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Need help... Cannot customize plate number via iFruit app


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I used to use iFruit app to customize my plate number so I know how to do it. But it stopped working for me for nearly a year.


This is how I do it: ordering a different plate background, then the plate number should change as well.




When clicking ORDER, it asked me to overwrite a previous order. It must be a failed order.




I received the LSC text message very soon after I placed the order via iFruit app.




When driving the car into the LSC, nothing happened. It should ask me to apply the order and drive away. But nope. It didn't ask.


I got the normal LSC menu. And the plate number as well as the plate background remained unchanged.




I even tried to check the plate option. It's nothing there either.




I tried several times with different cars or different customizations (other than plate number), but failed in the same way.


Anybody has an idea how to solve it please? Thank you very much.

Edited by Misa.And.Her.Hubby
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I am having the same issue. Hope someone has a answer

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Please don't take offence to this, but I have to ask based on your last screenshot. Did you look under the "Plates" section. It should be there.

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Please don't take offence to this, but I have to ask based on your last screenshot. Did you look under the "Plates" section. It should be there.


I double checked it and added more screenshots. Thank you.


Be honest. Have you been duping cars? This is a sign that you have been dupe detected.


Never. And I don't know how to do that.

Edited by Misa.And.Her.Hubby
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You don't have to dupe to be "Dupe detected", you just have to trigger R*'s flawed anti-dupe system. One way of doing this is to sell more than 8 cars in any 30 hour period. Removing aircraft from your hanger can also count towards this total for some weird reason. For a more detailed explanation you could try the sinful site. ;) They have a sticky thread in the Grand Theft Auto V Glitches section that gives a lot of info on this problem.

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Is this how it acts when you trigger this flawed system?


I have access to and can apply all of my previous plates on every vehicle, but I can't get "process app order" to appear when entering lsc when placing a iFruit order.

Like Misa showed in her screenshots I can place a order and get the notice to go to lsc to have it fulfilled - but when entering lsc it's like I never placed a order at all. Even placing a order that had no plate changes, like changing wheels or paint never appears upon entering lsc.


I never sold more than 8 vehicles, aircraft, street cars, or a combinationthe three in 30 hours either.

I was under the impression that being dupe detected just removes all plate options in lsc, even previous plates, not breaking iFruit completely to the point where its useless.

Edited by Amy Vinewood
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Are you sure you have the right console selected?


Go into settings/options and make sure you have your current console selected especially if you used fruit on ps3/xb360

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There seem to be a couple more instances where the iFruit app fails as well as the anti-dupe system. One of these is where the settings of the app have reset back to the last gen console, ie. you play on PS4 but iFruit thinks that you are on PS3. This one is simple to solve, just make sure the app's settings are set toPS4. Edit.. ninjad by Ai®aCob®a ;)

There also seem to be cases of the app triggering the anti-dupe system for no readily apparent reason, you can test this by ordering a new plate for one of your cars that already has a custom plate. If you get the email telling you to take the car to LSC but not have the game prompt you to complete the order when you get to LSC and the new plate doesn't show up in your plate menu options then you have been "dupe detected".

If you're still having the problem you could try following the info over on the sinful site or you could raise a support ticket with R* (they can reset the plates option manually,but don't hold your breath).

Hope that some of this has helped. :)

Edited by badmoon
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Good god (please don't take this as a derail) have they not fixed this piece of sh*t app in 4 years? I swear I've downloaded it once a year, ever since the release date and each time I want to toss my phone in a wood-chipper after using it.

It's a shameful pile of garbage and proof that when you let interns do mobile apps, it's never a good thing. I'm glad I read this thread because since the new update, I had considered downloading it again (am I a machocist or what lol?).

Sad to see it's still a steaming three-coiler, not worthy of R*'s name.

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Are any of you guys blocking ports to force solo public sessions. I have found that interferes with iFruit orders. If that is the case, unblock the pertinent ports in the firewall and restart the client. You should then be able to place orders through iFruit, although you may need to tell it to overwrite the pending order, if one is stuck in the queue.

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I can't even log into my ifruit app because it insists I'm using the wrong login info even though I'm NOT (I've double, triple, quadriple checked this) but even if I managed to log in, I still have this problem to look forward to?! Ugh

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I just successfully added custom plates to two of my cars (Deluxo and Sentinel) but now it won't send the notification to any other cars. Did I max it out or something?


EDIT: Update: I never got the notification at all but when I took my third card to the LSC, it had my custom plates under the Plates section! Yay!!

Edited by polaris23
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If you delete a custom plate that you still have on a car, it will also get flagged as "dupe detected" and you'll lose the option to add custom plates in LSC.


Or it can happen after selling over 8 personal vehicles within 30 (real-life) hours, which includes cars stolen from the street if you put them in your garage to sell later.


Either of the two limits is easy to trigger unknowingly. Could any of this be your situation?

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