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Help a returning player (me!)


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Hey guys, I haven't played GTAO for a few months, since I was busy with HZD, South Park and platinuming GTA V.


I'm going to return to GTAO later today and want to add some real estate to my game. Since I haven't been really following the updates, can someone inform me in a few words if I should buy a hangar, a bunker or both and which ones?

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I'd play, but Cyprus is too far away from me.

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Bunker replaces Biker businesses as the best passive income (i.e. buy supplies, leave to produce product).

Hangar is useless for money making. Only buy if you are interested in the Smuggler's Run aircraft. Small bonus of unlimited access to Fort Zancudo if you buy one there.


There are several topics for best bunker and hangar locations if you search.

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- If you want a relatively passive money maker, buy the Chumnash bunker, let the stock build.

Then sell for the bonus to los santos (classic insurgent delivery-agent 14 calls & mentions *being subtle* or tractor trailers) when the bar is around $400k-$450k.

10 minutes of easy driving in that situation will net you a minimum of $600k+, as long as you know how to solo public sessions.


-The hangar is garbage for sales purposes unless you have an actual crew or friends to sell in bulk.

Otherwise you'll need it if your really want any of the aircraft.


- Facility you don't need for every single new warstock vehicle, but you may want it if you plan to invest in the new heist or larger vehicles such as the Khanjali.


- Buy the MOC or Avenger, buying both is a waste though.

They both provide the same weapon & vehicle modification resources, the main difference is that one flies & one doesn't.

Edited by Foreverpast
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Hangars for making money are totally useless. Just another money grab from T2. Most new aircraft handle like cr*p.


Bunkers have a steep entry price by having to buy the MOC. The return on investment is low. I had to struggle through the absurd research pay or delay scheme. Even with full upgrades it takes two game days to make 220k. If not some punk blows up your stuff. You are better off with import \ export warehouse.

Edited by Van_Hellsing
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Most planes do not handle like crap at all, and a few of them handle superbly....but I am a good pilot


As said though, you should only bother with a hanger if you are really into aircraft. I am, and I have suggested a player owned hanger with some customisation for aircraft, since this game was released. I don't even bother with it as a money maker anymore, unless it is a double event. I enjoy most of the missions, so I just do 1-2 a day until its fully stocked & then just leave it until there is a double sale event.


I'm happy with my Bunker, 210-240k for a single vehicle sale mission. Be warned though....the research component will either take a long time to finish, or cost a fortune. Tbh I only wanted the stuff for the Tampa and the mk2 upgrades. I've never used any of the other stuff.

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Most planes do not handle like crap at all, and a few of them handle superbly....but I am a good pilot




Wobbly duck airways.

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I've got the hangar at Fort Zancudo (the 2.6M one). Satisfied with it because you can enter Fort Zancudo without wanted level when you own a hangar over there. I think the 2.6Mil one is better situated then the most expensive one, better runway access.


Happy with my Smoke tree road bunker as well, close to the airfield in the desert and near the highway. (The first not that important anymore after Smuggler's run, you can spawn your plane at a suitable place nearby anyway). I wouldn't recommend the bunkers at the North (Paleto, Canyon, grapeseed).

Chumash is also a good location, relatively close to the city. Farmhouse bunker is nice as well.


As for Facility I own the one at the Windfarm. It's ok. I think I would have chosen Lago Zancudo, if I could choose again..



A bunker gives a decent passive income, although it is a large investment. I don't regret it.

If you don't like planes/choppers, skip the Hangar. It's not a moneymaker. I definitely think it's worth it, because I love planes and don't care about moneymaking that much.


If you also want both, but don't have the funds to buy them straight away: go for the bunker first, since you can make money with it.

Edited by pptz84
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The Wandering Hunter

fort zancudo bunker of your choice if you like aircraft atall. profit is sh*t, so if you don't like planes and own very few pass on it.


bunker is great, buy a central one near sandy shores.

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