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Rockstar Central #39 (15-22 Dec)


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art by @slohbur

Editorial Note

After a couple of weeks of absence, the Rockstar Central is back. Individualised into its own issue, the Rockstar Central will be now moved to Fridays at 10 PM GMT. This gives the issue more flexibility in terms of reporting the happenings of the last week, and allows for the GTA Online discounts reported about here to be valid for longer after this is posted. The Friday timeslot also allows for reporting of any news that happen the day before, as Thursday is one of the choice days for important Rockstar announcements. The 10 PM slot also gives time to report on anything that could happen on a Friday, provided it’s not a game delay hidden in a Take-Two afterhours announcement trick…

Some structural changes are also being thought of and developed in the meantime. Today a Snaps of the Week category will be introduced in an experimental form, with more to come soon. Hopefully not Rockstar Soon™.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty!

Last week on Friday, the VR version of L.A. Noire was finally released! Featuring 7 of the cases from the original game, this version was rebuilt specifically for virtual reality and is now available on the HTC Vive system. You can get it on Steam here.
The game has received quite positive reviews, showing a current score of 86 in the review aggregator Metacritic. This is Rockstar’s first foray into a game fully in Virtual Reality, and it’s a damn good one at that.
GTANetwork partners like @GTASeriesVideos are now doing

, and very funny ones at that, because as with everything VR… I’m sure Phelps is going to enjoy picking a lot of noses and ears. Or simulating Renaissance paintings with his colleagues. The joys of Virtual Reality!

GTA Online has had a pretty active past week and a half, with the release of Doomsday Heist, an RDR2 revolver unlock, and a bunch of car unlocks as a part of the Festive Surprise! It really is Christmas!
Doomsday Heist released on December 12, featuring three new main Heists, with several prep and setup missions, to save the world from annihilation! Are we going to let San Andreas be controlled by those who don’t need to have any place in our world, or are we going to impose ourselves (and Lester Crest…) to that?
Get on Maze Bank Foreclosures, buy an IAA Facility and start organising your crew to save the World!
Going a bit off the route here, I am personally enjoying the DLC, despite it being quite difficult especially on Hard, and despite a few quirks, but it’s generally enjoyable and fun, and very probably one of the best things Rockstar has recently done.

With Doomsday Heist, came one of the most exciting things for a lot of the community, as Rockstar muttered the words red, dead, redemption and the number two at the same time, in sequence, in GTA Online. On release day, a lot of treasure hunters, mystery hunters and beta hunters noticed something interesting: there were text strings in the game for a Red Dead Redemption 2 unlock in GTA Online, where you had to collect a gun, hit 50 headshots with it, and you could earn this variation in RDR2 once released. Along with this, a very detailed gold double action revolver was also found.
As people dug deeper into the files, it was found that there was a treasure chest associated to it, and that the company depicted in this chest was one that was found in a RDR2 screenshot! Rockstar took its sweet time to finally release the treasure hunt, so in the following hours and days, several people including the Chiliad Mystery crew found tips to locations in the script files, and right after, all the 20 locations for the mystery hunt, which we later found out were randomised, as the mystery released on December 15. This GTAForums thread helps in understanding how this works, and you’re not late yet if you didn’t get it!

Credit: Edgar Draw

After a classic countdown to the Festive Surprise, with many login bonuses such as full snacks, armour and other things, it has finally released on December 19 and will extend until January, as usual!
For the first day, a new vehicle was released, the Übermacht Sentinel Classic, a proper homage to the Vice City Stories Sentinel! You can now get this beauty at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website!
A new Adversary Mode is also out (of course, those never end), and it’s called Occupy! Secure and hold capture zones across the map with Oppressors and other tactical vehicles, and win the match by holding the most zones when the time ends! This new mode will have a Double GTA$ and RP bonus for a whopping three weeks, through January 8!
Because it’s Christmas, Rockstar couldn’t leave the classic bonuses behind. During the holiday, enjoy a 30% off in:

  • The Arcadius Business Centre
  • The Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499
  • All Yachts
  • The Pegassi Zentorno
  • The Armoured Kuruma in both Buy Now and Trade Prices
  • The Buzzard
  • The HVY Insurgent in both prices

If you fancy racing in the rare Los Santos snow, there are two weeks of Time Trials and Premium Races to come:
Premium Stunt Races:

  • December 19 to 25: “H200”, locked to Sports Cars
  • December 26 to January 1: “Double Loop”, locked to Supers


Time Trials

  • December 19 to 25: “Sawmill”
  • December 26 to January 1: “Cypress Flats”


Iiiiiiiiiit’s contest time! Starting on December 19, and through January 1 at 11:59PM EST, you can participate in the #FESTIVESURPRISE2017 Snapmatic Contest! To participate, submit your pictures via the in-game gallery with the #FESTIVESURPRISE2017 hashtag, and you can be eligible to win one of five GTA$1 million rewards! The winners for this contest, along with the winners for the #DOOMSDAY contest will be announced in the New Year.

And suddenly… As I write this… Weathermen all over Los Santos and in the Weazel News offices found out something interesting as they woke up today. Some are stuck at home in the bowels of Blaine County with snow up to the roof, others are surprised the Mirror Park lake is frozen, and others simply cannot start up their cars anymore and are wondering why, because that only happens in Mount Chiliad’s “third world” housing at a thousand metres of altitude, or so the Los Santos residents say.
Snow has hit Los Santos and is forecast to stay in the next week or so, in a strange weather phenomenon that happens only on Christmas time… Meteorologists are baffled, especially those sitting in the Weazel News office. Because what aren’t they baffled with?

Along with the snow, Rockstar has announced another new car, that you can get FOR FREE if you log in on Christmas day, December 25! The Albany Hermes will be available to you starting then, another classic car coming straight from the old eras! Rockstar says there is a lot more to come in the next few days if you log-in to GTA Online. If you do so today, you can earn 5 free liveries for the Thruster, the brand-new jetpack (finally!) introduced into GTA Online.


art by @slohbur

This new category within the Central will be highlighting the top 5 Snapmatic and non-Snapmatic pictures of the week, in no specific order. Because we’re talking Rockstar here, pictures of all their games that are posted within the week are going to be highlighted – this could be GTA V, IV, RDR and eventually RDR2 when it releases.



image resized to match Snapmatics – original post

image resized to match Snapmatics – original post


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