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What if gta 6 has gta online playing as a mandatory


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what if rockstar decided to add few missions mandatory at gta 6 online,in order to progress forward in story mode.
i mean forcing player to make few spefic misions in online.
if you refuse do make them,you simply cant progress in single player story..
would such thing be acceptable for you??

Edited by aqarwaen
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Algonquin Assassin

No way it would be acceptable. That would ruin the game for me.


As much as I dont like GTAO atleast its completely optional in its current guise. Forcing us to go to GTAO just to progress the story would be bonkers.

Edited by Algonquin Assassin
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I simply would not get the game and simply forget about R* as a worthy game developer. I am already on the verge of stopping my support for them, so any decision that will be not exactly in my taste will simply make me skip their new games completely.

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I simply wouldn't buy that game.I buy video games exclusively for singleplayer (even in GTA Online I only play in invite only session),so if GTA 6 would force me to play online to progress in story mode,I would just stick to previous GTA games,and hope that they don't repeat the same thing in GTA 7.

Edited by GTA-Biker
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This is a hypothetical situation and R* knows why not to do it. Some players don't enjoy Online and multiplayer games, so they will definitely not ruin the experience for them.

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I think it's far more likely they'd add optional microtransactions for currency in single player. Not that that would be better.

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It sounds unlikely, I think R* will just do a very quick and stupid storyline just to encourage people to play online.


I, for one, will not stoop to that.

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The boycott on that sh*t would be so unreal Dan Houser might just have to seek refuge in the southern Atlantic.


Believe me, GTA 6 will be the last GTA that any of us play. It's all gone to kids and click bait youtubers. That is unless Rockstar balances the Single Player with their Multiplayer fetish.

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man if next GTA is online it has to have a non-PvP, weapon free mode. if not then we'll have to hear the words griefer, kids, tard, immature again. but this time it will be without me. so R* can do what they want since they don't forget life simmers

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As expressed above, I too am on the verge of stop supporting Rockstar financially. A major decision like this would mean I would no longer spend money on their products. I did this with Ubisoft after the newest Assassin's Creed "Origins" and I'll do it to Rockstar too.


This is impossible.

No it's very much possible, but it's very inconvenient and impractical.

Edited by Yinepi
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Would be a dumb move especially if these missions require 4 other players or some sh*t like that to even start it up and you have to rely on people not messing the mission up by dying. Sure you can group up with friends for that but it's just not needed imo.

Edited by VictorVince1239
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Well, it means that, since I do NOT have a stable connection where i play, my GTA6 will look like this





That graphic, tho... it's gorgeous, so next-gen...

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Seeing what I saw since the heist update and specially hinting that all this lead Leslie B and Aaron Garbut leaving Rockstar, I can ONLY imagine how GTA VI would turn into...


R* became exactly what they mock and promised to not be over the years.




(I don't f*** know why every time that I want to put Leslie B. full name in my post it turns out to become "The Benz", even if I disable autocorrect, it is really annoying)

Edited by Markhosdangerous
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I wouldn't mind if they used the online for more content working on the single player, e.g. bawsaq, but player vs. player I would mind, because I think the magic in the gta games is that everyone who plays it feels like a master criminal. If it's a real competition, where only the ones who are playing the game every day prosper, then it's going to suck, and I'm not going to buy the game.

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