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The game stutters after plying for some time (Frame drops)


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Hello community well I want to adres this issue knowing a wide playerbase have experienced it but I still can't found a proper solution.


This issue has been over GTA 5 official forums, other gaming forums and someones with little variations but the same result: The game on PC starts normally and after some time of playing starts to stutter and get frame drops or for other freeze completely or over loading screens.


Well I have this same issue I start playing with with full 60fps stables (with a little drops to 55 in country side due the foliage). Then after around 2 hours or 1.5 hours the game start to stutter mostly when I'm going at high speeds and getting frame drops to 40fps or even 30. This issue gets fixed if I restart the game and again I get another 2-1.5 hours of the game running smooth as butter like a freaking joke.


My setup is:

Core i7 4770k

8gb DDR3 Ram

GTX 970 Xtreme Edition 4GB

Mobo Z97x

2 WD Hard Drives 1TB and 4TB


And I play with an Xbox One Control wired with USB in the frontal ports. And sometimes with the keyboard simultanesly.


Already my hotfixes are:

Changing the GTA V process priority trough the task manager to High. This just have worked to like extend my period of stable playable time but I think it's not working at all, at the end after 1.5-2 hours I get the issue.

Disconnect the control before I start the game and then connect the control when I'm going to play. Lol yeah somebody says this problem was due to a control bug, but it's not the case.


So please I'm open to solutions or if somebody already found the holly solution for this please tell me! In advance thanks.

Edited by SkyLegend
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I just found the problem, apparently it was due the DX11 memory leak problem. That after certain period of time cause the RAM stared to leak untril the game becomes unplayable.


The fix: Change to DX10 and I'm testing 10.1. Which sucks cuz the game looks better in DX11, but u know Rockstar sh*tty coding....


Anyway if somebody had the same problem try this. Here I found the fix: http://theinforoom.blogspot.mx/2015/07/gta-v-pc-stuttering-lag-fix-memory-leak.html


After so much time GTA V was released to PC I don't think Rockstar is going to do anything about this, so whatever hope some day someone can find a proper patch, before the game dies.


Now my game runs smoothly at 60fps all the time with everything in HIGH and Ultra. Damn u Rockstar!

Edited by SkyLegend
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