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Huge amount of mods game hangs on


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Hey guys,in the last few days I decided to extremly mod my GTA SA with modloader and I replaced alot of pedestrians,cars,weapons,I have San Andreas Retextured mod and many more.I use memory fix aswell but when I enter the We tip 555 mission I see the cutscene but afterwards the game goes black did the same with the previous mission aswell but after I disabled some mods it worked.I was trying to solve this by downloading other memory fixes but nothing seemed to work.



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Vills SkyTerror

Just memory fix won't help. Out of those many mods you installed, some of them must be conflicting with mission.

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The interesting part is if I disable some mods the mission will go on,it looks like it just doesnt have enough resources to render everything.Its not related to a specific mod.

My PC specs in case you want them:
CPU:Intel core i5 4690k @4.8GHz
GPU Gigabyte Gtx 1080ti
RAM:Corsair Vengeance Pro Silver 8GB 1600MHz
And I checked the task manager and San Andreas barely uses some RAM.

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Just memory fix won't help. Out of those many mods you installed, some of them must be conflicting with mission.

Tried open limit adjuster and what I said below your reply but I just cant figure out what happens.I think the modloader cant handle that many mods cause some of my textures are white and this happened when I didnt rebuild my GTA3img file.Maybe the oldschool modding with IMG editors is more stable?

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