Niko... etc

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CJ - Simple and memorable outfit.

Tommy - well, i just like it. especially the beta version

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While I like all the protagonist default outfits, I think I'll pick Claude's as my favourite followed closely by Tommy's.

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Niko, loved the contrast between the colors choosed for his default outfit.

Second, I think it will be Tommy since that shirt was dope.

Edited by RaMMy
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Tommy! I'd actually like a pair of his Hawaiian shirt.

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A hard choice between CS and Double L.


Luis' default style appeals to me more. The way the white and black mix with the light blue tight jeans and white sneakers. It's a very well colour coordinated outfit. Claude seems off with the blue sneakers with green cargo pants. It'd work, if he was wearing a white undershirt like GTA2, but without white it doesn't work as well as Double L's.

Edited by Yinepi
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Claude is my number one followed by Luis and Tommy.

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