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Why does everyone have trouble with rc/flying missions?


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I honestly don't know why everyone overrates the difficulty of missions like demolition man in vice city and zero's missions, n.o.e and flight school in san andreas. Why do you guys find these missions hard?

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I personally don't have problems with them, the only one I had was 'Bombs Away!', and even then it took me 4 tries. From hearing otther people, I think it's because they think the RC vehicles' controls are too sensitive, and they have trouble keeping tthe planes upright.

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I remember struggling on Demolition Man in VC and I hit a wall with Supply Lines in SA. For me personally, it was the sensitivity of the controls. It took a lot of getting used to, especially when I'd spent the game up until that point throwing cars around like confetti. If I even so much as flicked the stick too hard or too early, I found it tricky to correct my course. Over time I got better at it, but these missions leave a bad taste in some people's mouths and they're seldom revisited. With Supply Lines you could technically go through the entire game and never play it because it isn't necessary for SA's story completion. Demolition Man was a slightly different story though. I think my issue with that one initially was the tight camera positioning as I entered the building. Again, I was so used to driving cars that I took the wide camera angles for granted. Suddenly I was farting about with a tiny helicopter, trying to climb sets of stairs whilst builders chased me with hammers. It was a change of pace, but I'm not sure if it was welcome or not.


If we're going to dip our bread in this humble brag gravy train though, I never found N.O.E to be a big problem. I quite enjoyed that mission.

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Every time I did one of Zero's RC missions I wanted to throw my grandma off the roof.

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I guess the controls take some time to get used to. The RC Vehicles are small, way too slow, more prone to damage and the missions are usually timed. If not the other factors, there are what make panic over them. It's not really difficult if you put your mind to it. They may take a few tries but once you figure what you're doing wrong, it won't be long before you're able to finish the missions with ease.


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Oh, forgot to mention I really enjoyed New Model Army as well. Flying that little helicopter around and dropping barrels all over the place was an absolute pleasure. I had to mute the TV at one point because Zero got on my tits, but other than that I had a good time.

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Well, it's nice to see there's more people around who doesn't find RC or flying missions complicated, I imagine they're tricky more than anything.


But of course, as for Zero's missions on PS2 there's nothing good I can add about it.

Edited by SMACKED!
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I thought flight school was a lot harder the first time I did it. Turning the plane took lots of practice. And you have to go through a whole school just to progress; not fun.


N.o.e can be tricky if you rush through the counties with all the tall trees around. If you don't rush through the center it's just tedious.


Vertical Bird - did you also find it easy to B.S your way through this one? I still have no clue how to pilot a hydra, but apparently did well enough to pass first try every time I did it.


RC helicopter missions weren't so bad because I was used to controlling floaters in other games. But I could see it being another kind of piloting you have to get used to before being able to do well.

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The controls .


I never had any problem with RC missions, but i get why people overrate zero's missions ... the fact that the gas meter is too short and you always fail being the issue .


Same goes for Bomb Da Base Act II & Wrong Side Of The Tracks... I never figured out why everyone overrates those missions either because when i played through them i had no problem

Edited by jaljax
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