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are there any liverys for logging on today (saturday 12-23-17)


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i just turned on and loaded up gta online, i recived a few pop ups, but nothing about liverys

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Past 3 days I've gotten my 3 (1 each day) over 5 hours ago/around 4:30am each day, nothing yet today.

Apparently is could be any of these, other than the Khanjali, Molotok, & Thruster....which are the already released 3.

Who knows, they may just have decided to release all the rest on one day during the holidays.



Edited by Foreverpast
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they prob give us 1 a day untill jan 1st, then drip feed the rest once a week


That doesn't make sense for them to continue it in any fashion after January 1st.

These liveries are for the holiday.


The ability to purchase the holiday liveries that we are offered will likely vanish along with the festive horns, snow, etc. when the times comes.

Edited by Foreverpast
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Did not log on yesterday but did this morning and received the Thruster liveries. Apparently there is nothing new today.

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i didnt know all of them were holiday themed, i noticed a few in each class that had nothing to do with xmas, i assumed we keep the non festive ones.

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Everything looks nice on the Oppressor.


But certainly candy canes.

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Galaxy Livery and the Thruster go together like peanut butter and jelly, Sanford &Son, my parents in their divorce attorney...etc etc

It's a match made in heaven.

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is there a picture off all the liverys? i thought i seens some posted and thought i saw a skeleton one for the thruster. i dont own the thruster yet, im going on a spending spree on new years though.

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I missed yesterday due to boredom, but logged in today.


Just got the Thruster liveries that were supposedly from yesterday.

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