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Hidden Packages?

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I haven't really played single player story mode all that much besides the main story on my PS4 - got 100% on PS3....tried looking around for the hidden packages today while I had some free time and didn't find the one I was looking for. Did they get rid of them on the PS4 version?? Might be a noobish question, and I'm sorry if it is, but I'm just curious.

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I think they were bugged/glitched at one time or another. If its not where it should be try making a quick save and reloading the game, then check again.

I remember having to do this myself. There may be more info around here about this though.

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Hidden packages are a little different in V, as they take the form of 12 individual briefcases hidden through-out the waters in and around the map. You'll need scuba gear to collect 11 of the 12, as they're hidden in deeper locations. There's a map for reference here but if you're still struggling, there is also

which can help with context and how best to approach some. I personally found the biggest obstacle was light levels, as some briefcases were tricky to spot even with that tell-tale glow.


As well as the briefcases, there's a plethora of other collectables available. These are:

Letter scraps - There are 50 of these to collect, and each one goes towards solving the murder of Vinewood star Leonora Johnson.

Spaceship parts - Like the letter scraps, there are 50 parts to collect. Doing so will unlock a Strangers & Freaks mission and the opportunity to swipe a unique vehicle.

Nuclear waste - Only available after purchasing the sonar collection property, there are 30 barrels to find with a cash reward attributed to each one. You'll be using a submarine for this one.

Submarine pieces - Unlocked after completing a Strangers & Freaks mission for Abigail (who can be found at the sonar collection docks). Collecting all 50 parts will unlock the next mission you receive from her.

Epsilon tracts - A collection challenge which is unlocked after completing the Epslion mission strand.

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Thanks Craig and Stang - after I posted this, and saw the responses after I got home from work, I noticed the Hidden Packages section of IGN's GTAV site has a note saying that same exact thing...you have to quick save and load that save every time, at every location, in order to get them on PS4. Thank you again, guys - appreciate it!

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Posted (edited)

I still don't understand why they are called Hidden Packages since 2013... As far as I can remember, in the GameInformer Magazine or somewhere there were informations that there'll be "Hidden Packages under the Water." Then the fans saw these Briefcases and called them Hidden Packages, then everyone sticked with that name.

Should've been called Briefcases or Money Pickups.

Meanwhile, they're not even actual Collectibles, they're just "Free Money Pickups" under the Ocean or doring Random Events, not even being recorded in the Stats...

Honestly, they're not worth collecting unless you want Money.

Edited by SpriteFan274

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