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MEd v0.32


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Hello all ! first of all i apologize for my bad english because i'm french !


hum so i wanna know if there are any users of MEd v0.32 because he it's difficult to understand this software ! There are no good tutorials in french and almost no more activities on the french forums about this software, that's why i'm on the english forum, so thanks to you to take a few time for answer me.


How to create a platform to insert a race track or a stunt track somewhere else than Los Santos, San Fiero or Las Venturas like a little island ?


Is it possible to create ramps ourselves, for example, to introduce them into the game ? because i think a lot of objects are missing to make a map to his taste lol.



so thanks you everything and have a good night !!

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Take a look at the Using MEd tutorial. I've always found it helpful. And you can follow this tutorial to learn how to add objects using MEd. it's a bit old but gets the work done. You will need the Model (DFF), Texture (TXD) and Collision file file for an object which you want to insert.



How to create a platform to insert a race track or a stunt track somewhere else than Los Santos, San Fiero or Las Venturas like a little island?

You can use MEd to create the existing objects like Tracks or Roads in Extra locations. You can define them using a new IPL file or edit any existing file. You will need to save it though. It works for creating ramps too. They all exist in-game already.


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