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The Red Dead Redemption Chain Story Reboot


Recommended Posts

So the original Red Dead Chain Story was an excellent idea. It seemed exciting and I was hoping others would start writing in it. However after being up for a year, it looked like no one was really interested. After recently getting involved with it alongside two other writers, we decided perhaps we should make a reboot to gain interests back in it. Make a fresh storyline and new rules to have a complete fresh start. I know the three of us are gonna be dedicated to keeping up writing in the chain story and hopefully over time people will see it and wanna join in. If not...it was worth a try.


Also check out the original one too cause it was going good! http://gtaforums.com/topic/865296-the-red-dead-chain-story/


How to play,

A player will have 3-5 options to choose from to go off of and write their story response. When they finish they will leave 3-5 options for the next writer to choose from and write the next story response, and so on and so forth.



1) A writer cannot respond to their own post. They must wait for atleast one other player to write a response before the previous writer will be allowed to respond again.


2) If two or three players respond around the same time, then the player who's post got sent first will have their story continue, and the other players will have to acknowledge that their own response should be ignored.


3) No supernatural or mythical stuff. No magical powers or other universe crossovers or telekinesis or mind control or time travel. Non of that. The story should be somewhat realistic and fit in the Red Dead universe.


4) No sexual content is allowed. Minor and small snippets of stuff is okay, but straight out sexual writing is not acceptable.


No you might of noticed I left a common rule from these forums chain stories out. The "Characters can't die or they just respawn at the hospital". Well guess what? I wanna shake things up. So I am gonna pull a risky move here. I will be not including this. Yes a character can be killed. But in a way that creates a 5th rule. Once the character is killed they stay dead forever. I think this should make things interesting. Its risky but I hope that no one takes advantage of this character killing ability.


Thats it. I hope this regains interest in the Red Dead section and the Chain Story proves successful. Hopefully me and and the other two users who plan to keep this thread alive will enjoy doing this and get others to wanna join in.


Well lets see if this was even worth it. Have fun!


With this all written out, I suppose we need to get started.


I'll start our storyline.


The story starts before The Red Dead Redemption ending has occurred.


We pick up one week since John Marston has returned home to his family after finishing his work for the Government Agents, hunting down his old gang.


Its afternoon.


John Marston stands in his barn forking hay over to the horse to eat. He puts the pitchfork down, and wipes sweat off his forehead. He then walks out his barn into the hot sun. He notices Uncle sleeping next to the silo.


John Marston: Seriously old man?


John sighs, then looks up at his house, where smoke rises from the chimney.


John Marston: Looks like Abigail must be making lunch.


John then...


1)Goes up to the house to check on lunch

2) Goes to wake Uncle up at the silo

3)Goes back to working on the farm

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Option 2


John walks over to the silo where Uncle’s back leans against the wood as he sleeps the day away.


John) Get up old man.


John gives Uncle a little kick to wake him up.


John) Come on old man! Wake up!


John gives Uncle a second little kick. Uncle snorts awake.


Uncle) Bah! Im awake!


Uncle stands up slowly as he yawns.


John) Can’t keep sleeping on the job old man. There’s work we need doin here.


Uncle) You know I worked hard while you was gone. Give me some credit. I deserve a little gratitude for my worth!


John) Your worth is as much as a lazy lizard on a hot day.


Uncle) Well say what you want….but you know I got experience in farming. I can handle things around here.


John) So while I was gone, you lost our cattle, allowed the coyotes to eat up the chicken. Had to spend a nice sum to replace em after I returned. Yeah good working there Uncle.


John starts walking back to the house.


Uncle) Then perhaps I should just go off on my own.


John) Doubt you survive on your own a week.


We then see…


  1. John go into the house to check on lunch

  2. Cut to Jack reading in his room

  3. Follow Uncle as he works on the farm

  4. Cut to Abigail making food

Edited by JimDixon
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John enters the house from the door next to the kitchen. He smells something good cooking.


John Marston: Cooking something good?


John walks over to Abigail who turns stew in a pot on the stove.


Abigail Marston: Ah yes. Your favorite meal.


John Marston: Well I was in the mood for some rat meat stew anyway.


Abigail gives a playful shove to John.


Abigail Marston: You know you say the food is bad now. Yet your the one who always finishes their plate first. God you eat like Rufus.


John Marston: Well from what I remember from my father, he ate like a pig. Made me feel a little sick for him. Guess thats where I get it from.


Abigail chuckles. She starts turning off the stove, and takes the pot over to the small table behind her.

John looks out the window. Abigail starts using a large spoon to put stew into separate bowls sitting on plates that each have a fresh slice of bread.


John Marston: Jack finish all his chores?


Abigail Marston: Yeah. Pretty quickly might I add. He is in his room reading that new book he got the day before those Agents took us away.


John Marston: Look Im sorry for all of that. Seems everyone got taken out of the normal because of everything that happened.


Abigail Marston: Im not as concerned at the moment of why it happened, more concerned about why it took us so long to even talk about what you did while you were gone.


John Marston: I know. Didn’t tell you what happened and the trouble I got in while I was away until last night. Point is though….I don’t think it would’ve mattered had we nevered talked about it. If we had just forgot it happened and lived the rest of our life just being happy we were together again. Thats all that matters.


Abigail Marston: We can’t just forget it happened John. It happened.


John Marston: We forgot about the past. The gang.


Abigail Marston: We didn’t. We just don’t talk about it.


John Marston: Then I guess we just don’t have to talk about what we just had to go through.


Abigail chuckles.


Abigail Marston: Its so simple as that isn’t it?


John kisses the top of Abigail’s head.


John Marston: Come on, we don’t gotta talk about this now.


Later we…


  1. Cut to later that night as John and Jack sit in the living room.

  2. We cut to later after lunch as John works on the farm

  3. We cut to the family eating lunch

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Oh yes I am excited for this! I hope it turns out really well!





  1. Cut to later that night as John and Jack sit in the living room.



As a fire burns in the fireplace, John sits on the long chair relaxing. Its nighttime, but the sky is clear and there is hundreds of stars.

Uncle sits at the table drinking something, while Abigail is elsewhere in the house cleaning. Jack sits on the floor next to the fireplace reading his book. John looks over at Jack.


John: Hows the book boy?


Jack: What sir?


Jack looks up at his father.


John: Hows your book going?


Jack: Uh...pretty good. I like it atleast. Don't know if it would be something your type though.


John: Well let me hear. If you like it then there's still always the chance I will.


Jack: Well...


Jack puts the book down as he turns towards his father.


Jack: Story follows a man who works on a slave plantation in the early 1800s. Then he joins a small rebellion on the plantation that leads to him killing the property owner. So now he runs off in hiding as the onwers son who now owns the plantation and runs the guard force are trying to hunt down the man and kill him in revenge for what he did. Im already near the end. I couldn't put the book down. Its filled with such a rich story and group of characters.


John: Sounds like its got your attention for sure.


Jack: It does indeed sir.


John: I guess it is nice when the governess isn't here. More time to read and do other things you enjoy.


Jack: Well usually I don't have the governess here teaching me during the summer season. Which it seems like we are getting around to at the moment.


John: Yeah you got lucky. A few months off early. When I had to go away.


Jack: Was it really a good thing going away all that time?


John: Well....I ain't sure. I just know your mom said they gave you things to do you enjoyed or atleast fit your personality so I am glad nothing bad happened to you.


Jack: Yeah i mean they let me hear a few stories from them. Had a few games to play and there were other people who were nice. It was just kinda rough needing to stay near the guards or in their sight. Sometimes everything would feel tense for hours.


John: Look Im sorry that had to happen son. If I could of made a choice to stay here I would of taken it. Just know it wasn't your fault.


Jack: Then what was it all about?


John: Just had to handle old business. Stuff that needed to be done. But its over now. Everythings gonna be fine again.


Uncle: Yeah so he can piss on me for trying to relax.


John and Jack look over at Uncle at the table.


John: Relax? You been relaxing for the past three decades old man.


Jack laughs to himself.


Abigail walks out from the hallway.


Abigail: Alright gentlemen, its late. I believe its time for us to get some sleep.


John: Yeah she's probably right.


John gets up and so does Jack as he closes his book.


John: Night son. Don't stay up too late reading.


John heads to his room.


We then cut to...


(1) The next day as John eats breakfast.

(2) Jack in the morning working on his chores.

(3) The middle of the night as John and Abigail sleep, John wakes up to hear a knock on the door.

Edited by ADisantis
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"Am I really out of the life?"


John expelled a tired sigh as he laid awake in his bed. For a long time, all he had known was being an outlaw. Living outside the boundary of civilization. Robbing, killing and running was the cycle he was accustomed too, and it led him here. His mentor's gone, and so are the rest of his "brothers", You don't forget those kinds of bonds. He grew up with all them guys, and now they're all in ground, all on his behalf.


John took another breath, and closed his eyes.


John's eyes snapped open a few hours later as he heard a few sharp raps echo throughout his abode.


"Who could that be at this time of night?" Abigail mumbled.


John stood up, and quickly peered out from their window. Through the darkness, he spotted a carriage, with a man holding the reigns. Feeling that old familiar feeling hitting his gut, he quickly grabbed his Double-Action Revolver. "I don't know, but this ain't right. Stay here, girl."


John exited their bedroom and closed the door softly. Creeping towards their front door, John thumbed back the revolver's hammer and saw Jack's face poking out from his door.


"Pa, what's goin' on?"


"Stay in your room, Jack." Marston said softly as he continued on towards the door. Finally approaching it, he took another breath, readied his revolver and opened it with his left hand slowly.


"Mr. Marston?"


John furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the man standing in his doorway. He was wearing a bowler hat, with a three piece suit. In the darkness of his porch, he could vaguely make out his facial features.


"Marston, it's Archer. Archer Fordham."


John tensed up, but kept his revolver hidden behind the door.


"What'chu doin' here?"


Archer pulled down on the brim of his bowler hat.


"We need to talk Marston, privately."


John shook his head. "Not until you tell me what's this about."


Archer stared at John for a little while longer, before eventually nodding. "This is strictly off the record. Ross wants you gone, John."


"Gone?" John squeezed the revolver's grip."What the hell do you mean?"


"He's tying up loose ends, and you're the last piece."


John glared at Archer. He imagined revealing his revolver to him, and pulling the trigger. "Then why hasn't he acted on it yet?"


"He's going through the motions. Getting the approval, then the resources. He's not a stupid man, John. He knows what you're capable of."


John shook his head slowly. "Why are you tellin' me this, Fordham? Just what are you tryin' to pull?"


"I'm doing my job, John. I'm here to help you. If I wasn't, I'd be here with half of the U.S Army on your doorstep."


"Damn it. Fine."


"Alright, I need you to come with me John. I need you to meet a few more people. This ain't going to be easy."


What does John do?
1) Shoots Archer in the back as he's walking back to his carriage. Noticing this, the carriage driver starts riding off into the night.

2) Gets dressed in his usual farmer get-up and leaves with Archer to a make-shift camp somewhere in Tall Trees.

3) John suddenly decides he doesn't trust Archer and refuses his proposal, then decides to go back to sleep.

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John Marston: How do I know you ain't playing a game friend?


Archer Fordham: I am not playing a game. I just told you I am here to help.


John Marston: Way I remembered it...you respected Ross....trusted him. I don't think in only a week you change all that.


Archer Fordham: No doubt you and me havn't always been friends. But I see something I didn't see before partner. Now I am making things right.


John Marston: I think I am going to go back to sleep.


John turns to leave.


Archer Fordham: Wait!


John turns back and faces Archer.


Archer Fordham: I ain't joking about the Army being on your doorstep. Governor Nate Johns....before he became Governor he made fame in politics by getting involved with our agency. Made new policies that helped grow our power. Ross considered Nate Johns valuable for it and has tried to get on his good side. Now since becoming Governor Ross has used Johns to pull strings, get stuff done. That why I am saying he is going through the motions. He has spoken to me about wanting you dead for some time.


John Marston: But I did what you asked. And now your back screwing with my life.


Archer Fordham: Mr. Marston...


John Marston: Just leave me and my family alone!


Archer Fordham: John! I swear my intentions are pure.


John Marston: You helped the old man kidnap my family. Why the hell will I trust you?


Archer Fordham: Because....I did think you needed to be punished for your crimes. Then after you dealt with your old gang, I came to respect you more then I used to. I finally saw your intentions and...point is I accepted you were a better man and you deserve to be with your family. Now Ross thinks even you need to die. He has spoken to me about it. I tried to tell him it was wrong. Doesn't matter. He intends to speak with Nate Johns about what he needs, and if word gets out and too many people get involved...then your as good as dead.


John Marston: So what are you planning?


Archer Fordham: To take Ross down before to many people get involved in this plan of his. Look I thought I knew Ross as a great man. But now I see this power its...twisted his morals, and he carries his job the wrong way. He hurts more people then he does them good. I see that now. After you, and now seeing he wants you dead after that wild task he sent you on. I know now he isn't who he was. He needs to be stopped to not just save you but also others he has and will hurt.


John stares at Archer.


Archer Fordham: Please....I am not trying to trick you. This is serious. I got some allies that could help us. There is meeting between us at a cabin in Auroara Basin. Meet us there tomorrow at sundown. We need your help to stop him before things get to out of hand.


John sighs.


John Marston: Okay. If I find out though that you are just trying to suck me back into your games and sh*t again...I will make you regret it.


Archer Fordham: Good thing I am friend...not foe.


Archer turns to leave and John sees him off.


The next morning...


(1) John is working on his farm

(2) John talks to Uncle

(3) John eats while Abigail approaches him.

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As Abigail cleans the kitchen from breakfast, John walks by.


Abigail: Going out to work the land John?


John: What? Oh yeah yes.


Abigail: Okay. I will be inside here.


John: Yeah most likley making more rat meat stew.


Abigail: I have you know you love my cooking so don't even talk.


John laughs as he heads onto the porch outside. As he stands on the porch, John looks and see's Uncle near the barn chopping wood. He starts walking over.


As John makes it over to him, he raises his hand and calls out.


John: Uncle! Hey Uncle!


Uncle lowers his axe as he yawns.


Uncle: Hey John. Something wrong?


John: Yeah....


John looks around before he gets closer to Uncle. He begins speaking to him in a lower tone.


John: There is something going on. With those Government agents.


Uncle: The ones who had you go away all that time?


John: Yes.


John sighs.


John: Look one of them. Archer Fordham....he came to the house last night.


Uncle: Why?


John: Because he wants to help me. By pretty much helping him.


Uncle: In what way?


John: The older agent. Edgar Ross. He....he wants....he wants to kill me.


Uncle shocked, raises his voice suddenly.


Uncle: What!!?


John raises his hands to signal for Uncle to be quiet.


John: Dammit Old man! I ain't tryin to let Jack and Abigail know. Atleast not yet. I ain't really think about that part yet. Point is Ross wants me gone and Archer doesn't exactly want that to happen. Guess even he has finally realized he is an asshole. He came and he has some meeting planned with others. Has a plan to shut Ross down before his plan to have me killed goes into full effect and to many people get involved. I am meeting Fordham tonight.


Uncle: John you realize this could be some trap right? They might be spinning your mind around to just end up putting a bullet in it.


John: Look I need to figure out what this is. Sure I ain't exactly like Fordham either. I still would say he has atleast some dignity compared to Ross. I just have to see for myself.


Uncle: And if this goes wrong?


John: If...and thats only if. Well, we will worry about it when that time comes. For now keep this quiet. Don't let Abigail or Jack know. Please.


Uncle: Why you tell me?


John: Need you to keep a lookout. Be my extra set of eyes in case any trouble does show up.


Uncle nods at John.


Uncle: Alright. I will.


John: But take this seriously old man. There's a lot of things your lazy at, but this situation....is serious and is a matter of life and death.


Uncle: I know...I know....I promise I will do what it takes to help out John. I will keep an eye out and alert you if anything happens.


John: Alright. Okay.




(1) Uncle continues to speak with John on the situation.

(2) We cut to John leaving for the meeting with Archer.

(3) We cut to John working on the farm, when Jack comes to ask him something.

(4) We cut to Archer with the others waiting for John at Auroara Basin.

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Option 2 ( Even though technially if I picked option 4, the same thing still would've happen, and I kinda incorporated option 3 in there)


As the sunsets on the farm, we see Jack sitting against the barn as he reads a book. His face grows with excitement at a page he reads. He then notices his father John unhitching his horse near him.


Jack) Goin somehwere Pa?


John) Gonna take a trip to Manzanita. Got some things I plan to sell from my recent hunting trip. Hoping to make some good money for us. We ain't gonna get back to getting good pay from the farm till things get back on track. Especially after Uncle screwed things over while we was away.


Jack) Oh why don't I come Pa?


John) Wouldn't you wanna read your book for now?


John mounts up on his horse.


Jack) Sure but...you been getting me real into hunting after those two trips you took me on.


John laughs at his sons enthusiasm.


John) Im just goin to sell some things. Then bring the money back. Might be awhile its usually around this time its get busy after hunters come by to sell after their long day of hunting.


Jack) Well I mean...I guess that makes sense.


Seeing his son's disappointment, John decides to cheer him up.


John) Hey tell you what, I will take you on a hunting trip. One you ain't even been on yet.


Jack) Really?


John) We will head up to some big frontier land, and perhaps we will set up camp. Spend a few days hunting and getting a hold of some nice game. How does that sound boy?


Jack's eyes lighten up with his teenage excitement.


Jack) Boy Pa I think that will be a great plan! I would love to do that.


John smiles as he gets ready to leave.


John) Alright. Now go ahead and get ready for dinner. I might be back late so take care of things while I am gone.


Jack) Alright sir.


Jack waves as he see's his father off.


Some time later....

In Auroara Basin, surrounded by trees the sky grows darker. John arrives next to a lit, large cabin. He takes his horse up to the hitchpost and dismounts. He looks around as he hitches his horse.


John) Alright boy, stay put.


Petting the horse, John starts to walk towards the cabin door. He notices the carriage from last night parked near by. Next to two other hitched horses at the second hitching post.

John grips his holstered Double Action revolver as he knocks on the cabin door.

He waits for a few moments as silence passes by. Suddenly the door opens a peak as Archer looks out.


Archer) Marston.....you finally made it.


Archer opens the door all the way, letting John in. John still grips his holstered gun as he walks in. Archer cloes the door behind him and walks ahead of John to the table in the middle of the room.


Archer) Marston, please take a seat.


John see's three other men in sit around the table. Two wear suits, the other a senior officer of Blackwater Uniform. Archer sits down while John hesitates.


Archer) Its alright John....we are all friends here.


John sits down.


John) Mutual acquaintances.


Archer: Alright....welcome Mr. Marston. Please meet these fine fellows. All Agents from the Bureau of Investigation in Blackwater. Agent Howard Sawicki, Agent Morris Fulton, and high ranking Officer Benton Manning.


John) I know Sawicki....when I returned from Mexico....he was counting coins or something.....and Manning, you me and some other lawman tried to kill Dutch back during his bank robbery.


Manning) Pleased to see you again Marston.


Archer) You see these men, they also agree Ross has become a man who simply does takes down crime for the benefits he and other higher powers receive. Not for the people. They are willing to help bring him down. Definitly before he has you killed.


John) So then whats our plan?


Archer) Well the only people Edgar Ross told the plan to have you killed was me, and he is trying to get help from Governor Nate Johns like I said before, trying to get the resources he needs from his supposed "friend".


Fulton) And we need to stop him before anyone else is brought in to help with the plot against you.


John) So its just a matter of how we do it.


Archer) Right...




1. John states he still has doubts about Archer being truthful.

2. Sawicki suggest a plan to kill Ross.

3. We see a fourth helper arrive.


(By the way...Fulton is the only made up character here so far. Sawicki and Manning are in the game. Though minor characters)

Edited by JimDixon
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First off, Happy Holidays to anyone who might celebrate here!




Sawicki: Listen...I think I got exactly what we need.


The rest of the group lean in to hear Sawicki. He folds his hands and clears his throat before he begins speaking.


Sawicki: Ross will be most liley meeting with Governor Johns to discuss getting the things and stuff he might need for the plot to have Marston killed. Where and when this meeting will take place, I don't know. Thats why we need to figure out when this will occur.


Archer Fordham: You suggest we kill Ross at this meeting? I should remind you he will be meeting a state Governor right? And it will be over very confidential information. No doubt high security.


Fulton: Yes but who will also be attending this meeting?


Sawicki: My point exactly. Look Edgar Ross thinks the man he trusts the most in the agency, his own partner, Archer Fordham, will be fully in support with Ross on this killing Marston thing.


Archer Fordham: Well I have already tried talking him out of it. Then again maybe not in a convincing way so I guess then he might still think I will be on his side.


Manning: I see. Archer will be attending this meeting, which allows us to have a man close enough to Ross that-


Sawicki: We could set a trap. Perhaps lead him into a trap where we can kill him on the way to the meeting.


John Marston: Okay...what about the body? Will we leave him there, or hide him so he is reported missing? Governor Johns is in close contact with him right? Don't you think him going missing right before a very important meeting will make Nate Johns curious enough to look into this?


Archer Fordham: Nate Johns is too wrapped up into himself and his recent growth in power. I don't think he will care much about Ross.


Manning: Then again we don't know that for sure.


Fulton: Gotta take a chance.


Sawicki: Perhaps we should hide the body. Make the scene look like an ambush. Perhaps we could say the attackers took Ross, but Archer fought them off and escaped. Blame some native tribe or describe a make up a group of Native Savages that attack. Considering the way things are society people will believe it.


John Marston: So the plan is on the way to this meeting with Nate Johns, Archer will take Ross to some location we're once they arrive, we ambush and kill Ross. Then blame it on some made up Native group or whatever?


Fulton: Thats the main dish of it. Lets talk about the sides.




(1) The group decide to go with this plan and start discussing details on the ambush and aftermath

(2) Some people still disagree with this idea

(3) We see a fourth helper arrive (I honestly couldn't think of a third option that wouldn't cause us to leave this scene)

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Oh yes! Happy Holidays to you too!




Fulton: Thats the main dish of it. Lets talk about the sides.


Lmao!! Very interesting line.




(1) The group decide to go with this plan and start discussing details on the ambush and aftermath



Sawicki) Yeah, I think we can all agree this is it. Like Fulton said we need to now discuss in detail how it will play out.


John, Manning, Fordham, and Fulton all look at eachother. Thinking if this is the final decision.


Archer) Are we good on this?


Manning) Do we really have any other good chance?


Fulton looks at Archer and nods.


Fulton) This is it. We need to do this. This is how we can.


Archer looks at everyone. He then takes a moments look at John to see if he is okay with this. John gives a slight nod to show he is willing to commit to this. Archer then looks at Sawicki.


Archer) Alright. This is it. We are doing this.


Sawicki) Alright. Now here's how I am thinking it should go down. Once Ross has arranged a meeting Nate Johns, Fordham here is gonna inform us of the location. We will set up an ambush scene on the route towards the meeting. Archer you need to get him to on the way, head down where ever it is we are set up and hiding at. Once there, he is gonna be killed by us. Then we need to dump the body off wherever we can.


Manning: I got a rowboat. I'll take it wrapped up and out over the lake. Drop him in there. Gone for good.


Fulton: While we set it up as a Native American Savage ambush. Archer will have seemingly got away, and poor Edgar Ross taken captive.


Archer) Considering everything will be fake. The search to "find" Ross will eventually fail and he will be considered dead. Gone for good.


Sawicki) No one will suspect a coup, and Nate Johns won't be too curious to look into the situation.


John) Then all should be good. If thats the plan, then lets get things moving in motion.


Archer stands up and puts on his bowler hat.


Archer) Imma figure out the details of a meeting Ross might set up with Nate Johns. Once I have the information on where, and the route we plan to take to it....then all should be good. I'll arrange for one of you guys to meet me in Blackwater to pass on the details and a formal plan of attack during the ambush can be figured out.


Sawicki) Alright, but find out soon.


Archer) You can count on me. Gentlemen...


Archer looks at John and smiles.


Archer) Mr. Marston.


John raises his hand as a sign of goodbye, while Archer leaves the cabin.


Fulton: Alright. Good we could settle this all easily. Marston we intend to be in touch with you. One of us will visit when Archer gets those details for us, so we can get you informed of whats gonna happen.


John stands up as he prepares to leave too.


John) Good. Just make sure you gentlemen don't bring trouble with you when you do come.


Manning) No worries Mr Marston. The point of this whole thing, is too prevent anymore trouble coming after you.


John nods.


John) Then lets hope that happens.


John opens the door, exits, and shuts the door behind him as he leaves.


What happens next?


1. We cut to Archer in blackwater a few days later, when Fulton comes to meet him

2. We cut ot John working on his farm

3. We cut to Archer and Ross in their office in Blackwater, talking

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Its been two days since the meeting in Auroara Basin.


Archer leans forword on the railing on the docks, looking down into the lake next to Blackwater. He is silent and lost in thoughts. Suddenly another Agent joins him. He stands next to Archer and also leans forword on the dock railing. Looking into the lake.


Its Fulton.


Archer Fordham: Hey.


Agent Fulton: One of our clerks said you wanted to meet with me.


Archer Fordham: I got what we need.


Agent Fulton: On what?


Archer Fordham: On Ross. Him and a messenger of Nate Johns were going back and forth yesterday and the day before. He was telling me about it. Plans to meet with him.


Agent Fulton: Whe? Where?


Archer Fordham: He said him and me are to head to Bear Claw Cabin tomorrow. Johns will be sending a representative there to meet us on his behalf. Supposedly this guy is very well trusted by Johns and Edgar feels safe enough to speak with him about the plans with Marston. So that he can relay it towards Johns at wherever he spends his time at.


Agent Fulton chuckles.


Agent Fulton: Coward can't even show his face in public. No doubt he is one aweful man that somehow got Gods mercy, and was prety much handed the position of Governor.


Archer looks at Fulton.


Archer Fordham: I mapped out our route, and pinpointed a perfect spot to set up the ambush.


Archer hands Fulton a small folded map. He attempts to open it, but is stopped by Archer, who lectures him in a low voiced tone.


Archer Fordham: Don't let anyone see that! Its our one shot o take down this old fool. Listen just follow the trail I wrote on the map that shows where I will drive to. I marked where you guys need to hide, and once Im out of the automobile we are taking.....take your shot at Ross. Make sure you keep certain people on look out job to incase anyone shows up.


Fulton pouts the small folded map away in his front pocket, and smiles at Archer.


Agent Fulton: Don't worry Agent Fordham....this operation is in good hands. We will succeed.


Archer Fordham: I hope your right.


Fulton turns and leaves. Archer sighs and looks back out on the lake.


We then next see...


(1) Archer think back to his earlier days with Ross

(2) Follow John back on his farm before the mission

(3) Cut to the mission taking place

(4) Follow Ross and Archer before they leave for the meeting

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Lemoyne outlaw

i like this idea. hopefully it will do better than last time.








it was almost time. archer and ross were in the office getting ready. archer was nervous. he was hoping that this plan would finally put a stop to ross once and for all. he had his guns. and everyone was informed. now all that had to be done was drive to the spot and a piece of lead will finish him.




ross: are you ready to go to the meet fordham?


archer: yes sir.


ross: dont forget our bolt action riflle. just in case we encounter a bear or cougar.




archer got the rifle and they went downstairs into the automobile. he loved driving it. and he was considered the best horseless carriage driver in all of west elizabeth. not that there were many people that owned cars here. in fact only two other people in the county owned automobiles. as archer was driving he noticed how nice the scenery was. he saw a couple buffalo. some deer. he was having good thoughts until ross broke the silence.



ross: so have you gotten over the fact that marston is gonna die? in fact if this meeting goes well hopefully it will be next week.


archer: well im still not a fan of the idea but i wont go against you over it.


ross: oh really? thats funny. because fulton says otherwise. he told me all about your little scheme. its over fordham. you cant stop me.


archer was shocked. fulton betrayed him. this whole time it was a set up. archer immediately tried to draw his gun. but as soon as he moved an inch ross shot hm with a derringer. he had the gun on him the entire drive. he shot archer in the hand and in the chest. but luckily for archer derringer bullets are weaker than bigger guns. but he was still in pain and couldent do anything. the automobile stopped. he threw archer in the back and continued driving. archer was still conscious but barely. he could die of blood loss soon. in the corner of his eye he saw the other three men ride up to the vehicle.



archer: how could you fulton? i thought we were friends. why would you lie?


fulton: sorry but i need money. and we made a deal.


archer: yea but i thought you hated him like i did.


fulton: i dont care all i care about is that i have money to party at the saloon with.


ross: well fordham i hope it was worth it. you wasted your whole life just to fail so miserably. so im going to drop you off right here. maybe if your lucky marston will find you. but just know even if you survive you arent getting off scott free. i already had your daughter taken. who knows if you will ever see her again. anyways we are off to meet the governer. goodbye fordham the traitor.



as they pushed him out of the vehicle. the last thing he saw was ross and his men laughing.



the next thing that happened was...



1. we cut to john hearing the gunshots running to them.

2. we follow ross and his cronies.

3. someone rides by archer and stops to look at him.

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Well! I didn't expect that sh*t to happen haha.




Archer expelled a long, shaky breath as he watched the darkness consume the forest around him.


There will be hell to pay...


Leaning on his side, Archer clutched his chest wound and groaned. The Derringer he was shot with was a Colt Thuer model, which as far he knew, was chambered in .41 Rimfire. For what it was worth, Archer figured he was lucky that he was shot in close quarters because the bullet had a clean entry/exit through his body.


sh*t.. If I'm still concious, I guess the bullet didn't pierce any of my organs ..atleast any of the important ones


Archer formed a tired smirk as he was looking for a positive side to this mess.


Maybe I deserved this...


A deep sense of regret swarmed over Archer as he thought about Ross. He was the man who brought him into the fold with the Bureau of Investigation after all. Ross took Archer under his wing and showed him the ropes. Taught him stuff you wouldn't learn any other way. The feel of the country side, what might be trouble and what's not. What you had to enforce and what you could let slide. When you had to go by the book, when you didn't even have to open it; that kind of stuff. The man pushed boundaries, progressing was possible. Evident by the FN Model 03 he tucked in his holster, and the Ford Model T they rode.


Archer took another deep breath, and slowly closed his eyes. He knew he was fading, but he wasn't in any position to help himself. Archer's head slowly started to hang before he noticed the familiar sound of a horse galloping off in the distance. Feeling his heart rate pick back up, he lifted his gaze and saw someone on a Hungarian Half-Bred approaching him, evident by the lantern that was mounted on the side of the horse. Coming to a halt, Archer tried to lock eyes with the figure, but the darkness masked their face as they jumped off their horse. Grabbing hold of the lantern, the figure peeled back their hood and slowly approached Archer with their hand on their holster.


"What's a man like you doing slumped on the side of the road like this?"


Even with their hood down, Archer still couldn't make out their face in the darkness but knew they were female, judging by their voice. As the figure came closer, they saw Archer's blood stained hands as he tried to cover up his bullet wound.


"sh*t, well that figures."


Archer tried to gather enough moisture in his mouth to respond to her, but all that came out was a weak groan. The figure stared at Archer for a few more seconds before sighing and looking down both sides of the road. Seeing darkness, and only hearing the howling of the wind, the woman cussed quietly. Looking back at Archer, she sighed


"Thieves Landing isn't too far from here, stranger. Maybe we could get you some help over there."


Archer nodded his head slowly, and extended his arm out towards the woman. Grabbing her hand, she helped him up and guided Archer towards her horse. As they both mounted the Hungarian Half-Breed, they galloped off into the night.


What Next?

1) We stick with the mysterious woman and Archer as they arrive at Thieves' Landing, paying a visit to Francis Gallagher, the general practitioner of the area.

2) We cut to John back on his farm as he's sharing a bottle of rye with Abigail and Uncle.

3) We cut to Benton Manning as he's cleaning his horse "Abraham" when he's suddenly approached by Howard Sawicki.

4) We cut to Morris Fulton as he's already in Thieves' Landing, trying to pull some moves on a prostitute at the Dixie Rose Brothel.

5) We cut to Edgar Ross as he's back at his office in Blackwater, trying to convince himself that shooting Archer and leaving him for dead was the right choice.

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Hey Confederatestatesgta. Glad to see you here working on this thread after the previous chain story.


I gotta say fallcreek I love reading your posts, on these chain stories. So much detail into them!







As the sun begins to set, John sits drinking rye with Uncle and Abigail.


Uncle: I must say John this drink is amazing.


John Marston: Any whiskey to you is amazing.


Abigail chuckles at Johns comment.

Suddenly, a knock is heard on the door. John gets up and answers it as Abigail and Uncle talk.


At the door, John slowly opens and see's its manning.


John Marston: Officer Manning...


Manning: John, me and Sawicki are waiting outside. Its time to head to the ambush sight.


John Marston: Right. Let Im coming.


John then walks back to the dinner table, where he speaks with Abigail and Uncle.


John Marston: Abigail darling...I will be right back.


Abigail Marston: Okay John. Don't get yourself killed!


Abigail chuckles, while John leaves and walks with Manning to the horses.


Manning: So your family okay with this?


John Marston: No. Only one person knows about this Edgar Ross situation. My wife, I got her a little drunk so she won't be able to figure out where I am going and whats happening. She doesn't need to stress about me anymore. So I am trying to keep this secret. My son never really pays attention to me so its don't matter he won't notice I am gone.


Manning: What you use on your wife?


John Marston: Rye.


Manning chuckles as him, and John mount up on the horses with Sawicki.


Sawicki: Come on.... we gotta get to the ambush scene.


The three men ride off. Leaving Beechers Hope and into the Great Plains.


Manning: Fulton went over the map plan Archer gave him. When we get there, we will explain how everything is going down Marston.


John Marston: As long as we finish this. Put a stop to the whole damn situation with Ross. So I don't have to keep pulling this trigger anymore.


The men proceed riding on.


After a few minutes, they turn down a trail in the field, towards a tree. As they near the tree, they noticed a parked automobile.


Sawicki: I thought Fulton was gonna use his horse to get here.


The three men slow down their horses as they arrive at the tree and automobile. They stop and slowly dismount in silence.


Manning: Fulton...you here?


The three men look around.


Suddenly, Fulton alongside three Government Agents pop out from cover. Aiming at John, Sawicki, and Manning. The three in return all aim their revolvers at Fulton and his boys.


Sawicki: What the hell is this?


Fulton: You know.....great men are not always wise.


John Marston: I thought we had a plan here.


Edgar Ross: You did.


John, Sawicki, and Manning turn their head towards the tree, where Ross casually walks out from behind. Revealing himself with a smile.


Edgar Ross: Whats the last thing I said to you John...after we finished with Dutch. Oh it was : Stay out of trouble", and look what your got yourself into now Mr. Marston.


John Marston:......You were gonna kill me.


Edgar Ross: I was. I planned to meet with a representative of Governor Nate Johns...get an agreement from him to plan an all out asault on your little scrabble ranch. Have you killed. However faithful Agent Fulton here revealed all he could to me. Said you had a plan organized by my own Archer Fordham. A plan to kill me before this plan could occur.


Sawicki: Where is he?!


Edgar Ross: Dying somehwere on the side of the road.


The three men look at Ross with anger.


Edgar Ross: Now...here is how things work. I am taking Sawicki and Manning in under arrest. Marston...considered you are outgunned, I think I shouldn't waste time having you killed right now.


John Marston: Try.


Ross laughs as he uses his hand to signl the agents. Suddenly then...


Manning shoots two of the three agents, allowing them to be killed, but Fulton reacts and shoots Fulton in the chest. The sudden chaos gves John and Sawicki a chance to dive behind the automobile and take cover. Ross, and Fulton, and the last agent open fire at them.


Edgar Ross: Dammit!


The two sides proceed in a gunfight. Edgar then signals for them to retreat.


Edgar Ross: Go! We need to leave!


Fulton: But sir! We can finish this!


Edgar Ross: No! Marston is too skilled and I ain't risking nothing!


Fulton: But Ross we have to keep this underwraps! We can't go back and get more agents or things will look fishy!


Edgar Ross: I will deal with it! Just lets go!


Fulton keeps Ross and the other agent cover as they mount up on some of the horses. They start riding away. Fulton attempts to escape too, but the lone man is shot down by John and Sawicki.


John Marston: sh*t!


John and Sawicki run up to the injured Fulton. They then look out into the distance, and see Ross and the second agent have escaped.




(1) Sawicki and John head oer to the injured and dying Manning.

(2) Interogate the injured Fulton

(3) Get into an argument over the situation

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Option 1 ( Even though this is kinda 2 and 1 combined)


John) Check on Manning. I got this idiot.


Sawicki rushes over to the injured, passed out Manning. John grips up the injured Fulton by his shirt collar. He speaks to him in a vicious voice.


John) What the hell did you do this for?


Fulton spits blood into John's face. John wipes it off and punches Fulton straight in the face.


Sawicki tries to wrap up Manning's wound. Then notices he ain't breathing.


Sawicki) Son of bitch he ain't breathen!


Sawicki attempts to save Manning, while John punches Fulton.


John) Where is Ross going?


Fulton) He will speak with Nate Johns. Perhaps he can't let the agency know about this incident...it will cause too much suspicion into him. But he will speak with Johns...and get the men he can use to kill you fools. He will.


John throws Fulton to the ground. Fulton starts coughing on his own blood.

John walks over to Sawicki who lowers Manning's body.


Sawicki) He's gone.


John sighs. The two look down in silence.


Sawicki) I can't go back. Not to Blackwater. Maybe he has to keep this situation quiet but he will no doubt figure out how to lock me up without this getting out. Now that he knows I am in on it.


John) Look only him, his extra agent who escaped, and whoever he speaks to with Nate Johns are the only ones who are gonna know about this, and the plan to kill me....means we just need to take down Ross and his agent before he speak with the Governor.


Sawicki) How do we know who and where he is gonna meet with?


John and Sawicki look at Fulton. They both walk over to him, and Sawicki sits him up. Allowing him to stop coughing.


John) You wanna live? You want help.


Fulton) Go to hell.


Sawicki) Interesting....cause we are the only ones who should be able to help you. Or else we could leave you here to die.


Fulton looks at the two with anger.


John) You ain't got much of a choice but to agree friend.


Fulton sighs.


Fulton) What you want in return?


Sawicki) We need you too tell us who Ross is meeting with. The contact between him and Nate Johns.


Fulton) Clark Miles.....a representative of Governor Nate Johns. Lives up in a cabin in Dade County north of us in the woods. Near the only lake in the county in these woods. Thats where he might meet with him at.


Sawicki) Thanks.


Sawicki pulls out his revolver, puts it to the side of Fulton's head, and shoots. Killing him.


Sawicki throws the corpse down and stands up.

John looks at Sawicki. Sawicki looks back at John. They stare at eachother.


Sawicki) What? Man betrayed us. Can't be trusted.


John) Whatever.


Sawicki) So what do we do now?


John) We need to get after this Clark. Take him down. Perhaps camp out near his home now that we know where it is. Wait for Ross to show up there. Then take em all out at once. End this crap.


Sawicki) Leave tomorrow. We need to.


John) Alright...what about Fordham?


Sawicki) I will look around for him. If I ain't able to find him, then he might've got away and is safe. If I find him, then still good. If I find him dead, leave his body.


John) Leave the body?


Sawicki) Yeah. Just like with Mannings. Perhaps when people are sent up to the scene and see this mess, hoepfully it will bite Ross in the ass or whatever and give us an advantage.


John looks at Manning's corpse.


John) I guess. But it don't feel right.




1. We cut to Archer waking up in the Thieves Landing doctors office

2. We cut to Roos with his agent in Balckwater

3. We cut to John at his farm the next day

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The sunrises, and the early birds can be heard. Its peace amongst the land.


Jack sits in the living room, reading his book. He see's Uncle who sits at the table still eating his breakfast.


Abigail moves about the kitchen cleaning supplies she used to make food. John is in his and Abigail's room, packing a bag.


He puts a few bullets into his filled bag, then closes it up.

Abigail enters the room, and John sits on the bed putting his boots on. Abigail speaks to him.


Abigail: My head is still spinnin after that rye you had me and Uncle drink. I can't even remember most of last night.


John chuckles to himself.


Abigail: What is it?


John: Nothin.


John finishes putting on his boots, and Abigail sits next to him.


Abigail: So you sure you need to go on this few day hunting trip? And all alone?


John: I know I brought up the idea short notice, but I think I should be able to catch somethings and sell it for good price.


Abigail: Well we could use the money. But Jack is upset cause you said him and you would go on a few day hunting trip, and now your going alone.


John: Well the idea came late, and I don't have time to factor him in on the plan. Look I intend to take him on the very next trip I go. One that'll be even better then the one I am heading on to now.


Abigail sighs as John stands up and picks up his bag.


Abigail: The boy has already been dealing without his father around. I thought things would be better after you returned.


John: I promise it will. I just need to get us some extra dollars in our pockets before we can fully enjoy anything. Look I am gonna pack this bag up on the horse. I gotta leave soon.


John leaves. Abigail remains on the bed a little annoyed John won't talk with her more.


Outside, John packs the bag up on the horses mount. He then unhitches the horse and starts walking it to the house. As he does this, Uncle runs and joins him.


Uncle: Listen John...I ain't sure this is a good idea. Abigail...Jack...they will find out at some point all the mess your in. I can only keep an eye out around here to help protect the place, but not prevent your family from finding out the truth.


John: If they knew the truth...then we be back to how things were while I was gone. I need them to finally have a easy life, and so I need to keep this situation secret. I can handle it and put a stop to Ross. And no one will need to worry.


John and Uncle make it to the house.

John and Uncle look at eachother with serious faces.


John: Just promise me old man that if anything happens while I am gone fixing this mess....you be ready to protect them. Promise me.


Uncle: Dammit John I know I ain't the best person in your mind, but give me credit I will do anything to keep you guys safe.


John looks at Uncle.


John: I hope you really are.


John heads inside, while Uncle stays, looking off into the distance in frustration.


Inside, John approaches Jack in the living room.


John: Hey son...I am leaving for the trip. So just make sure you help out and do your chores.


Jack lowers his book and looks at John.


Jack: Alright sir. I can handle it.


Jack looks down as if disappointed. John puts his hand on Jack's shoulder.


John: Look son...I promise the next long trip I take, I will have you along with me. This time its just....different.


Jack: Yeah Pa I understand.


John rubs Jack's head as he stands up.


Outside later, Abigail, Jack, and Uncle stand on the porch, watching and waving as John takes off on his horse.


We then cut to...


1) John meeting Sawicki on the road

2) Archer at the doctors in thieves landing

3) Ross with his Agent in Blackwater.

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Option 1


John rode his horse through Great Plains. Towards the mountains and forest of Tall Trees. He see's a man on his horse in the distance. Its Sawicki on his horse. John slowly makes his way up and joins him.


Sawicki) Good to see you Mr. Marston.


John) Agent Sawicki.


Sawicki and John start moving on thier horses through the rode, leading them into Tall Trees.


Sawicki) Straight shot through this trail. We'll come out of the forest in Dade County. Atleast three hours.


John) Then we head into the other forest within the county. Near the lake. That's where this Clark Miles man will be right?


Sawicki) Yep. Wait for Ross to show up there. Then use this opportunity to tie up all loose ends. Kill all of them


John and Sawicki proceed on the trail.


John) Anyone find the scene from yesterday?


Sawicki) A passerbye saw Manning and Fulton's bodies. Alerted Blackwater authorities. The police came, took the bodies, and began an investigation. That's what I heard. I stayed at my home outside town. Can't let Ross or that Agent that escaped with him see me. Luckily I have a good amount of days off.


John) Find Archer?


Sawicki) No. If Ross really did leave him to die like he said, then he got away somehwere, and we will have to comeback when its safer, after dealing with Ross, to find Fordham again.


John) It feels wrong. He could be in trouble. He deserves the credit for telling me about what Ross was doing. Puttting this team together to stop him. Even if the original plan failed.


Sawicki) He is alright. He is an honorable man. He will be fine. You'll see once we are done with Clark, Ross, and anyone else we need to deal with.


John) Yeah...


We then...


(1) Cut to John and Sawicki making it to their destination.

(2) Cut to Archer waking up in Thieves Landing at the Doctors

(3) Cut to Ross as he leaves with his agent friend to Clark's

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At the same time as John leaves home and meets with Sawicki, all the way in Thieves Landing Archer lays in bed. His wound bandaged.


Archer slowly awoke, as the rising sunlight crept through the curtains of the only window in the room. Archer rubbed his head, and yawned.

He removed his blanket, and stared at his bandaged gunshot. He then begins to slowly sit up, feeling small pain as he does so.


Archer: Damn this....stupid gunshot.


Archer sits up on the bed, rubbing his injury as he looks around the room. he glances at the medical equipment.


Archer: That woman...she said Thieves Landing.


Archer then hears a man whistles as he approaches the door.

As the door swings open, Archer see's a Doctor enter. Smoking a cigar. The Doctor looks and shows surprise in his eyes at learning Archer has woke up.


Doctor: Good to see you have awoken. I was expecting it to be another few hours. Then again your wound isn't too bad.


The Doctor takes a puff of his cigar as Archer coughs.


Archer: Where am I?


Doctor: Thieves Landing. You know the bad woman. The intimidating one? Yet still of the pretty nature....she brought you here.


Archer thinks in confusion, while the Doctor gets out medicine.


Doctor: I was surprised. That female, is very feared round these parts. Amongst the outlaws and gangs. I didn't think she would save some man in a suit.


He hands Archer some medicine bottle.


Doctor: Drink. It'll help with the pain.


Archer: Many thanks.


Archer begins taking the medicine, while the Doctor takes another puff of his cigar.


Doctor: Where you come from friend? You some banker or something?


Archer: Member of the Bureau of Investigation.


The Doctor takes the cigar out his mouth, and looks as Archer with confusion.


Doctor: Now I really am surprised that female saved you. A lawmen cat from out east? I knew she was trying to be a kind and more better person, but this is quite a leap.


Archer: Im sorry I...I don't know this women.


Doctor: Well I ain't surprised on that either. She is kinda new here.


Archer: So I understand.


Archer hands the Doctor the medicine bottle and....


1) Archer asks more about his rescuer, the woman.

2) The Doctor decides to bring the women here.

3) Archer asks for a cigar.

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Archer: So what do you mean by her being feared?


The Doctor takes a puff of his cigar.


Doctor) She knows how to handle herself. The people here. All the thieves, they dare not cross her. Unless they wanna see all the insides of themselves. Lets say she is kinda of a Robin Hood personality of the modern age.


Archer)Is she here?


Doctor) No doubt! Then again she could be busy dealing with trouble.


The Doctor decides to take one last puff of his cigar, before putting it out.


Doctor) Well how about I just go fetch her.


Archer) Well...Thats not what I m-


Doctor) No doubt you wanna thank your life saver in person. I'll be back.


The Doctor opens his door, and walks out.


Doctor) Don't go anywhere.


He laughs, as he closes the door and leaves.


We then..


1. See some moments later, the Doctor return with the woman

2. See moments later, the Doctor return with no woman

3. Follow Archer in his thoughts as he waits in the room

4. Cut to John and Sawicki as they arrive at Clarks, and set up camp to wait for Ross to come in a few hours

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As the afternoon turns to evening, John and Sawicki travel with their horse up a trail. They are in the forest in Dade County. They pass a large lake, and travel up the trail up a hill. As they reach the top, they see at the bottom a lit cabin near the lake.


Sawicki: This must be it. It has to be.


John: Then what? Set up camp?


Sawicki: Yes. Up here on this hill. Lets us be able to overlook the entire property.


John dismounts his horse.


John: Good thing this forest doesn't have any snow in it.


Sawicki dismounts and begins pulling out supplies from his horse.


Sawicki: Lets set up a spot we can rest at. No oubt it could be a long while until Ross gets here.


John: Alright. Lets hope though it isn't a too much of long while.


Next we...


1) See John and Sawicki disuss the whole situation so far as they set up camp

2) A bear attacks the two of them

3) We cut back to Archer as the doctor returns with the woman

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We cut back to Thieves' Landing as Francis Gallagher returns to Archer with the hooded woman in tow.


"Here she is, City Slicker. Your saviour."


The woman peeled back her hood and waved off Francis' comment.


"I'm just doin' what I thought was right."


"Right." Francis took a few more puffs on his cigar. "Well, I'll give you two some room. I gotta run down to the saloon. Don't go takin' anything that ain't yours now."


Archer nodded slowly and watched Francis exit the room before looking at the woman who saved his life from the night before.


"So what's your name?"


She raised an eyebrow. "Name? You're clearly not familiar with how folks get down here."


"Well, what do folks call you here? You don't look like the kind of girl who appreciates being called 'honey' "


She flashed a smile, but faded a second later. "Just call me Spectre"


" 'Spectre' huh. How'd you get a name like that?"


She shrugged, and sat down on one of the chairs that were lined up against the wall. "Father James up in Dade County used to call me that. That name kind of just stuck."


"But it's not your real name?"


She leaned forward and just looked at Archer. "Enough about me, what about you? What's with the suit? The bullet wound?"


"I..." Archer's words trailed off as he debated if it was a smart thing to reveal who he was to this woman. "Do some work down in Blackwater."


Her eyebrows furrowed a bit. "Blackwater?"


Archer nodded. "Yeah. You've been?"


She stroked her chin with her gloved hand. "No."


"Did you know someone there?"

She shook her head. "Just, don't worry about it."


Archer stared at Spectre with a quizzical expression coloured across his face. "Okay. Well, look. I'm happy you helped me out, and I'd like to repay the favour."


A smile crawled across her face again. "Oh yeah?"


"Yeah, I intend to repay my debts."


She curled her lips, then nodded. "Alright. Well, I'll get back to you on that.. Say, you didn't say what your name was?"




" 'Archer'. Interesting name. I'll get back to you, 'Archer'. I'll come drop by tomorrow and see how you're doing, okay?"


Archer nodded. "I'd appreciate that."


What Next?

1) We cut back to Sawicki and Marston back in Dade County as they discuss the situation.

2) We cut back to Sawicki and Marston back in Dade County as a Grizzly Bear suddenly appears and starts roaring at them.

3) We cut to the Marston Ranch as Jack's talking to Uncle about John's exploits with Dutch's Gang.

4) We cut to a day later as Spectre reappears at Archer's side, with a plan of how he can repay his debt to her.

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Sawicki and John are set up on the hill, overlooking Clark Miles cabin home. Sawicki has a sniper armed and aimed at the cabin, while John looks around with his binoculars. Both of them stay low.


John Marston: Pretty soon that old will finally show up.


Sawicki: Yeah...its all about the patience.


John Marston: Can't believe all of this has happened. All this struggle to just put down Edgar Ross.


Sawicki: Don't be surprised...it is a government official who leads a whole agency sect, that we are trying to assassinate here. Im more unhappy Manning died. He....he was good. I only knew him during our time trying to get this whole thing done. He still showed to be a man looking for the greater good. He didn't deserve the end he got.


John Marston: We can't take that back. We gotta hope that the future holds better results. As long as we make the right decisions. Actions have consequences.


Sawicki: Well I sure as hell ain't figure out what we exactly did wrong.


The two remain in silence, as both continue observing the land and cabin. Still waiting for Ross.


Night begins to fall over the forest. Now clouds in the sky allow for a clear, beautifull star filled sky night.

John cleans the binoculars, while Sawicki still watches the cabin with his readied Sniper.


John Marston: Anything interesting happen?


Sawicki: Nope. We are still here waiting.


John sighs. He finishes cleaning his binoculars, and puts the old rag in his pocket. John proceeds looking through his binoculars again at the road. He struggles to see as the dark of night begins taking over.


John Marston: Can hardly see anything.


Sawicki: I know. We need to think of a new approach cause we ain't gonna be able to see easily in this.


John suddenly spots something moving on the road. He starts making out the figure more clearly as it gets closer to the cabin light.

Its Ross and the agent from earlier in the automobile. It pulls up outfront the cabin.


John Marston: Its Ross and his alley! At the cabin.


Sawicki uses his sniper to observe the scene and see's Ross and his agent getting out of the autombile.


Sawicki: I see em.


John lowers his binoculars as he starts getting up.


John Marston: Hurry up and take your shot. Now. Kill Ross and his agent. Hopefully the sound will startle Clark, he'll run outside, and you can get a shot on him too. Then its over.


Sawicki struggles to get a clear line of sight through the tree branches.


Sawicki: I can't hardly see em.


John squints at the cabin, and is able to make out Ross and his agent heading inside.


John Marston: Hurry up! We're gonna miss our chance!


Sawicki fails to get a good line of sight to shoot. Its too late, Ross and his friend make it inside.


Sawicki stands up in disappointment.


John Marston: They got in.


Sawicki: Im sorry. I couldn't get a clear shot.


John Marston: What now? Wait for em to come out to snipe them dead?


Sawicki looks at the cabin. He then looks up into the sky, and notices how dark it now is.


Sawicki: No. We ain't, and can't afford to wait any longer. Its time for face to face.


Sawicki with his sniper starts walking to the cabin. John puts his head down and sighs, before raising it and following Sawicki.




1) We cut to the Marston farm, where a suspicious Abigail asks Uncle about John

2) We cut back to Archer at Thieves Landing

3) We follow Edgar, his agent, and Clark inside and see what they do before being confronted by Marston and Sawicki.

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3) We follow Edgar, his agent, and Clark inside and see what they do before being confronted by Marston and Sawicki.


Edgar Ross, the agent, and Clark all sit together in the room. A fire proceeds to burn next to them in the fireplace.


Clark: So.....you sure this is what you want me to do?


Edgar: Yes. Tell Governor Johns everything I said. I need his help securing army troops support for the plan I have to attack and kill Mr. Marston. Especially after a failure to do so earlier when I thought we had a chance.


Clark: I don't know if he will be full on willing to help in this task. Nate has plenty of better things to do and other people to spend his resources on. Why should he worry about this John Marston fella huh?


Edgar: Because.....he needs to die. The man ran in a gang of outlaws. Responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents. Robbed atleast 40 banks and god knows other establishments. He isn't a good man. He needs to die. He is the only one left. The only living member left of his gang and he deserves to die just like the rest of em did.


Clark rubbed the stubble on his chin as he thought.


Clark: I can see your determination. Nate loves determination. Perhaps I can speak with him about this offer, and you two will be able to meet in due time.


Agent: Alright. Thank you.


Suddenly, a gunshot pierces through the window and hits the agent in the head, killing him. As the agent drops dead to the floor, Ross and Clark take cover behind some furniture. They pull out their high powered pistols.


John's voice: Agent Ross......its time we end this.


Edgar: Your a determined animal ain't ya Marston?!


We then see....


1). Stay with Marston and Sawicki during their shootout with Ross and Clark

2). Cut back to Archer in Thieves Landing

3). Cut to Marston's farm

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Already almost 30 pages in only a week. Seems like this is going okay pretty far.




1). Stay with Marston and Sawicki during their shootout with Ross and Clark



As night continues on, John and Sawicki stay in cover by a pile of fire wood outside the cabin. Both holding revolvers and aiming at the cabin window. Ross and Clark still hold their position inside.


Clark) Look fella's....we don't gotta do this....just stop now. Maybe we could work out some deal.


Ross) Well maybe a deal with Howard. But Marston....well you gotta die.


John) I thought it was gonna be over Ross. I did what you asked. Why can't you just leave me alone?


Ross) Because...it doesn't look good in the papers.


Ross fires out the window, but misses John and Sawicki. The two return fire for a few moments. With no success, gunfire ceases again.


Clark) Come on Agent Howard. Why don't we work something out? I never met you, but I heard good things from Mr. Ross. Im sure you don't wanna watse your life by doing this.


Sawicki looks at John. Unsure how to answer. He then returns his eyes on the cabin, and proceeds look speaking.


Sawicki) Edgar Ross already tried to kill me. I can't.....I ain't letting a twisted old man live a second longer. As for you Mr. Miles...I wanna offer that deal right back to you.


John) Yeah....don't do any favors for this man. Ross would use you in a heart beat to benefit himself in the "name of justice".


Clark laughs.


Clark) Thats cause it is in the name of justice. You know...I heard about you Mr. Marston. Dutch's gang. You killed and robbed people.


John grows frustrated at his past being brought up.


Clark) You really think you deserve anything for those crimes? Ross told me you got a family and a farm. How many famileis with farms do you think you killed? And yet your pissed off Ross wants to attack and have you killed.


John grows angry. He cannot respond to Clark's somewhat true statement. Sawicki starts firing back at the cabin, only for shots to be returned by Ross and Clark. After a few seconds, the fire ceases a second time.

Ross and Clark growing nervous, start reloading their pistols.


Clark whispers: Edgar...


Ross looks at Clark with concern.

Clark points to a box in the corner.


Outside, John and Sawicki's breathing starts getting faster, as they reload their revolvers.


Sawicki) Look...this ain't gonna end well. Lets just accept what is gonna happen. Either we all die....or just you two inside die. Either way...you ain't living. I won't let it happen. Marston won't. We can't. We won't let you live any longer to create chaos. To hurt more people.


Sawicki and Marston finish reloading, but hear no response from inside.

Suddenly, Clark speaks and it seems his voice is coming from a different spot in the cabin.


Clark) You grizzlies live out here?


John and Sawicki look at eachother, then return their sights at the cabin.


John) Sure.


Clark) And you know living out here near m is dangerous right? I mean they could just come out and kill you easily. So that means I need heavy power incase I gotta defend myself.


A few moments of silence pass. Suddenly then a second window opens.


Clark) Meaning I got these in case a grizzly attacked! And it loooks like tonight you guys are the grizzlies!


Two lit dynamite sticks are thrown out the window at John and Sawicki's position.


Sawicki) Look out!


Sawicki and Marston jump from where they are, diving behind a tree a few feet away. The dynamite sticks go off and cause a big explosion. Though John and Howard Sawicki are not injured, their close proximity cause them to loose hearing for a few seconds.

Amongst all the chaos, Clark and Edgar escappe the cabin and run on to their horses. They mount up and proceed to ride away.


What happens now?


1. John and Sawicki regain their hearing, and decide to follow after Clark and Ross.

2. John and Sawicki regain their hearing, and Sawicki decides to not go after Ross and Clark out of frustration.

3. We cut to the farm where a suspicious Abigail questions Uncle about John

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Lemoyne outlaw



marston and howard got up. they were a little dazed and confused. then they saw ross and clark fleeing on horses. marston also saw the automobile ross used to get there. so marston and howard got in. neither of them had driven one before. but since marston had seen fordham drive it before. he remembered how to drive. so he started it up and started driving. it was pretty slow but it was the only option. john couldent believe he was driving this thing. but he had to admit it was fun to drive. eventually they caught up to clark. ross was nowhere to be seen.


Marston: we gotta take him out. but lets take him alive. Shoot his horse.


Howard: but I don’t want to kill a horse.


Marston: so would you rather let him get away?


Howard: no alright fine ill do it.


Howard shot the horse and clark came falling off. Marston quickly stopped the vehicle and they got out. clark was scrambling on the ground. He was looking for a gun. But it wasent in reach. Marston and howard had their guns on him. he surrendered. Marston lassoed him. then they put him in the automobile. Then on the way back to marstons ranch they had a talk.



Marston: where is ross? Where did he go?


Clark: how should I know?



Howard punched him.


Howard: so are you going to talk or do you want us to mess you up?


Clark: ok fine just know that you don’t have a chance in finding him.


Howard punched him again.


Clark: ok geez he went to mexico. Since nate johns most likely wont help him he is going to mexico hoping that he could hire the army.


Marston: ha ha that’s funny. The Mexican army is weak. I killed half the army. They lost the war.


Clark: you don’t know much do you marston? They called in for more reinforcements. They didn’t lose the war. Plus they have advanced weaponry and prototypes. The rebels are done. They were just an inconvenience. They were never a huge threat.


Marston: so where in mexico is he going?


Clark: he said he plans on hiding in punta orgullo. Then after the heat dies down he is going to go to the capitol and offer a huge reward for killing you two.


Marston: crap I had hoped that I would never have to go back to mexico again. But on the bright side I am friends with the leader of the rebeldes. Maybe landon rickets could help too.


Howard: you know THE landon rickets?


Marston: yep anyways I guess we better get to my ranch. I better start packing.


Howard: so should I. I have never been to mexico.


Clark: what about me? I promise I wont tell nobody.


Marston: oh I forgot about you.


John pulled out his gun and aimed at him.


Clark: no ple.


And before he could finish john shot him. then he dumped his body on the road. They drove off.


Howard: so what is the plan?


Marston: well we go to mexico and try to find his hideout. Maybe Abraham reyes can help.


Howard: I hope so I didn’t want to have to do this. All these plans and traveling I want this to finally be over.


Marston: I know me too. I don’t know what im gonna tell my family.



Eventually they got back to johns home. He parked the vehicle and saw his family come to greet them.



What happens next?






1. John breaks the news to his family about going to mexico.

2.We see fordham talking to the woman.

3. We see ross stopping in armadillo and buying some stuff preparing for his trip

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Lemoyne outlaw

is anybody still interested in continuing this story? this is a great idea. i hate to see it die.

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