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Which player decisions would be realistically correct?


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Which decisions that you can make in the game do you think would happen realistically.


Over Revenge or Deal, what would realistically of been chosen?

Over killing Francis or Derrick what would realistically of happened?

Sparring or killing Ivan what would of realistically of happened?



So pretty much of all the choices that you get what one would of realistically occured based on the game and character or such.

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Revenge, Kill Francis, Save Ivan. I'm pretty sure anyways.


Niko was... somewhat... a man of principals. Nothing in his nature seems to say he'd let it slide that this guy betrayed him and put Roman in danger just for money. He's in Liberty City to hunt down a guy who done almost exactly that.


I feel like he'd kill Francis because he admitted he's got dirt on him. This is sort of a tough choice though, because Derrick seems like a waster and I think Niko might be thinking of putting him out of his misery. I still think it'd be Francis to bite the bullet though.


And Ivan was set up and Niko doesn't like Vlad, so I feel like he'd let him go more on that basis alone.


Another big choice is Playboy or Dwayne. I think he'd kill Playboy. If you watch the cutscenes and listen to him talk, it's obvious why.


Some small characters like Cherise, I think he'd probably spare her. He wasn't asked to kill her, so he'd probably ignore it. And Clarance I think he'd kill because that's the job he is being paid to do. I don't think he had any massive quarrels about screwing over Francis at this point so he'd probably just do the job.


Darko is one I just have no idea. I feel like in the way it was written that they wanted you to spare him. I think MAYBE that'd be the choice Niko would go with? But it's a longshot. He'd kill Dimitri I'm sure of it, but why not Darko?


I think that's all the choices in the game anyways.

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I definitely feel like these make senses. I think they could also vary depending on Nikos other decisions he makes as well.


I agree with Darko being a tough one to figure out. The game makes it to where it feels like a turning point for Nikos character and he spares him. But it could work as Niko kills him like he always wanted only to then have a turning point. But like you said If Revenge happens, he is killing Dimitri for betrayal just like Darko betrayed Niko but could be spared.

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I would say Killing Darko would of been realistic considering that Niko had spent ten years looking for him and would start to regret his revenge until after releasing his anger on Darko. Thus making that more release of and fitting his character.


Revenge is also more realistic as I would say Niko would never trust Dimitri again, but that contradicts the Darko decision depending on the choice that’s made. I say Deal is a better ending story wise but I think Revenge would be how it go in real life. Then again a lot of people say Revenge is canon which I am not sure about

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I think the best "Niko" choices would be to save Ivan, Kill Playboy X, spare Cherise, spare Clarence (only to kill him later on), kill the diamond dealers (believe it or not, you're able to spare them), kill Derrick (Puts him out of his misery, also gets Francis to get the LCPD off his back now, which is something a criminal like Niko gains a huge benefit from having a connection in the police force)



Sparing Darko only makes sense when you follow through with Deal (Listening to Roman, Niko learning to let go of his past and stop killing). Killing him transitions into Revenge (Puts things in full circle, Niko kills Darko and gets his revenge from killing Dimitri). That's always the way I saw it, those two choices go hand in hand.


In my opinion, I think Killing Darko → Revenge is what Niko would do.


Also keep in mind that Derrick is dead in GTA V according to Packie, and Roman's cab company is mentioned (forgot by who exactly, I think it was Tarnell Clinton) and Roman himself is on Niko's LifeInvader account.

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