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New Script Hook V Crashing my game


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I have, a laucher version. But I'm restart computer, and he himself verify of integrity, and dowlonad something (355mb) and work! Native Trainer etc. (without carspanwer) is working

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So i downloaded scripthook for lspdfr and it started crashing my game when i was in the load up screen, even after deleting the scripthookV.dll and the dinput8.dll it still crashes and i dont know what it is 

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Bravo for necroing a year old thread, but simply put gta5 updated december xx and scripthookv and lspdfr haven't yet... keep checking their pages and update to it when it comes out - Additionally "Script Hook V not working in the latest update" is the ongoing thread about these issues when they occur (at least for scripthookv), I can't say about lspdfr updates as i don't use or have interest in it

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I have updated my Script Hook V (2020 Dec 18 update) and it crashes my game after loading some time. I tried everything but it still crashes. It only works when I delete ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll. Any ideas what I can do?

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