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GTA 3D Era Modding Requests & Finds


Recommended Posts

Could someone convert a Mitsubishi Pajero EVO MPR11 from the first DiRT to GTA SA but with the paintjobs (there was a guy who did it without the paintjobs). I really need it since I'm making a Dakar video and I want to include that car.

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As you may or may not know, the ingame camera saves gallery photos as low quality .jpg files. I would like to humbly request for it to save as .png instead.

Now you may ask, why don't you just take a screenshot? Well simply because I RP as a spy/photographer/stalkerforhire guy on a server, so I take pictures of people with the ingame camera.

I know you requested for .png, but this mod here saves them as uncompressed .bmp's.

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Request mods, adding (replacing) a new city (Only atmosphere SA, not HQ). Mod for San Andreas. Any, but without the zombies and other things. Just the new town. Preferably WIP. Well, you know what I'm looking for.

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Stop f*cking posting this everywhere!

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Even if you guys are really good at installing mods in SA mobile by now, wouldn't you like to have an automated installer for mods like San Andreas Mod Installer A.K.A SAMI? Something that you can select the mod you want and it will automatically convert it and install it (re compile/re package and on your way) to take all of the time/pain out of it?

This community has alot of programmers out there that can whip up some kind of app like this and I don't know why it has happened yet. There is a serious amount of users who could benefit from this including people who are having issues installing mods into the mobile version of SA now to people who are just sick of all the steps of doing it now.

Can you guys please support this idea,contact someone who can make this happen or build it?

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Ill chexk




Can anyone please tell me how to increase the player speed...is it related to a data file or to the animation ?

Definitely not animation.


Oh, then what's the data file ?


I'll check.But that's gonna be for a loooong time.

bro its not the dat file. its the ifp file. u can actually increase [;ayer speed by editing the anim in ped.ifp. or u can use CLEO mod. i have a new mod that let u run as hell but im waiting it to be aproved. or can u show me the way to send a file thru this site or your gmail

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i have an idea: gta v p992 lazer explodsive machine gun for gta san andreas.( u know when u flying on a P996 Lazer in GTA V, u can change between explosive machine gun and rockets.)

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Hello there. I'd like to find/request mod for GTA 3/VC/SA, that modifies behavior of "Brake/Reverse" control input (from here referred just as "button").


In vanilla game when you pressing button the brakes are applied, until vehicle stop, AND then reverse acceleration starts immediately (often causing accidents, if you're not release button fast enough, or you insure yourself with handbrake). What I requesting is when vehicle is stopped and you still holding the button, it should not start moving backwards, until button released and pressed again. I think it can be made by "cutting off" input from "Brake/Reverse" control when vehicle was moving but then stopped, until actual button gets released. This will make driving much easier.


EDIT: I found what I've requested for, but it's only for SA. http://gtaforums.com/topic/532435-cleo-engage-reverse-gear/

Edited by bobbyprince
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Can anyone make or know a CLEO script where you press one or two button and a Hood gets under attack and press another and it ends like OrionSR cheat device code.

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can someone help me make a script that when u fly the Hydra above Area 69 or Easter Basin Naval base u wont get a wanted level?

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i want a tec 9 from gta v

:lol: it doesnt even feature a tec9 :lol:I think he's talking about GTA:VC, there's a tec9 in that game...
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I would like to have a speedometer for San Andreas. One that's displaying the speed - it's all I need.


I have searched and found some threads about speedometers, but most of them are requests and few are actual mods. Memphis Speedometer is one, but it's too advanced. I don't want fuel gauges and engine temperature to worry about. I just want to know how fast I'm going without all the extra stuff turning it into a simulator.


And the speedometer must work in helicopters and airplanes too, and on boats. I actually need it more there than in road vehicles. (It would be cool if it worked on trains as well, on any vehicle actually.)


I prefer a digital speedometer because they are easier to read, and the analog ones are just wasting space in the field of view.


I'm not used to miles so I would like kilometers per hour, though MPH would be better than nothing.


I have San Andreas v2.0 and shouldn't be able to mod, but somehow I am.

Mods I have installed:

- Silent's ASI loader

- Silent Patch

- A compact exe that replaced the original. I'm not sure if it has an official name.


A speedometer must not conflict with these mods.



Edited by OG Viking
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I'm looking for retextured interiors, either seperately each building or a pack with all interior retextured/overhauled/revamped.


I've seen one or two but not nearly enough to fix most ugly interiors.


I am currently using SART, but can replace those.

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I found the interior HD mod which is working fine.


Now I'm looking for any mods that add side-missions, like delivering pizza or other goods. I looked into drugdealing but only one mod I know that's worth it and it doesn't work in combination with modified main.scm.


WOuld also like some robbbery mods/side missions if anyone knows of any.

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I would love a M47 Patton tank (without the large box attached to the back of the turret, and with the flat style cannon tip shown below) . With the German livery applied for the Battle Of The Bulge film (gotta admit it looks sexy in that) aswell as the American one.




Also a genuine Single Action Army pistol (the mostly boxy rectangular-shaped trigger surround is the main identifying/confirming feature) would be nice, apparently there is one out there but I all I found was dead links and mislabelled rars.

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