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Cars of Importance

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Cars where if they didn't exist the motor industry wouldn't be the same.

1884 Benz Patent-Motorwagen: no explanation needed

1987 Ferrari F40: The last car approved by Enzo Ferrari and the first road car to hit 200mph. It has almost no luxuries or technology whatsoever. What a machine.

1986 Porsche 959: The pioneer of hi-tech in supercars. All wheel drive, six-speed transmission, among other things. It had performance on-par with the F40 but was almost completely the opposite underneath.

2005 Bugatti Veyron 16:4 One of the pioneers of what we call the hypercar. Later on SSC, Hennessey, and Koenisgegg would attempt to beat the car.

1962 AC Shelby Cobra Mk1: What started out as a typial British roadster would then become a legend when Carroll Shelby stuck a V8 in an AC Ace. The first-gen Dodge Viper was heavily inspired by the Cobra, having a big engine on a small frame and little luxuries.

Edited by majong12

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Actually the RuF CTR was the first 200mph production car.

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From what I've heard,Ford Model T was the first car produced on an assembly line,was affordable enough for an average American,and helped modernize travel in the early 20th century.It was even chosen as the most influential car of the 20th century.



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Lamborghini Miura - One of, if not the first mid-engine Sports car, and the car that put Lamborghini 100 steps ahead of their arch-rival Ferrari.


Lamborghini Countach - One of the pioneers of the infamous wedge-shape, one of the main symbols of the 80s and the car every kid had in a poster on their wall.


VW Beetle/Type 1/Bug - From being a car made for Adolf Hitler's new Autobahns to the signature vehicle of the Hippie movement in the USA, very few cars have that much history. Being cheap, reliable, easy to fix and customize, as well as the longest production car and one of the world's best-sellers.

Edited by DOUGL4S1

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