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Recruitment Form for Red Guns Corp. (gta:online PC)


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Red Guns Corp. Recruitment form (2018)

My fellow comrades and I are looking to recruit for our Crew Red Guns Corp.

We do have a ranking system, and specific roles for each individual; We are also looking for players of age 17 and up and good at the game. We require a K/D of atleast 0.90

Discord Link and Submission Email Link will be at the bottom of this form.

Discord Server Rules

1. Respect Admins.


1a. Respect fellow players


2. Leave no man behind.


3. Perform the task your role requires.


4. follow the chain of command.


5. When assaulted by a random player Counter Attack until said player leaves session or goes into passive mode.


6. There will be no forms of Spam, Inappropriate content of any kind, or harassment or racism. ( we can take a joke but don't cross the line.).


7. Avoid being inactive and or not participating. ( we consider your daily lives 100%, but if we feel like you are constantly AFK or not willing to participate, you will be met with a kick from the server.)


8. You will have an Infraction limit of 2 Infractions


8a. First Infraction you will and shall receive a WARNING tag.

8b. Second Infraction you will and shall receive a SUSPENSION tag along with a demotion and a meeting with server owner and one Admin.



(Leave your anwers in email format for review numbered 1-4.)

1.If you were intercepted by a Rival Organization whilst on a resupply run with your crew in your own words what would be the most appropriate action?

2. When in a freeroam DeathMatch to protect your CEO/MC. The rival player types toxicity in the chatbox what do you do?

3. If a fellow player is TeamKilling and being toxic what would be the best form of reporting to an Admin?

4. Why should we recruit you?



Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xCkA8WH

Submission Email: [email protected]



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