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Marksman Rifle MKII appreciation thread


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Hello everyone,


This is the Marksman Rifle MKII appreciation thread where we can all share our appreciation for the blessing that we received on the historic 12th of December 2017 in the form of the Marksman Rifle MKII


As the OP of this thread, i have to privilege to start with my appreciation:


Since its release, the marksman rifle MKII is by far my most used weapon for the majority of my needs. I enjoy it with the extended clip for pvp or incendiary / amor piercing ammo for pve. In fact i completed the entire doomsday heist on hard mode and free aim with exclusively the marksman rifle MKII and the minigun.

And on top of being very efficient against human targets, it can also be devastating against vehicles with the proper type of ammo


So, what is your appreciation of the marksman rifle MKII ?

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This was already so powerful without the MKII upgrade, the fact that it got one just seals the f*cking deal lol

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I'm just glad they didn't add explosive rounds to this thing.

Edited by Excrescent
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I honestly haven't really touched it since I picked it up, the Marksman has always been pretty much a PvP-only weapon for me (not sure why... oh well) and my GTAO time since the update has been strictly PvE. I've noticed you using it though, and now that I think about it, its a great choice against the super soldiers contained in the Doomsday heist.


Like Rafae said, even without special ammo, its just a straight upgrade of an already powerful weapon. Lots to appreciate!!

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Is it a guaranteed effect on hit with incendiaries like the heavy revolver?

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I love it. Great feel and look in my opinion. Finally a DMR, and what a gun it is! Easy head shots and good time to kill

Edited by Asian_Apache
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For some reason, while in cover with the marksman with acog scope...it fires rapidly fast.


Also, it cannot auto-lock on at the same range assault rifles can... although its range is longer than them :s


Still amazing without the big scope on it for medium range battles.

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