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GTA 3D Era Modding Requests & Finds

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I need a beta Big Smoke model with fixed hands (aka separated fingers, like in mobile). If possible, i'd like him to have HD textures too, since the base model and textures aren't high quality, but this is completely optional since i can try modifying the textures myself if needed. Oh and it also needs to have the vest version (both bloodied and normal, and for both normal gameplay and cutscenes) from End of the Line, this is the main priority in fact (if you don't want to do regular Big Smoke, that's okay, but i do want the End of the Line version with beta clothes, in both gameplay and cutscenes)

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Posted (edited)

[GTA:SA] So I have this weird issue that whenever I enter a restricted area, I get 1 star wanted level instead of 5. Tried the same save on a clean install without mods, but in vain. Seems to be an issue that affects some saves. I tried editing the problematic saves and applying various fixes but that didn't work either. Does anyone know what this is?



Edited by BustaCJ

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Looking for an ENB series that works with GTA San Andreas V1.

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Does anyone have this speedometer for single player, or download for it? 
It suits my needs cuz it measures speeds of RC vehicles.









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Carl "CJ" Johnson 1992

can someone make a AWVR 777 GE ES44AC mod for gta sa? i rlly want a AWVR 777 mod for gta sa if someone makes i ill be very thankful :)

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couple of interesting requests, appreciate if you know where i can find:


- Increase the damage of explosive weapons (i increased vehicle health using mixsets to make it realistic against gun damage, but now rpgs and grenade wont destroy the car anymore)

- Silent m4a1 mod where peds wouldn't hear you shoot (stealth)

- lose health inside vehicle ( I found this mod a while back where you lose health every time you crash your car. I cant seem to find it anywhere anymore)

- make enemies shoot further without increasing weapon.dat range ( it looks stupid to see enemy gangs trying to run towards me while they have an ak)




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Someone knows how to modify visual car collision hardness? I mean how much force to break headlights, doors and windshields, I tried modifying car health but it still damages even with very high health.

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[GTA:SA] Anyone knows or can made a mod where I can see the enemies on the radar, (like in gang wars and missions), but instead of color gang or being on a mission., I wanna see the red point on radar, like GTA V hud


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Hi all, I have been going through the net looking for a gta 3 mod I used to have and all the sites that once had it are long gone as far as I can tell. I know there is another observatory mod for gta 3, but I in particular am looking for this one. Can someone help me find it or let me know if they have it? Here is the wayback link, it's all I have and obviously there is no download:




Mods, I hope this is in the right place.

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