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PC - music video cast recruitment


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Hello everyone. During the next couple of weeks, I'll be working on a music video from an idea I think to be pretty cool , but I'll need some help from anyone willing to take a role. If you're free for a while during the next two weeks, feel free to list yourself in - note these recordings will take, at most, a single session up to 1-2 hours long.




Since this will take a while to put edit and release, I'll keep secrecy of the exact plot and music to be used from the public. The video will be 80s/ retrowave-inspired, being the music from the same genre, from a not very known artist (not me and not chosen for any particular reason besides the fact I like it and I've got the whole idea while listening to it).


Before the recordings, all the serious actors will get to know both the plot and the music to be used.


Roles required

  • Boyfriend: Male character. I have no requirements regarding skin color, hairstyle, etc., but has to look good (very subjective, I know, but I have no visualization of what the character should look like specifically. Just no Neanderthal or Mr. Hyde lookalike characters, I'll choose considering the entries I receive). Based on the looks of the character, I'll provide the chosen actor an outfit to use on the scene. The scene has no "awkward" or explicit content. Recording session estimated duration: up to 30 minutes.



  • Traffic drivers: This video will have driving scenes and, due to the vibe I want it to have, needs a very specific kind of traffic vehicles. I'll require a relatively large amount of traffic driver actors (10-15). The only requirement to take this role is to own one of the following vehicles:


    Cheetah Classic;


    Turismo Classic;






    Blista Compact;




    The cars should follow the following requirements, regarding customization: windows fully smoked, basic licence plate (can be custom, but should be the default one), stock rims or others that properly match the car, no neons, no custom tires, no xenon lights neither custom tire smoke. Any body mods should be subtle. The car should be colorful (preferentially red, yellow, blue or a darker pink) and I might ask the owner to change the color in between scenes to make them look different. The character should not look too outstanding and be dressed "normally". I might ask all the actors to paint their cars in a dull color (either white or grey, but all equal) for a final, possible scene. Recording session estimated duration: up to 1-2 hours.

Recording sessions


These will be chosen depending of the availability of the actors, over the next two weeks.


Final notes


I'm not making any money from this video and neither will you;


I'm not the most skilled director or editor, so the final result might not be as good as you could expect;


The final result will be uploaded on YouTube and properly credited, but don't expect tons of views;


Before being live, I'll have to ask permission to the music artist to use it on the video. I'm almost certain I'll get it, but that's something I can't ensure;


I'll respect every single minute anyone else spends helping me, and so I'll make my best to make it worth it and match your expectations.

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Hi there!

I might be able to help you as I have nothing planned for the next 2 weeks, although in the morning and evening I had to attend several classes. That is +8 GMT Time zone, from 8am to 7pm every weekdays.

I do not care too much about my role. I am not too choosy over this topic, although you might be interested in my character. I will give my char's selfie if requested.

No profit? No problem. I do this for fun.

the following are my vehicles

Super :
Sultan RS
Banshee 900R

Off Road:
Insurgent Pick-Up Custom


Sabre Turbo Custom
Slamvan Custom
Duke o Death armored
Weaponized Tampa

Blista Compact
Elegy Retro Custom
Comet retro Custom
Drift Tampa

Sedans :
Primo Custom
Schafter v12 Armored

Sports Classic:
Deluxo :D
Stinger GT
Tornado Rat Rod
Turismo Classic
Cheetah Classic
Infernus Classic
Rapid GT Classic

Windsor Drop


I might add more Sports Classics later as I love them.

Anything else?

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