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GTA 3D Era Modding Requests & Finds


Recommended Posts

Before making a request, make sure you check out our Mod Index for III, VC & SA, thanks.




Request/find mods here, that includes vehicles, characters, buildings, maps, textures, .dat files, CLEO's, ASI's, etc.. here.

Only post your request once every 2 days. Remember that requests won't always be fulfilled.

Edited by TJGM
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Well,i think we all love the realistic atmosphere we got when playing GTA V.

Beautiful car models,trees,peds,to small things which makes this game was epic.


So,why not bring them to GTA SA?


One of the realistic thing is the flashlight system on weapons.

I've search whole internet and find some mods alike.Ryosuke's weapon accessory mod to policemods flashlight.


But,what we need is more "automatic" mod which is the light was automatically on when you are in the dark/night without asking you to type cheat or press any button.


And,i have tried makes one and it was go to nothing since i have no any kmowledge of coding (dont ask me to read and watch that cleo tutorials!)


I supposed to this forum was great enough and many pro modders who can fulfill our thirst of realism in San Andreas.


Correct me if i wrong.

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i want a fix and feature from gta v the cops of sa dont jump over walls when chasing you and the peds too

EDIT:can someone convert the textiures of bullet holes of gta v to sa bulet hole mod ?

Edited by jochuan
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i want a tec 9 from gta v and the army from gta v and the vario los aztecas of gta v

Edited by jochuan
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i want a tec 9 from gta v

:lol: it doesnt even feature a tec9 :lol:

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Hi ! i saw the shamal plane in Gta V and i saw that there are many features included in that plane which are fantastic like the interior light and Landing lights .... these are just should be in sanadreas i think many people are out there like me who can't experience the gameplay like gta v as Dk did an awesome job with his best hud like gta v for sanadreas is there anyone or


make this gta V shamal for sanandreas with all the features (Al planes support,Landing lights,Signal lights, detailed interior if possible and some of the other features what a plane needs ) it would be great for Sanadreas for us and also should be optimized dff cause everyone want to get this type of plane in their own game so this will be great for all low pc users Thanks ! :)

Im using a gta v shamal mod for sanadreas maybe this plane can be improved and the features can be added to this one :Dhttp://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?do=detail&cat=234&start=48&id=63979&orderBy=

Edited by Aaron Hossain
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I would suggest if someone would make such a thing (if it was possible), would be SkylineGTAFreak or whatever his name is :^:

Edited by Gramps
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I'm requesting a 2014 Honda Accord in GTA San Andreas, I'll appreciate it even more if it's adapted to ImVehFt and Active Dashboard :r*:

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// This file was decompiled using SASCM.ini published by Seemann (http://sannybuilder.com/files/SASCM.rar) on 13.10.2007

{$CLEO .cs}
thread 'LIFT_CAR'
wait 0
else_jump @LIFT_CAR_19
0AB0: key_pressed 33
else_jump @LIFT_CAR_19
0AB5: store_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR closest_vehicle_to [email protected] closest_ped_to [email protected]
if and
not Actor.InCar($PLAYER_ACTOR, [email protected])
not [email protected] == -1
else_jump @LIFT_CAR_19
not Object.Exists([email protected])
else_jump @LIFT_CAR_210
099A: set_car [email protected] collision_detection 0
08E9: set_object [email protected] liftable 1
0939: attach_car [email protected] to_object [email protected] with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.1 rotation 0.0 0.0 0.0
07C9: AS_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR walk_to_object [email protected] then_lift_and_hold_in_hands
jump @LIFT_CAR_210
00E1: player 0 pressed_key 15
else_jump @LIFT_CAR_326
0ACA: show_text_box "WORKING"
099A: set_car [email protected] collision_detection 1
04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 5.0 0.0
Object.Destroy([email protected])
jump @LIFT_CAR_19
0AB0: key_pressed 49
else_jump @LIFT_CAR_210
Object.Destroy([email protected])
jump @LIFT_CAR_19

help me with script above, it crash after loading, help me find where is cause crash

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can someone make a cleo mod like

when someone leave the car, when cj go away, the car dissapear, when cj kill someone, after 30 seconds, the body dissapear, so my request is, a mod to do every abandoned vehicle and dead body dont dissapear after 5 minutes, please can someone do that ?

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Hi i want to request the following:


A mod that disables the Dynamic Crosshair (whenever you shoot the crosshair grows. and if you crouch it shrinks), which is very annonying, i want it to stay "frozen" in one size, and a mod that adds Camera Inertia like the one from Smooth Freelook Camera but on foot and faster, a little bit like the ones from gta 4 and dead space. Thanks.

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Is there a basic fix for CJ eating invisible food? In GTA IV and in Bully, the protagonist has the appropriate food model in hand during the eating animation. SA almost does this. CJ holds a soda can and NPCs are seen holding food. But everywhere CJ can buy food there's nothing in his hand.


Some mods go further and add a scene of CJ sitting at a table to eat, CJ buying and eating food at 24/7, and even CJ ordering pizza delivery and eating the pizza. These all have CJ with food in hand but is there a mod that JUST adds visible food, of the correct type, to the eating in the vanilla game?

Edited by Nem Wan
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can someone make ambulance and firetruck not coming when people died or burning car

{$CLEO}0000:WHILE 8256:   NOT   player $PLAYER_CHAR defined    wait 250ENDWHILE TRUE    wait 0    00A0: store_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR position_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]    IF        0AE2: [email protected] = random_vehicle_near_point [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] in_radius 1000.0 find_next 0 pass_wrecked 1    THEN        REPEAT            IF OR                0137:   car [email protected] model == #AMBULAN                0137:   car [email protected] model == #FIRETRUK            THEN            00A6: destroy_car [email protected]            END        UNTIL 8AE2:   NOT   [email protected] = random_vehicle_near_point [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] in_radius 1000.0 find_next 1 pass_wrecked 1    ENDEND

The code works for San Andreas ONLY.

Edited by Jack
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I need a mod where I can move in cutscenes. I used CLEO menus and Airbreak mod before, but in fully animated cutscenes, CJ doesnt move, only when the airbreak is activated, and the cutscene cant be skipped when I am done, and doesnt stop when it needs to. Only way to get out is task manager. I need a mod where I can move in cutscenes with the press of a button, and I get teleported where the cutscene CJ model was. (I seen the duplicate CJ in the ones I tried with airbreak, the standard animations cutscenes have player animations and CJ doesnt get duped) I dont need anything that makes interiors solid (Except if its not solid even with solid interiors mod, of course.) and I dont want to skip the cutscene. Maybe like pressing X makes CJ controllable, and fixing the infinite cutscene.

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