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Evil empire

Things San Andreas does better than Vice City

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Evil empire

Hello everybody!


I already saw a topic asking people if they prefer GTA San Andreas or GTA Vice City which is not exactly this topic's theme and I hesitate to unearth a topic that didn't receive any reply for 10 years so I prefer creating this one.


Now back to the core of the topic:


-Even if Vice City is a very agreable place it sometimes look as a golden jail compared to San Andreas. Nothing values this feeling of freedom you have when you can explore 3 cities plus the countryside and a desert.


-The bikes' handling is too rigid in Vice City and Tommy falls too oftenly, in SA the bikes' driving is smoother and when your skill reaches the maximum CJ falls much less oftenly


-You don't need to drive long distances to complete the paramedic job, by going in a small village you can do the job much more fastly making it nearly agreable.


-Although the cars handling regressed a lot compared to Vice City the codes to empty the streets, the nitro and the fact the cities aren't divided in islands makes the taxi job more entertaining in San Andreas


-The very good bikes handling, the fact you can perform the vigilante job on a bike, the codes to explode the enemies on touch and empty the streets, the alternations between cities coutryside and desert give this job a unique charm in SA


-Although they are more bonuses than anything else the ability to change CJ's body, tune cars, eat, practice fitness, learn various fighting styles, the huge quantity of cothes you can use, the ability to date with girlfriends and to swim add to the immersion and the gaming pleasure


-You can get rich from the game start with the Inside track and the Robois food mart and start buying all the houses and weapons you want, a good mean to discover some of the games' features very early.


-The safehouses aren't just nice buildings you can't visit, they have an interior and globally look like real houses. When you buy a rich house you really feel like someone rich and not like the owner of an empty nutshell filled with hallways.


-Contrary to the previous episodes you don't keep playing a greedy ruthless unlawful psychopathic killing-machine but a more human character who feels emotions, has qualms about doing some things and doesn't immediately know what he should do. Desppite some flaws this concept is globally well exploited and brings a welcome change.


-The gangs wars add a new dimension to the gunfights and are as good for those who love the dangerous fights as for those who want to make some areas more secure.


I probably forgot some things.

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Am Shaegar

1. Superb storyline - Not only better than VC, but also the series best.

VC's story was way too predictable and uninteresting except for the parts in the beginning. The biggest issue with the story is that the game constantly pretends to show that Tommy is really some badass guy, having this great plans and all, yet constantly avoids every confrontation with Sonny. I was hoping that Tommy truly shows his mettle in taking down Sonny, (and Diaz) by surprise, to avenge the loss he had to suffer from fifteen years of imprisonment, and yet, Tommy simply tries to avoid confronting Sonny, even in the end? The ending is really laughable. Giving counterfeit cash in order to cop out, as if Sonny wouldn't figure that out, esp., when Tommy already owns Print Works to create the counterfeit money, like c'mon... I knew this was a wrong move on Tommy's part. He was just preparing himself to be taken by surprise, and that's exactly what happened in the end.

Lance's betrayal wasn't a surprise, at all. In fact, he's the one who made the right moves throughout the story. I can see in him the strong determination to avenge the death of his brother, than Tommy who seems more focused on running errands for the large part of the story, until the mission Shakedown, which really has no bearing on the outcome of the story. It feels more like a side missions to pad the game than having any plot relevance. Why was Sonny being treated as completely sidelined character for making threatening calls, rather than having more role in the story upfront, right from the beginning of the game.


The game should have really kicked off from where the ending happens, Tommy realizing Sonny's hand behind the ambush, and the sentencing in prison, and from thereon, the story should have had interesting twists, an exciting head to head, double crossings, etc. that intensifies the race between the two in taking over the city, and becoming the most powerful man.

CJ constantly tries to confront Tenpenny, head on, calling him out on his bullsh*t, and even Tenpenny realized this very well, which is why he had to use Sweet in order to force CJ into doing his work, but I don't find anything in Tommy that implies he was pressed by some sort of compulsion to continue working for Sonny, while still pretending that he could set up his own empire right under his nose?

Sorry to say, the story is just too silly, way too simplistic lacking any dramatic plot twists, but jumps over many things in the story, so conveniently, without much reflection on them that would help to build up an understanding of those situations.

That's not the case with SA's story. The story does a good job of keeping the players not only hooked with the epic adventure, but also establishing strong motive behind CJ's actions, which is the key reason why protagonists do everything in the story.



2. The map isn't that great and feature-rich, compared to the awesome map of SA, which still remains unsurpassed by any GTA in the series. The map of SA squeezes out every inch of it's potential, while the amount of creative sandbox fun is unlimited. Just superb!!!


3. CJ is far more believable, full of interesting emotions, and overall far more interesting of a character than Tommy. The fact, that CJ seems optimistic, strongly determined person, but not living under the assumption of being some unrealistically badass guy with no vulnerabilities, making him a lot more relatable character for me.


That's all I could think of that puts Vice city behind SA I many ways, but not at all a bad game altogether.

Edited by Am Shaegar

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Algonquin Assassin

-The ability to swim. Though the memes for Tommy (and Claude for matter) dying from going into the water are hilarious I’m glad San Andreas fixed it.


-Aiming is better.


-More customisation options.

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lil weasel
Evil empire

I didn't find these topics with the keywords I used. Since they sank a long time ago and don't exactly deal with the same thing than this topic I suppose you won't mind if I keep posting here.


-The aiming system and the weapons handling in general ; with the shoulder-aiming and the zoom, the fact you can kill people with the M4 something like 100 meters away, the smoother, more-realistic way CJ handles the katana, the fact you can destroy a helicopter in a simple blink of the eye are only examples of this great improvement that gives a totally new dimension to the fights. In comparison Vice City only brings more precision to the weapons compared to its predecessor.


-The better equipped gansters who get out of their cars to attack you, the fact the destruction of one single car can destroy something like 10 cars by chain reaction, the police helicopter arriving on the scene make the streets fastly look like war zones. Vice City just brings an agreable experience with the street gunshots and only brings a bit of bustle wheres San Andreas makes you fell in the middle of a battlefield.


-The lenght of life is largely higher. Except if I'm wrong completing Vice City is only a matter of a few weeks whereas it takes at least a month to complete San Andreas, a sign of Rockstar's ambition with this title.


-The quantity of things you can do after the 100% completion is so high it's hard to count. The choice of activities is largely higher than Vice City.

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