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My favorite double ramp


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You know that surfer billboard ramp thing? You know that lot across from there where you get speed to hit it? (by the parked plane)  Well right there by the parked plane, drive with your dirtbike or whatever off the side or stay on and head towards the army base on top of the tunnel.  You can go thru it if you want too.  If you stayed on top, turn around so your facing the billboard and haul ass.


Fall str8 off the tunnel top and you'll land on the road, haul more ass and hit the side str8 on. Notice it's at a slant.  You'll ramp up high, hit or clear the black fence, land cool as hell, then haul even MORE ass str8 to the billboard and turn crazy hell as you hit the loopty looooopty loopidy loop hell yea krayzie!

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yah thats kool!

i always love the jump near downtown amunation.

u can always get som distance on that.

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