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Heist Expert looking for a good team


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Hello GTA Community

I'm a top-notch and experienced heist-pro, and I really like the way some of these new Government Facility missions look. Now I'm at the point where I'm looking once again to put together or join a team of 2-3 A+ players. Here's what I did the last time I assembled an A-list team:

- Passed 4 consecutive mastermind challenges without dying once, thats 10 mill in my pocket + helping out other teams.

- On those old heists I personally passed 75 heists and setups without being the one who died.

- I've played a couple of hard levels on this new set of heists and am proud to report that I've never died even once yet. I've played those old heists so many times and got so much experience that I figured that when the next ones come out why die at all? My buds on the other hand....lol. This is why I need a team of similarly-minded and tactically aware people around me.

- I'm not experienced or all that interested in glitches, my favorite part about doing the pacific standard finale with a great team was that we could do the bank robbery the normal way (strait down the alley - no fence hopping) and not lose any money. It was more fun, it built good teamwork and went a lot quicker than waiting around for people to get choppers, trucks or karumas. I suppose I'm ok with learning and going along with some glitches here and there but I'd rather work on having fun and earning the most money. I mean, even if a money bag got shot once or twice, in the time u save just doing it fast you could get 10x the money by doing a couple of contact missions before or after. Just think about it lol.

- I'm not necessarily looking to form or join a crew, but am not opposed

My contact info:
Ps4 ID: magicmusic037
email: [email protected]
See ya round People, maybe we'll mercenary it up together. Also looking for creative freemode battle ideas

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