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[HELP] c++ traffic sign extraction


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Hi everybody,


Currently, I am working on traffic sign extraction based on 'DeepGTAV'. I am going to extraction useful information like traffic signs and lights. Unlike pedestrians and vehicles, Traffic sign doesn't have funtions like: 'GET_PED_TYPE' or 'IS_THIS_MODEL_A_CAR'. So, it is not easy to decide whether the entities is our target objects. Here is the code I want to use for traffic sign extraction:

int count = worldGetAllObjects(objects, ARR_SIZE);​model = ENTITY::GET_ENTITY_MODEL(objects[i]);// if(model is a sign) do something;// else skip;

The variable 'model' contains lots of redundant entities. Here is the link I found from the from this forum. My idea is filter out the useless objects by looking up to the object hash table. I find that there are negative values in this hash list, but the 'model' is 'long unsigned' type.


Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated~

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!The last time I looked into that is quite some time ago so I might be Wrong!


On sites like https://github.com/lulzmodder/hnp you can see all the Props of the game.


If you want to detect traffic signs you will most likely have to save all the Hashcodes of traffic signs in a List and compare the found objects with that list.


It's pretty annoying since you have to go through all the 3k Hashes.


The Hashcodes given by "lulzmodder" seems to be signed but if you want to use a list from somebody else (don't know if there are any others) just cast the signed int to unsigned int


Hope this helps

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