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Francesco Bonomo

Grand Theft Auto: New Sylvania

Recommended Posts

Francesco Bonomo


A Cebra, Money Over Bullsh*t, and Slimeball_Supreme collaboration




Theme Song: In The Valley by Frankie Bonomo


Welcome to the Commonwealth of New Sylvania in the 1970's-a groovy era where everyone is trying to have a good time with music, drugs, and every other vice the nightlife can offer.
You may think that life in small town, USA is nothing but quiet, peace and harmony, but this story will draw you into the darker side of New Sylvania - greed, corruption, temptation, and blood. Told through the eyes of Brooke-Meyer native Virgil Assante, a young and ambitious mobster with aspirations of reaching new heights with northeastern New Sylvania's Manganelli Crime Family.
Get involved in the more white-collar crimes in Romero, the dirty political wet-work in Kensington, or the easy balance of family life and extortion in Brooke-Meyer. Your goal is to reach the top of this small yet politically influential crime family during its golden age.
But be careful who you cross... one wrong move and it's lights out for you.


The Protagonist


Virgil Assante (born Virgilio Alberto Assante) also known as Virgil Right Hook (Born November 3rd, 1944) was an American gangster and member of the Manganelli Crime Family who is believed to be one of the organizers of the 1975 Pendlebury Train Heist, at the time, the most lucrative cash theft in New Sylvania history, and also believed to have committed multiple murders under orders of the Mafia.

  • Paul Keitel: Virgil's childhood best friend, as well as, Partner-in-Crime. He is the Ying to Virgil's Yang. The pair is inseparable and together, they are both immovable and unstoppable forces. Adopted by Virgil's parents in '59, he is considered as Virgil's Brother. During Virgil's service in Vietnam from '69 to '71, Paul has relocated to Henderson, Orion to work for The Jewish Mob as an Enforcer and Overseer of transactions. As of Spring of '71, he has moved back to his hometown of Brooke-Meyer working for the northeastern New Sylvania faction of The Jewish Mob.
  • Mario Polisi: Another one of Virgil's best friend and a distant cousin. Mario is actually from Alderney and moved to Brooke-Meyer at age 14. Virgil was his first friend. He becomes a Personal Driver for the Manganelli Family in the late-60's. Mario still has a slight Alderney accent that comes out when he is angry, which is often. He is very temperamental and that has gotten him in trouble numerous times in his teenage years, even well into his adult life.
  • Phil Costigan: The youngest of the group. Phil started hanging around Virgil and Paul at age 9. He was always a rebellious child, always looking for a fight, and never backing down from a confrontation. At some point during Virgil's tour in Vietnam, he joined the Arborton faction of Lenapia's Irish Mob working under his Uncle.
  • Ruben Nebish: Real name, Ruben Nebyzska, the head of the Henderson Jewish Mob. In his 30+ years as a Mobster, he has never spent a day behind bars. He has managed to operate at a huge level below the radar of the authorities. He made the move to Brooke-Meyer in 1965 to expand the Jewish Mob into New Sylvania. He is Paul Keitel's main employer.
  • Stefani Ferlito: A blonde Henderson Angel with eyes as blue as the Caribbean sea. She moves to Brooke-Meyer to get away from her dysfunctional family. She becomes the main love interest of Virgil Assante in 1971. She becomes his other half, his rock, and his spiritual mate. She vows to always love Virgil no matter what. But, she is also as crazy as Virgil at times.
  • Nancy McCarthy: Stefani's best friend since their teenage years. A rather energetic nightlife vampire with only a taste for the fast life. Quite often, she is seen in an intoxicating state whether from alcohol or drugs and she seems to enjoy that way of life. She becomes Paul Keitel's love interest in 1971.


New Sylvania Crime Syndicates

Manganelli Crime Family (Northeast New Sylvania) The family that runs all of Northeast New Sylvania since 1954. A family with deep political connections hold power over the majority of companies in this region. Known as The Quiet Don, Donnie is loved by many but feared by his fellow Mafiosi.
Notable Members

Dovi Crime Family (Lenapia) More popularly known as The Lenapia Mob, run by Johnny "The Gent" Dovi. Dovi runs his family like a legit conglomerate using tactics to gain money and respect among politicians and business owners. Not known to be violent but they do have their bad eggs, such as their Capo, Santino "Sonny" Bardi Sr. Who is also Virgil Assante's Uncle.

Notable Members

LaTorre Crime Family (Havenburgh) Led by John LaTorre since 1956. Because of him, Havenburgh is the profitable monopoly it is today. At his current old age, he has slowed down quite a bit; However, he maintains his temper and spills as much blood as the other families. Currently recovering from the LaTorre/Grimaldi Unrest of 1968, relations between Havenburgh and Henderson are extremely fragile.

Notable Members

The B&D Gang (Lenapia) A ruthless bunch of Irish cowboys with only one goal in mind, independence. Shea Weeks desperately tries to take the gang, best known as The Irish Mob, to new heights away from the hooks of the Sicilian Mafia and other outfits using them as muscle. He starts his journey by establishing a chapter in Arborton as a source of steady income from burglaries and drug trafficking.

Notable Members

Families across America

The Commission

Liberty City, Liberty

  • Gambetti Crime Family
  • Lupisella Crime Family
  • Ancelotti Crime Family
  • Pavano Crime Family
  • Messina Crime Family

Upstate Liberty


New Queensland

The Mid-West Commission


  • Couira City Outfit (Couira City)




  • Grimaldi Crime Family (Henderson)



  • Borelli Crime Family (Nagadawee)



New Austin

San Andreas





The Commonwealth of New Sylvania is separated by Four major Districts. The North-East, The South East, Mid-Syl, and The Far West. Within these districts are multiple cities that make New Sylvania the unique it currently is. The game will also present other states such as Ohio, Liberty, and Alderney.

The North-East District

  • Romero - Known as The Bright City with all of its city lights shining the streets during all hours of the day. Is seen as a luxurious city to live in and a profitable location to open a business. Visit the landmarks that give this city its identity, such as the Welcome to Romero light sign built in 1922, the Baldwin Fountain in the center of town that is a beautiful work of art, and the Thibideaux Theatre located on Main Street where many artists have performed. Also, in between Romero and Brooke-Meyer is the Brooke-Meyer/Romero Intl. Airport located right on Interstate 18.
  • Brooke-Meyer - Although it may seem it is the ugly sister of the neighboring city, Romero, it does have a vital feature that Romero cannot offer. And that's the beautiful Catskill River. The residential areas are considered mainly upper-middle to lower-middle class with a heavy Italian, Jewish, and African-American community. Facing Kensington on the waterfront is Brooke-Meyer's most luxurious hotel, The Mallorie Hotel. Brooke-Meyer is also known as a party town. Visit the various nightclubs spread across town, partake in the debauchery, and stay out all night without a care in the world. Just be careful.
  • Kensington - Cross the Blackwater Street Bridge from Brooke-Meyer, cross the Catskill River and you will arrive at the visually beautiful town of Kensington. Home to the Kenzie Park, one of the biggest parks in New Sylvania, and home to the most prestigious restaurant in all of Northeast New Sylvania, La Isabella Ristorante. It is considered to be one of the more better towns to live in with its low crime rate and peacefulness that spreads across from corner to corner.
  • Mercer - Best known to locals as "Little Italy", where you will find an abundance of Italians along with their rich culture from foods to clothing. Located between Romero and Brooke-Meyer, it is recommended that no one crosses through that town looking for trouble. You will be dealt with, no problem.
  • Kennedy Plains - Located in the far west of Northeast New Sylvania. Kennedy Plains is mostly... plains, as the name says. Has the lowest populace in this region because of it's small residential areas. It mostly consists of plain fields used for farming. It's the country-side right next to the big cities Romero and Brooke-Meyer. Be careful roaming around the field at night, no one knows who or what can be hiding among the crops. Of course, it's just hearsay.
  • Mason Creek - Our little neck of the woods used for exploration and hiking. Nobody lives in the Creek. At the center of the Creek you will find a mesmerizing waterfall where people go to just take in the sights and watch the sunset. Who knows what roams about the woods, or should I say who knows who's buried in the woods?
  • Madison - Northeast New Sylvania's industrial park. All you will find is factories and warehouses full of workers. This is also where the labor union prospers.
  • Arborton - Located in the far south region. Arborton is a town that is not really considered "likable" for it's San Fierro like hills, its maintenance, and its crime rate which gradually increases as time goes by. It has an airstrip for the locals that own small planes and for people that go skydiving. 

The South-East District

  • Lennox - New Sylvania's own Empire City. The City of Lennox is the home of multiple Mob-run Casino's and Hotels throughout the 70's and 80's. A city of addictions, temptations, and non-stop craziness. The city is utilized by the Manganelli's, the Dovi's, and the LoTruglio's.
  • Collinstown - A small town with a heavy Italian presence bordering the city luxurious City of Lennox, the State of Alderney and the booming City of Lenapia. Collinstown hosts the Annual Italian Festival which is well known in the East Coast. Although Collinstown is Dovi territory, it is the residence of many mobsters from different cities.
  • Edenburg - The home of the East Edenburg University. Edenburg is considered the safest, most family-friendly city in the South-East, nevermind the countless college parties that occur every weekend. There is no mob activity in the town as far as citizens know. When in actuality, the Dovi's run a very lucrative loan-sharking business through the East Edenburg University Security detail. Sometimes college students need money, the Dovi's oblige.
  • Lenapia - The City of Independence. Lenapia is the biggest city in New Sylvania, also home to the Dovi Crime Family. In the 1970's, Lenapia is the place to be. Both Liberty City and Alderney would go through an economic downward spiral in the late 70's which would get many people to move to Lenapia. Lenapia's heavy population and mixture of cultures would be the result of making this city the metropolis it is today.

The Middle Sylvania District

  • Sylvania State College - The most prestigious college in New Sylvania with one of the best college football teams in America. 
  • Litchfield - Welcome to Amish Country. Thankfully they haven't claimed all of Litchfield. Mostly surrounded by cornfields and open road, but once you reach the heart of Litchfield, that's where all the craziness happens in Mid-Syl. Party with no worries. There are two syndicates running Litchfield. There's the Amish Union A.K.A. The Amish Mafia and the Heathen MC. Both are open to business but it must be by their rules.
  • Smithsburg - The Capital City of the Commonwealth of New Sylvania. With a population of 50,000+, it stands as the 5th largest city in New Sylvania. With Lenapia standing at number one with a population well over 1.8 million.

The Far West District

  • Aries - Named after Lake Aries. It is placed right in between Henderson, Orion and Monstresor, Liberty. Although it is considered LaTorre territory, that hasn't stopped the Grimaldi Crime Famly and the Pappalia Crime Family from establishing their own crews in the Lake city. Because of that and the high population of the city, crime is at an all time high with people indulging in gambling, drug trafficking, extortion, and murder.
  • New Carlisle - The historic town of New Carlisle lands right at the end of New Sylvania. Travel anywhere west of the town and you'll hit Burkestown, Orion. New Carlisle holds one of the biggest Irish communities in New Sylvania. Mob activity isn't known to be in existence in this town but the Irish do look after their own and aren't welcoming to outsiders.
  • Bagansville - The city time has forgotten. A remote town between New Carlisle and Havenburgh that is easy to miss and forget. Which makes it the perfect place for a mob hangout. The LaTorre Family conduct their bigger meetings in John LaTorre's mansion, known to them as The White House. Careful digging in the town soft soil, you are sure to find bodies.
  • Havenburgh - The home of the LaTorre Crime Family. Havenburgh is considered The Big City for a better future to the people of the Far West District. Any and every business is sure to be successful if you pay the LaTorre's a percentage each month. John LaTorre runs Havenburgh with an iron fist. No one can come and cause trouble and get away with it, they will sure be dealt with. As the "Burghies" say, the in West, the outlaws are the law.


State of Ohio

  • Burkestown - The city that borders The Commonwealth of New Sylvania; more specifically, Havenburgh. Here is where The Henderson Family also control the majority of Burkestown's businesses. Here is also where The Grimaldi/LaTorre unrest occurred, when Don LaTorre of Havenburgh began claiming turf on already established Grimaldi turf in the late '60's.
  • Henderson - One of Ohio's major cities, but it is Ohio's capital of the Mafia. The home of The Henderson Mafia Family, The Grimaldi Family, formed in the early 1900's as The Licata Crime Family until Summer of 1945 when Giant Joe Grimaldi became boss.

State of Liberty

  • Montresor - Home of The Pappalia Crime Family. The City of Montresor is known as The City of Light for its early embrance of electric power. Also considered a political powerhouse in the state of Liberty; with the exception of Liberty City.
  • Genesee - Home of The Luppo Crime Family, most known as The Wild Bunch within La Cosa Nostra. Genesee is seen as a calm residential town with some mom-and-pop businesses and warehouses. However, The Luppo's manage to accumulate millions a year from extortion and protection.

State of Alderney

  • Northern Alderney (Westdyke , Leftwood , Alderney City, and Berchem) - Home of The LoTruglio Crime Family, or simply, The Alderney Mob. Not known for its glitz and glamour like the neighboring, Liberty City, but it is a business hub for those that know how to manage it. The Alderney Family generates over sixty-million-dollars a year from their Alderney business alone.



  1. Prologue - June - You are introduced to the main character, Virgil Assante, during his tour in Vietnam just moments before returning to his hometown of Brooke-Meyer, New Sylvania
  2. Welcome Home Virgil - June - Virgil, alongside his long-time friends, go out about town to celebrate his glorious return from the war.
  3. Job Hunt - June - Thanks to Paul's help, Virgil finds his first job since his return.
  4. Routine - June - Virgil takes over Paul's routine work while he is away on business.
  5. First Date - June - Virgil takes Stefani out on a first date.
  6. In and Out - July - Virgil accepts a Breaking and Entering job alongside Phil Costigan and the local Irish Mob in Arborton.
  7. Blood Brothers - July - Virgil pays Phil Costigan a visit and accompanies him to see his brother, who has returned from Ireland.
  8. The Cost for a Cause - November 1968 - Learn the reasoning of the bad blood between Phil and his older brother, Liam.
  9. Fire Works Everytime July - Coming Soon
  10. What Happens in Silence - September - Coming Soon
  11. Can Always Be Heard - September - Coming Soon
  12. December Wishes - December - Coming Soon
  13. Frozen - December - Coming Soon
  14. What Comes Up, Must Come Down - August 1967 - Coming Soon
  15. For Phil... - December - Coming Soon
  16. Blood Stained Snow - December - Coming Soon
  17. A Torn Christmas - December - Coming Soon


Courier - The first set of side-missions you unlock after you complete "Routine". Paul Keitel will be your provider. Each task will involve calling Paul from a local payphone and reaching the destination of the Courier Car.

  • The Brooke Usual: All of your pick-ups and drop-offs will be based in Brooke-Meyer. A total of  3 pick-ups from Liberty City and drop-offs around Brooke-Meyer. Complete all runs and you will receive $150 per Pick-up and $200 per Drop-Off.
  • The Zimmerman Special: You must reach a junked car over at the Arborton junkyard. Once you make it, you have to sneak your way in, as the junkyard is riddled with local Arborton Police and State Troopers searching for the same item you're after. Once you reach the vehicle, you must search the trunk for a dufflebag filled with guns and heroin. You must then take the package to Pete Zimmerman's location outside of Arborton. He'll give you a big, yellow envelope filled with money ($1,000) that you can keep.
  • Detour: After meeting up with Pete Zimmerman in Kennedy Plains for a pick-up, he will inform you that his package has been stolen by a group of Polish Gangsters from Arborton and you must help him retrieve it back. You see their car on the highway going to Arborton and commence in a chase; you drive, Pete will shoot. Once they crash, you dive into a fight sequence and you must win the scuffle in order to retrieve the package. Once you do, you discover a duffle-bag of money (5,000 in singles and fives) in the trunk. You and Pete split it and you take it as payment. Report it to Paul and you will win $1,300 plus a new duffle-bag to store your walking around money. (Carries Max. 5,000. Be sure to upgrade it over time to fit more.)
  • Water Under The Bridge: Your next job is meeting up with an unknown fixer from the Mid-West who, due to his paranoia, chooses to meet under the Blackwater Street Bridge. When you arrive, you notice only one man sitting on a bench facing the river with a briefcase, placed under the bench. You approach him and sit next to him. He'll initiate a conversation to make sure you're the one he's waiting for. You suspect something strange because he is really nervous and keeps looking over his left shoulder towards a series of trees. Eventually, he'll snap and scream that he is Kensington Police and an entire squad of Police officers comes out from the trees. You punch the officer, knocking him down, and grab the briefcase. But you realize there's no way out. Your only escape is swimming across the Davenport River to Brooke-Meyer and escaping the police heat. Once you escape, you check the briefcase and see it contains two large packs of heroin. You call Paul via pay phone and he tells you it's hot and you can either dump it or sell it and make a nice profit. If you choose to dump it, go to the river where you can dump it. If you choose to sell it, you must store it in your safehouse. 
Edited by Francesco Bonomo

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Money Over Bullshit

Looking good man 👍

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Nice to see a GTA concept thread still around. Looking forward to this.

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Money Over Bullshit

This is really starting to come together now. Looking forward to seeing more soon :)

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Looks great man, love the cover art.

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Francesco Bonomo

Thank you guys for the comments.


I want to apologize for the wait for the first mission and the completion of the OP. I try to do little by little everyday until it's finally finished. When will that be? I am not sure but definitely sooner that later.

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Francesco Bonomo
Posted (edited)


A new weapon system is introduced in Grand Theft Auto: New Sylvania. The player can purchase weapons according to his/her eligibility. There will be 6 weapon classes, each with their own set of guns. The weapons listed below are color-coded with their class. The classes are for when you purchase the weapon or ammo from a fixer or a carpenter. If a weapon that is above your class is given to you, you can utilize it until it is out of ammo. You will not be able to pick up or purchase ammo, so choose your shots and make it last.


Credits to Cebra for the weapons


  • WHITE - Street Class
  • GREEN - Casual Class
  • REDEnforcer Class
  • BLUEProfessional Class
  • PURPLESpecial Class
  • GOLDMarkman Class


All credit goes to Cebra for the weapons listed from Bohemians & Blackjack


  • .38 Revolver
  • H&L Model 25
  • .45 Revolver
  • Handgun
  • Scorpio .44
  • .22 Semi Auto
  • SNS Pistol
  • Ferdinand ACP
  • Cobra
  • Schnauzer Pistol
  • Vom Feuer JB7 (New Sylvania Add-on)



  • Micro SMG
  • MAC
  • Mini SMG
  • H&L MS-83
  • PK61 (New Sylvania Add-on)
  • VM66
  • Gusenberg Sweeper
  • Grease Gun
  • Vom Feuer Mk. II


Ranged Rifles

  • Calvet Rifle
  • Woodstock A-66



The 1970's were a very experimental time when it came to making money on the streets and just plain, living your life. Maybe you don't have any warehouses yet, not to worry. The streets of New Sylvania offers an immense multitude of activities to kill time and make money. The various payphones spread around the state are one source of accessing these features. Others are word of mouth. Don't want to spread too much out on the streets. Stay frosty though; you never when you'll get attacked or called on while your guard is down. You've been warned.


The Social Club: Once you unlock Social Clubs, you have full access to any clubs where you are allowed in. Depending on the Families relations, you may, or may not, be allowed in certain social clubs. You can either avoid them or go in and risk a fight. If you choose the latter, you add to the heat level. Have high enough and you must roam about town looking over both shoulders. They will come after you and your money. So be very careful.

Heat Level:  GTA:NS introduces the Heat Level of both criminal and police. Works the same for both but the consequences are much different. Rise the Criminal Heal Level enough and you'll start being followed, staked out, even get tested to see if you'll back down. But if you do nothing, it'll go down on its own. However, if you continue to increase it, then they will take drastic measures to end your life. As for the Police Heat Level, rise it half-way, and you'll be messed with a lot more than usual. They'll pull over and muscle money out of you but won't arrest. Unless you rise it up, then they'll try their best to take you down. Dead or alive.

Investments: Once you have a nice amount of money at your disposal, you can look into investments. Such as purchasing run-down houses and shops to either use as stash houses, money laundering operation, or actually run an actual business. You can even make big investments towards New Sylvania's drug/car/clothing business. But invest wisely. You can easily get ripped and left broke. You can get loans from banks under different identities. Get too out of control, and all the debts will catch up to you.

Identity Theft: It was easy to do in the 1970's. You can use this feature to get loans from banks and credit unions in New Sylvania, Ohio, Liberty, and Alderney. Just don't get too sloppy.




Edited by Francesco Bonomo

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Francesco Bonomo


Enjoy the large variety of entertainment New Sylvania offers! From listening to today's hits on the radio to watching the latest film on the big screen. It's all there for your pleasure. Maybe you'd like to go on a drive and turn on the FM, listening to your favorite songs, making your trip an absolute dream. Or perhaps, you would prefer listening to your favorite songs in the comfort of your home. You can purchase albums at your local record store and let her rip on your vinyl player. And if you'd like, go ahead to the movie theaters and watch the latest Vinewood has to offer. Just know that boredom in New Sylvania, is not an option.


98.1 Electric FM

1971 - 1972

1. LED ZEPPELIN - Stairway to Heaven 2. CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - Have you ever seen the Rain 3. ROD STEWART - Maggie May 4. JANIS JOPLIN - Me and Bobby McGee 5. LORI LIEBERMAN - Killing me softly 6. AMERICA - A Horse with no name 7. JOHN LENNON - Imagine 8. THE DOORS - Riders on the storm 9. BREAD - If 10. DEREK AND THE DOMINOS - Layla 11. THE EDGAR WINTER GROUP - Free Ride 12. DOOBIE BROTHERS - Listen to the Music 13. MOTT THE HOOPLE - All The Young Dudes 14. ALICE COOPER - Schools Out 15. TODD RUDGREN - Hello It's Me 16. JACKSON BROWN - Doctor My Eyes 17. STEALERS WHEEL - Stuck in the middle with you 18. CARLY SIMMON - You're so vain 18. DAVID BOWIE - Starman 19. AMERICA - Ventura Highway 20. SEALS & CROFTS - Summer Breeze

1973 - 1974

1. DOOBIE BROTHERS - China Grove 2. STEVIE MILLER BAND - The Joker 3. NICE GUY - No More Mr. Nice Guy 4. CHICAGO - Feeling Stronger everyday 5. STORIES - Brother Louier 6. STYX - Lady 7. THE DOOBIE BROTHERS - Long Train Coming 8. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Spirits of the Night 9. DOLLY PARTON - Jolene 10. ELTON JOHN - Candle in the Wind 11. JONI MITCHELL - Help Me 12. LINDA RONSTADT - You're No Good 13. NEIL SEDAKA - Laughter in the rain 14. REDBONE - Come and get your love 15. JACKIE BLUE - Ozark Mountain Blues 16. BAD COMPANY - Can't get enough 17. JIMMY BUFFETT - Come Monday 18. DAVID BOWIE - Rebel Rebel 19. BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE - You ain't seen nothing yet 20. KISS - Deuce

Edited by Francesco Bonomo

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Francesco Bonomo
MISSION 3: Job Hunt - June 1971

Virgil is seen in the kitchen drinking coffee while everyones asleep. Stefani wakes up wearing only a white button-down white that is too big for her and makes her way to the kitchen towards Virgil. The two share an intimate look.

Stefani: Hiya Stranger.

Virgil: Hiya Back.

Virgil serves Stefani a cup of coffee and they sit down and talk.

Virgil: That was quite a night, last night.

Stefani: Yeah, it was.

Virgil: The perfect welcome home party with the perfect blonde alongside me.

Stefani looks down at her coffee to hide the fact she is blushing from Virgils compliment.

Stefani: Oh stop it. I'm not perfect.

Virgil: Don't do that.

Stefani: Don't do what?

Virgil: What you just did. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life apart from Paul when he wets his hair.

Stefani and Virgil share a laugh as they sip their coffee. They soon get silent and stare into each others eyes. Virgil looks deep into her bright blue eyes feeling enamoured. Stefani caresses Virgil's left side of his face with her hand. It's clear they want each other, so they lean towards each other to share a kiss. As they're face-to-face... Paul interrupts-

"What in the f*ck are you two doing? Falling in love? That's a no-no in Lord Keitel's Castle."

The two lean back and continue to drink their coffee.

Paul: Did I interrupt something?

Virgil: I hate you.

Paul: Aww Virgil's getting all touchy-feely with his new blondie.

Stefani: Quite the gentleman.

Paul: Better believe it Blondie.

Paul gets up and enters his bedroom and changes into more appropiate clothes. Nancy will also wake up-

"There any vodka? In this case, even rum will do."

She stands up completely naked in front of Virgil and Stefani, and also Phil who has just woke up.

Stefani: Nance, are you serious?

Phil: Yes. She. Is.

Virgil: Cover your eyes, Philly.

Phil: Oh f*ck you Virgil, if it's there, I'm f*cking looking.

Paul comes back to the living room-

Paul: Whoa, ready for round four?

Virgil: Four?

Stefani: Nance, can you please put some clothes on.

Nancy: It's not like they feel weird seeing me naked, do you, boys?

Phil: Define weird.

Paul: That is my sugar bowl, Phil. You got your own.

Stefani: That's it. Come with me.

Stefani will take Nancy to Pauls bedroom and help her get dressed.

Paul: Hey Blondie, me and Virgil gonna head out. Yous gonna be okay?

Stefani: Yeah.

Virgil: We're going out?

Paul: Yeah, let's go.

The two make their way to the door. Paul quickly stops his tracks and turn around-

"Make sure you leave her panties on my nightstand. Thank you."

Now they leave and enter Paul's car.

Paul: You drive.

Virgil: Where to?

Paul: Coolbaugh Meat Packing.

Virgil: That's all the way in Madison.

Paul: I'm aware.

Virgil: Okay.

You are given the objective to drive to the Madison Industrial Park. During the ride, Paul will initial conversation.

Paul: So.

Virgil: So.

Paul: Sooo, that blondie. How was she?

Virgil: Really?

Paul: What?

Virgil: That's a little personal, don't you think.

Paul: And you f*cking her on my bed isn't personal?

Virgil: ... Good point.

Paul: Now give me details.

Virgil: She's a wild girl. Her moans of ecstasy had me going crazy. And the kisses were something that felt amazing and-

Paul: I want dirty details, not no lovey-dovey bullsh*t. You suck at this.

Virgil: You're just a sly.

Paul: A Sly who wants to know if it's tight or not.

Once you have made it to your destination, a cutscene will commence. Showing Virgil and Paul walking in the reception desk of this meat-packing warehouse.

Paul: Hey there, good-looking.

Receptionist: How can I help you two?

Paul: Well, there's one thing you can help me with but that's for another day.

We're here to get this man right here, a job.

Virgil: Wait, what?

Paul: Aren't you looking for work?

Virgil: Well, yeah. But why here? There's no way I'd ever work here. No f*cking way.

Receptionist: The pay starts at $12 an hour.

Virgil: I'll take a look at that application.

Paul: Attaboy.

Virgil: I mean, it can't hurt right?

Paul: When can he start?

Receptionist: He can start right now if he'd like. First shift hasn't started yet.

Paul: He'll do it.

Virgil: Wait a minute-

Paul: He is so excited.

Receptionist: Follow me, sir.

Paul: Go kill 'em, Bud.

Virgil: I f*cking hate you.

Paul: You'll thank me later.

Virgil will follow the receptionist to a locker room where Virgil can change into more appropiate clothing for the job. Once you are all changed, you must follow her to the work area. She'll show you what you can begin doing which will be sealing packages and moving them to the next station. A QTE will appear where you must hit the right button at the right time without any errors. You will then be transfered to another station where you must also do the QTE. Once you completed that, the time will advance up until it's for you to leave. You step outside and feel the hot sun warming you up and you see Paul in his car waiting for you to get.

Paul: How was your first day, Bud?

Virgil: Not bad. I only got frost-bite uh, everywhere!

Paul: That's the working life, Man. Wanna go straight? Gotta do what you gotta do.

Virgil: If going straight means freezing in a meat-filled fridge til your dick feels off, then I want no part of it.

Paul: There are other jobs.

Virgil: I mean it. The nine to five life is not for me.

Paul: Actually it was like ten to almost six.

Virgil: Paul...

Paul: You want a real job?

Virgil: Yeah.

Paul: Alright.

Paul will pull over so you can switch to the driver seat.

Paul: Drive to Market St. and Jones.

Paul reaches towards the back seat and gets a plastic bag with a substance heavily wrapped in syran wrap and shows it to Virgil as he's driving.

Paul: This is what you're gonna do. I'm gonna tell you to drive to certain places to do drops offs and pick ups. You're main concern should be to make sure you don't bring back any police attention. If we get caught, we're looking at serious time.

Virgil: What is it we're dropping off or picking up?

Paul: Rule number one: Don't ever ask what you're picking up or dropping off. Makes the job easier. All you need to know is you're carrying something hot and you're selling it. Simple. Pick up, Drop off, Get paid, Drive away. Easiest money you'll ever get. Any questions?

Virgil: Uh..

Paul: Good.

Once you have reached your destination, you will notice another vehicle parked at the opposite direction in front of you.

Paul: Wait for him to flash his lights.

The other car flashes his lights once.

Paul: Now you flash 'em.

You flash your lights once. Then the car will start driving.

Paul: Now follow him.

You follow the other car to a desolate alleyway where you will come to a stop.

Paul: They will come to you. Just sit tight and have the package ready.

Two men will exit the other car and make their way towards you.

Paul: Gentlemen, I can see personal hygiene has not been good to you.

Thug 1: The package?

Virgil hands him the package.

Paul: The money?

The other thug will hand Paul a roll of cash.

Paul: Pleasure doing business, Gentlemen. Now do everyone a favor and invest in soap and new clothes. Let's go, V.

You will drive away.

Paul: Easy, right?

Virgil: They really tried to look intimidating.

Paul: They always do. Crazy Polacks. So what do you think?

Virgil: It's easy, it gets your blood pumping. I like it.

Paul: In that case, you work for me now. Now let's finish these runs.

Now you must complete three more drop offs to complete the mission. Once you completed all three, you are given the objective to drive back to Paul's home.

Paul: Good job, man. Not bad for your first day.

Virgil: Yeah, think I'll keep this job.

Paul: Good. Heres your first days pay.

Paul hands Virgil a roll of money with $300.

Virgil: Oh wow. For just one day?

Paul: For half a day. The more you do these runs, the more your pay adds up.

Virgil: Nice.

Paul: We'll do it again tomorrow. Now if you'll excuse me, I got a crazy alcoholic brunette waiting for me.

Virgil: Have fun.

Mission Passed


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I have to say if there's one thing that continues to stand out it's the back-and-forth between Virgil and Paul. It's natural, it's familiar, you can tell they annoy the sh*t out of each other but it's all part of the fun. It paints a very convincing picture that they've been friends for a long time. In that vein Paul also strikes me as a very memorable character in general. An irritating, womanizing prick that people grow to love like an even more intense Joe Barbaro from Mafia II.

Keep it up man. :^:

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But a Commonwealth... Is it supposed a independent country or a state from US? I understand by Commonwealth as an independent country who belong to an organism where are more countries who was colonized by UK. Unless New Sylvania is Canada, which is a Commonwealth.

Where is New Sylvania based?

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Francesco Bonomo

@Cebra. I enjoy writing for Paul. He's a mix of Joe Barbaro, Roman Bellic, and my best friend of 17 years.


@jesucristo. New Sylvania is based on Pennsylvania which is a commonwealth in real life.

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Francesco Bonomo
MISSION 4: Routine - June 1971

Paul has lent you his vehicle which you can utilize anytime and will spawn for you at your private parking space. Your next mission will begin between 12PM and 3PM at Paul's residence. Until then, feel free to roam around the beautiful city of Brooke-Meyer and get familiar with its beautiful sights. Like The Wilkes Square, The Davenport Shopping Centre, even The Gemini Cinema. Once you are ready to progress forward, you may do so.

Virgil makes his way to Paul's apartment and finds Nancy coming out. By looking at her current state, you can tell she had a crazy night with Paul. Her hair is dishevelled, her make up is smushed up, and her dress is inside out. Not to mention shes slurring her words indicating she is still drunk or high, or both. She sees Virgil coming up the steps-

"Heeey Virgil. You're looking good."

Virgil stops and responds to Nancy.

Virgil: Hey Nance. Glad to see you're fully clothed.

Nancy: Yeah-Wait, what?- Oh yeah.

Virgil: Anyway, Paul awake?

Nancy: Yeah he is.

Virgil: Okay.

Virgil walks in looking for Paul, only to realize he isn't there. He goes back to Nancy.

Virgil: Where is he?

Nancy: Oh, I forgot to mention, he left in the middle of the night. He told me to tell you if I saw you.

Virgil: And you saw me, and you didn't mention it. You had one job.

Nancy: F*ck you, Virgil.

Virgil: He say anything else?

Nancy: He left a note for you on the counter with a hand-writting only he can understand.

Virgil: I've known him my whole life, I can read his hand-writting.

Nancy: Okay then, have fun. Uh, you holding by any chance?

Virgil: What the f*ck, no. Paul usually keeps a stash under his bed.

Nancy: I know. It's done. Me and Paul hit it hard last night. Let me tell you, for a Jewish boy, he's got a big-

Virgil: OKAY! I get it. Can you please f*ck off.

Nancy:... Dick.

Virgil: Oh my f*cking God. Bye Nance.

Nancy will finally leave and Virgil will read the note that Paul left him. It reads:

"Yo V, I had to leave for Henderson. Won't be back for a couple or three days. In the meantime, take over my routine. I'll list everything below. You can keep anything you win. I'm gonna be looking at a big payout after this job. Take care, Brother.

P.S. Feel free to use my place as a shag pad. Make sure you f*ck them Lillys good so they come back, where I come in for the kill.

Pick Ups/Drop Offs

Frank Massucci - 183 Korver St. - BM

Pete Zimmerman - 1375 Oak St. - KP

Rich Rastagano - 1983 Todd Dr. - RO

Ari Avidan - 1940 Wayne St. - KS

Mario Polisi - 84 Old River Rd. - BM

Rudy Johannson - 84 Scarlett St. - AR

Shia Kudrow - 867 Dayton St. - AR

Jimmy Damenti - 7 Angeles St. - MA

Eli Rudd - 53 Idlewild Rd. - MC

Ron Fanucci - 78 Spring St. - BM

After your done, go to the Pisswasser Brewery in Romero and ask for Ruben Nebish, he's gonna pay you for the job."

After Virgil reads the letter, he'll make his way outside and you'll gain control of him. You will receive your first objective which is to go to 185 Korver St. Once you arrive, you will notice that the address is actually of an abandoned house. A cherry red Albany Emperor will be parked directly across the street. Once you flash your lights, so will the driver of the Emperor. He will then slowly drive towards you and will come to a full stop right besides your driver door. Both of you roll down your windows where you see the driver's face as the high-noon sun hits his face. This is Frank Massucci, a Algonquin, Liberty City native who works for The Pavano Crime Family doing weekly runs to Brooke-Meyer.

Frank: Where's the Jew?

Virgil: Couldn't make it. I'm subbing for him.

Frank: Oh really?

Virgil: Really.

Frank: Well I don't know who the f*ck you are, so why shouldn't I just drive away?

Virgil: If there's a problem, I'll go. But you wouldn't wanna piss off the wrong people, Aynit?

Frank: You got some f*cking balls. What's your name?

Virgil: Not important. We clear or we cross? (Are we doing this or not?)

Frank: Fine.

Frank will hand Virgil a dufflebag. You are not to know what's in it. Frank then hands a brown paper bag rolled up, held tight by two rubber bands.

Frank: Take care, Kid.

Virgil: Yeah, you too.

You have now completed your first pick up, now you must drop it off your next contact's location. You must make your way to 1375 Ok St. in Kennedy Plains to meet with Pete Zimmerman Like the previous location, this is also the address of an abandoned house. A man is seen sitting on the steps of the front porch. You flash your lights at him and he will signal you to come in the house. You will park your vehicle and make your way inside while carrying the dufflebag. Once you're inside the house, the man will be standing giving up a concerned look. You are unarmed, you don't know if something is going to happen to you but Virgil will maintain his cool and proceed with the transaction. The man will exclaim-


Pete Zimmerman will make his way downstairs where he acknowledges the fact that you are not Paul.

Pete: Who the f*ck are you?

Virgil: Courier Service. Package to deliver.

Pete: What happened with Paul?

Virgil: Occupied.

Pete: Just like that?

Virgil: Just like that.

Pete: Well, that's highly unfortunate. I was really hoping I'd see him.

Virgil: Well, I'm here. And if there's anything you'd like to say to him, you can say to me.

Pete: I don't wanna say anything, Mook. Yo, Conan!

Conan, a tall and extremely buff Irishman will come from the kitchen area.

Pete: Now, look. Paul f*cked up and Conan here, does not appreciate the fact Paul f*cked his girlfriend.

Conan: Paul will pay for the destroying the only thing that was pure to me.

Pete: Now, Being that Paul ain't here, unfortunately, you gotta take his place.

Virgil: Fine.

Pete: Wait, what?

Virgil: I said fine, bring on the Mick.

Conan: He's got brass.

Pete: This is gonna be good. Alright boys, have at it.

You will now commence in your very first Fight. Follow the instructions that will appear on your screen and win the fight. Once you have depleted Conan's health bar, Virgil will knock Conan down and punch his face in multiple times until he is pulled away by Pete.

Pete: Okay! Okay! You proved your point. Damn, you got a real demon fire in you.

Virgil: Who's next?

Pete: No one. That bearer (beating) was suppose to be for Paul. Guess he wins this time.

Virgil: Any of yous touch Paul, I'll hunt you down. We clear?

Pete: Uh... understood.

Virgil: Now back to business.

Pete: Just leave the package. Here's your money.

Virgil: Pleasure doing business.

Virgil leaves the house and you can now have control of him and proceed to your next location. You must now drive to the city of Romero and head to 1983 Todd St. Which is the address of a garage where you'll find your next contact, Rich Rastagano, in his office.

Rich: You must be Paul's friend.

Virgil: I don't know what you're talking about.

Rich: Of course you don't. No one should know.

Rich will reach under his desk and pulls out yet another dufflebag and hands it to Virgil.

Rich: You know where to go, right?

Virgil: Yeah.

Rich: Okay then. Here take this.

Rich hands Virgil another brown paper bag also tied with two rubber bands.

Rich: That's for you.

Virgil: Thank you. Anything else?

Rich: Not now. But I'll ring ya up someday.

Virgil: Great. Take care.

Now you can make your way to your next drop off to Kensington. The address provided to you is of a mom-and-pop Polish Restaurant owned by Ari Avidan, your drop off contact. You walk in and notice images of Poland, even a full sized flag of Poland hanging over the counter. You will need to walk up to the counter and speak to an older woman cleaning the counter. She speaks with a heavy Polish accent as she greets Virgil-

"Welcome to Polska, I am Roza. How can I help you?"

Virgil stops and takes a look around.

Virgil: I'm looking for Ari Avidan.

Roza: Are you friend?

Virgil: Is he here?

Roza: Give me moment.

Roza goes to the back and exclaims Ari's name in her native language.-

"Ari, jakiś włoski pies szuka cię z przodu. Powiedziałem ci, żebyś nie wnosił swojego brudnego interesu do naszej restauracji." (Ari, some Italian looking dog is out front looking for you. I told you to not bring your dirty business to our restaurant.)

Roza comes back with a friendly face.

Roza: He is coming. Can I get you anything?

Virgil: No, thank you.

Virgil will sit and wait for Ari to arrive. Once he does, he invites to his office in the back. Walking towards the office you notice Ari is looking frail and gets multiple chills like he is cold, even though it is currently the Summer season. All of these characteristics indicate that this Ari is a junkie. As soon as you enter his office, you get right down to business.

Virgil: Courier Service. Package to Deliver.

Ari: Good, good. [sniff] Can I see?

Virgil: You can when you pay me.

Ari: Come on, man. Just a peek.

Virgil: I f*cking told you the condition. Pay me and it's yours.

Ari: L-L-Look, I got the money. But I wanna see. Just please let me see.

Ari tries to reach for the package but Virgil reacts by slapping his hand out of the way.

Virgil: The f*ck you doing?

Ari: Paul always let's me see the package first.

Virgil: Well I ain't Paul. You give me the money first, then you can have the package.

Ari: Y-Y-You don't understand. I need to see the pa-

An unknown voice comes from outside the door exclaims in an angered tone.

Voice: Ari! Do it now!

Virgil: Do what now?

Ari: Nothing. N-N-Nothing.

Virgil: This is too f*cked. No dice.

Virgil attempts to walk out the office just to be interrupted by the sound of a gun cocking behind him. He turns around to see Ari pointing a .38 Louie at Virgil.

Virgil: What the f*ck is this?

Ari: Just please, leave the package and walk away. Please don't complicate things.

Virgil notices Ari's hands are shaking indicating he is nervous. Any sudden movements and Ari could pull the trigger. Virgil's moderate training in 'Nam helps him assess the situation with slow advancements towards Ari.

Virgil: Listen Ari, I know you're scared. Just try to take it easy.

Ari: I'm not scared, Wop! This was suppose to be for Paul.

Virgil: Why?

Ari: He's working for the wrong people.

Virgil: Wrong people?

The unknown voice gets louder-

"I don't hear anything in there. I'm coming in there!"

The door is locked but it's being kicked down. Virgil must act quick and get out of there with the money. So in a swift motion, Virgil throws the package at Ari's face as a distraction. Ari shoots the package and a mist of white powder spreads out. Virgil will tackle Ari and beat him until he stays down. At this moment, the unknown voice kicks down the door and sees Ari on the ground and rushes to him. In an attempt to wake him up, Virgil will come from behind the desk and tackles the man to the ground. They both get up, at full height, the man is at least six inches taller than Virgil and more muscular as well. They have a staredown for a few seconds until Virgil throws the first punch with all his might which will get the man in a dazed state. Virgil will continue punching him until he is back on the ground, at which point, the man will try to sneak a knife into Virgil's side, aware of this, Virgil will grab the knife. The man won't let go of it so Virgil must keeping hitting him in the face whilst holding the knife with the other hand. Eventually he'll let it go and Virgil will possess it. And with the same knife, Virgil will jab it through the mans right hand and right through the floor, trapping him. Virgil will get up, grabs Ari's gun, grabs the money and rushes out of there. Once outside, Virgil will get in his car and drives away. While looking back in the rearview mirror, he sees two vehicles, a Willard Solair and a Declasse Tampa, rushing towards him. Virgil understands, he is being chased. You must lose them, any way you can. Once you do, you are in the clear. At this point, you can proceed with the rest of the jobs which will happen with no problems. Once you are finished, you must head towards the Pisswasser Brewery outside Downtown Romero. At the security check in, you must announce yourself.

Security: How can I help you?

Virgil: I'm looking for Ruben Nebish.

Security: Name?

Virgil: Paul Keitel.

Security: Oh. Go right in Mr. Keitel. He's in his office right up those stairs.

Virgil: Thank you.

Make your way through the lot and to the office. Once you enter, a man with salt-and-pepper hair will be sitting on his desk chair with his back faced towards you-

"You must be Paul's boy."

Virgil remains silent. The man speaks again-

"Relax buddy. I'm a close friend of Paul."

"I'm Ruben, Ruben Nebish. A proud Jew from the beautiful city of Henderson. I believe you're Virgil Assante, right?"

Virgil seems more relaxed.

Virgil: Yeah.

Ruben: Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Virgil. Is that package for me?

Virgil: Yeah.

Ruben: A man with an extensive vocabulary, I see. I like it.

Ruben notices the dried-up blood on Virgil's hand.

Ruben: Had some trouble, huh?

Virgil: A little bit. Nothing I couldn't handle.

Ruben: That's good. But I'm curious. Are you those crazy I don't give a flying f*ck about life type people or do you have more balls than brains?

Virgil: I'm someone that knows how to get the job done.

Ruben: So it seems. Give me the package.

Virgil will give Ruben the package of money and gives Virgil his cut.

Ruben: Here you go, a thousand bucks. Not bad, huh?

Virgil: Not at all.

Ruben: Good. You did a good job... Out of curiousity, who did you have to f*ck up?

Virgil: Pete Zimmerman and his crew.

Ruben: They're a crazy bunch. Anyone else?

Virgil: Ari Avidan and his crew.

Ruben: Even Hansen?

Virgil: Who?

Ruben: Big buff guy with a speck of dirt for a brain.

Virgil: Yeah, I f*cked him up also. Pinned his hand to the floor with his own knife.

Ruben: Oh wow! I'm impressed. How about this, I'm gonna down my address. I want you to visit me sometime to talk business. Get some more miney in those pockets.

Virgil: Sounds good.

Ruben will write down his address and hands it to Virgil-

"I'll contact Paul first and I'll tell him. You go with him. Clear?"

Virgil takes the paper and stuffs it in his pocket-


Virgil walks away back to the car. At this moment, you have finished the mission.

Mission Passed


.38 Louie

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Francesco Bonomo

MISSION 5: First Date - July 1971

After Mission Four, your next mission will commence over at Stefani's residence in South Brooke-Meyer.

Once you arrive, Virgil will walk up the front steps and slowly approaches the door. He takes a deep breath and mentally prepares himself to proceed. He slowly raises his right hand and clenches his fist and takes a few moments with it raised. He is very hesitant to knock on the door, but he pushes himself to finally knock three moderate times. In the silence of the day, he can hear distant footsteps from behind the door, each step becomes clearer than the last as they came forth the door. In a slow motion, the door unlocks and opens revealing the deep blue eyes of Stefani which Virgil cannot keep his eyes off. Her smile becomes in sync with the weather as the day clears up and becomes sunny; Virgil smiles back, completely enamored of the sight.

Virgil: Hey, Stef.

Stefani: Hi, Virgil.

Virgil: It's nice to see you again.

Stefani: Yeah, me too. I mean, you too.

The two giggle at Stefani's slip up.

Virgil: You busy? Wanna grab a mug?

Stefani: I'm sorry, a mug?

Virgil: A coffee.

Stefani: Oh, oh yeah. I'd love to. Give me a few minutes to freshen up. Wanna come in?

Virgil: Y-yeah, yeah. I'd love to.

Stefani lets Virgil in tells him to make himself at home. Her house has a very nice and clean interior with dark brown wooden floors and pearl white walls. Stefani goes up the stairs and Virgil goes to the living room area. Virgil notices the abundance of pictures of Stefani and Nancy dated 1967 in South Essex Highschool in Henderson. He is hypnotized by her angelic look of innocence and beauty. A Sicilian woman with rich blonde hair and diamond blue eyes. Virgil smiles and notices Stefani's reflection from the window in front of him. He turns around and takes a moment to gaze at her beauty-

"You're beautiful."

Stefani blushes and smiles as she looks down in shyness. She looks up and in a delighted tone-

"Thank you."

The two smile and head out. They enter Virgil's car and you get the objective to head to Sweet Dee's Diner in South Brooke-Meyer.
plays on the radio.

Stefani: I love this song.

Virgil: Me too.

Stefani: Do you, really?

Virgil: Of course. It's a great summer song.

Stefani: Yeah, it is.

Virgil: But I'm more of a Neil Diamond person.

Stefani: Really? Oh my goodness.

Virgil: What?

Stefani: I actually love Neil Diamond. He's my favorite.

Virgil: Then it looks like we're gonna get along pretty well.

Stefani: Yes, it does.

Once you arrive at the diner, the two will be seated in a booth and are served coffee. They sit quietly while they drink their coffee for a brief moment. Virgil breaks the silence.

Virgil: Is your coffee good?

Stefani: Yeah, it is. Thank you.

The silence continues.

Virgil: Okay.

Stefani: What is it?

Virgil: We just had a full conversation in the car about music, and here we are at the diner and we're not talking.

Stefani: I'm sorry. I'm just a little nervous.

Virgil: Well you don't have to be. I'm nervous too. The fact that you actually agreed to spend time with me, I still can't believe it.

Stefani: Well that's certainly a surprise.

Virgil: Why's that?

Stefani: Well, after the night we first met, I thought that I was just a quick at-bat to you. I'm really not that way. I don't know. I felt safe with you, like I could trust you, I don't know why.

Virgil: Well, this may not sound believable, at least right way, but you can trust me. I mean, after a crazy night like that and here we are having a mug, that's gotta count for something.

Stefani: I guess so.

Virgil: So let's start over. I'm Virgilio Alberto Assante. You can, of course, call me Virgil.

Stefani: I'm Stefania Madonna Ferlito from Henderson, Orion. You can call me Stefani.

Virgil: No sh*t, Henderson. That's pretty cool.

Stefani: It's okay, I guess. Where you from?

Virgil: I'm from here. Good ol' Brooke-Meyer.

Stefani: Local boy, huh?

Virgil: Damn right. So if you don't mind me asking, what brings you to the Brooke?

Stefani: Well a couple of years ago, Nancy and I were actually planning on moving to Lenapia.

Virgil: Why?

Stefani: Nancy is from Lenny. She moved to Henderson in '64 I think, to get away from her crazy family.

Virgil: So I'm guessing she wanted to move back 'cause she got homesick.

Stefani: At first.

Virgil: What do you mean?

Stefani: We made it to Lenny in '69 and stayed for maybe three months.

Virgil: What happened?

Stefani: I honestly don't know. I remember Nancy getting dropped off by someone driving like a bat out of Hell. She rushed upstairs and told me we had to go. I'm asking why but she wouldn't tell me.

Virgil: Jesus...

Stefani: She was covered in blood, I remember. I never saw her so scared. So we left Lenny and here we are.

Virgil: Sounds like a Saturday night with Paul.

Stefani: Speaking of Paul, how was he growing up?

Virgil: Oh man, where to begin... Me and Paul been friends since we was five. We been through everything, me and him. He uh, lost his father when he was twelve and his mother, well, she left.

Stefani: Oh God. She just left? Why?

Virgil: People say it's 'cause she got in trouble with some very bad people. She packed all her things and got the Hell out of dodge, leaving Paul all alone. He had nowhere to go, so I took him in. My parents raised him and he's been my brother ever since.

Stefani: That's nice. I like Paul. He's a joker.

Virgil: Oh yeah, you'll never find anyone with a sick sense of humor like his.

The two laugh and continue drinking their coffee. As time fast forwards, the diner's customer count would fluctuate from empty to full throughout the next few hours. Virgil and Stefani remain in their booth, talking non-stop. Enjoying each others company. They finally decide to leave the diner. As they stand outside, Virgil reaches into his jacket and takes out a cigarette and lights it. He shares it with Stefani. The most noticeable indication of their feelings for each other lies in their stares and smiles they share once they do.

Virgil: I feel like I should say something right now.

Stefani: Like what?

Virgil: I don't know. But I do know I wanna kiss you.

Stefani: Then what are you waiting for?

Virgil and Stefani share a very intimate kiss outside the diner until they get interrupted by a strange voice from behind Virgil-

"Well ain't this a thing of beauty."

Stefani notices the person instantly and her eyes become wide-open in a surprised manner. Virgil turns around and also notices the person and takes offense to his interruption.

Voice: You two seem to be liking each other quite a bit, huh?

Virgil: Marco "The Ratfink" Giancarlo.

Marco: Oh, that hurts, Gilly. That really hurts. But I'm the one that should be hurting you.

Virgil: Try it, A**hole.

Marco: Be patient. You've only been making out with my girlfriend, is all.

Stefani: Ex.

Marco: And she admits it. Bet you didn't know that, huh Gilly?

Virgil turns to look at Stefani in disappointment.

Virgil: You were with him?

Stefani: That's ancient history. We broke up a year ago.

Marco: Uh, six months ago actually.

Virgil: F*ck you, Marco!

Marco: Touchy.

Stefani: It doesn't matter, Virgil. I like you and I want you. Why let this change things between us?

Virgil: I hate this rat-face F*ck with a passion.

Marco: Standing right here, Gilly. You can always tell me to my face.

Virgil turns around and walks aggressively towards Marco only to be pulled back by Stefani.

Stefani: Virgil, don't! It's exactly what he wants.

Marco: Come on, Gilly. I know you wanna take a shot.

Virgil: Let me go so I can kill him.

Marco: Attaboy, come here and kill me

Stefani: Virgil, please. Don't do this. I know exactly what he's doing. Trust me, you don't wanna hurt him.

Marco: Come on, Gilly. I'm waiting.

Virgil closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to reclaim his calmness.

Virgil: You should thank her, Marco. You get to live another day.

Marco: The infamous Virgil Ass-Eater backs down from a fight with Marco "The Champ" Giancarlo. Next time it shall be, Ass-Eater.

Marco walks away with a cunning smile on his face and enters the diner where two men in suits were standing behind the entrance. Virgil and Stefani get in the car and drive away. The entire ride is spent in a very tense silence. Virgil will startle Stefani when he begins raging and continuously punching the steering wheel while screaming-

"F*CK! F*CK! F*CK!"

Virgil will drive to Stefani's house and drop her off. Before exiting the vehicle, Stefani stays to speak with Virgil first.

"Look, I'll understand if you don't wanna see me ever again. I didn't know you and Marco had bad blood. I really am so-"

Before Stefani can finish the sentence, Virgil quickly goes up and kisses her.

Virgil: You don't gotta apologize. I'm sorry I raged like that.

Stefani: So everything's okay?

Virgil: For now.

Stefani: [Relieved] Thank God.

Virgil: Can I ask you something?

Stefani: Sure.

Virgil: Why wouldn't you let me hit him?

Stefani: Because, he's a Made Guy.

Virgil: What? Made?

Stefani: Yeah. You can't touch guys like him. That would mark your death sentence real quick.

Virgil: Made. I'll be goddamned.

Stefani: When we dated, he always acted like he was more superior than everyone else. I hated it. Not to mention the fact I barely saw him. he would be in Lenapia majority of the time.

Virgil: Guessing that's where he got made then.

Stefani: Yep.

Virgil: Guess I owe you my life. How can I repay you?

Stefani: Why don't you come in and I'll tell you.

The two will exit the car and make their way towards the house. Virgil gets interrupted by a car honking its horn continuously to get his attention. He realizes it's Paul in a Dundreary Brigand.

Virgil: Paul, when did you get back?

Paul: Just a couple of hours ago. Hey, Blondie. Looking good.

Paul will get out and signals Virgil to go towards him.

Virgil: What's up?

Paul: Got a job.

Virgil: Really? Right now?

Paul: Yep.

Virgil: But...

Paul: I know you was gonna get some yams but we gotta do this. You can come back.

Virgil goes back to Stefani-

"I gotta go. But I'll be right back. Just gotta handle something. Okay?"

Stefani kisses Virgil-

"Just be careful. I'll be here waiting."

Virgil enters Paul's vehicle and drives away.

Paul: You drive. I just drove seven hours straight.

Virgil: Where we going?

Paul: Kenzie Park. Step on it

Virgil: Okay. Where did you get this car? It's b*tching.

Paul: Just bought it yesterday in Henderson.

Virgil: Meaning I can keep your car?

Paul: Of course. It's practically yours anyway, Bud.

Virgil: Wow, thanks Paul.

Paul: No problem, V. By the by, how's your baseball swing?

Virgil: That a real question?

Paul: Well let's just say, this job may require you to bash in some skulls with a wooden bat. Emphasis on "may."

Virgil: My swing's pretty good.

Paul: Good. Okay, so here's the low-down. Ruben, You remember Ruben? [Virgil: Yeah.] Well, he has been having trouble getting his bookie business back the way it was. He's getting harassed by some Polaks from Arborton working for some outfit in Lenapia.

Virgil: Lenapia, huh?

Paul: Yeah. What?

Virgil: Nothing, just... Actually, listen. I took Stefani out for a mug at the diner.

Paul: Okay.

Virgil: And everything was going fantastic. Until I saw that c*cksucker Marco Giancarlo. You remember him?

Paul: As much as I hate remembering him, yes, I remember him.

Virgil: Well apparently, he and Stef used to date. And he was acting the same exact way as before, pissing me off. I wanted to sock him dead in his ratfink face.

Paul: He's Made, though. You can't touch him.

Virgil: You knew too?

Paul: Everyone in the Brooke knew. He threw a big celebration in La Isabella. I went to f*ck his sister. Ended up f*cking his mother. She still got that swagger about her.

Virgil: You're sick.

Paul: And don't I know it. Anyway, you're pissed. This is good. It means you can use that to politely hit home-runs off some Polaks head. Whaddya say?

Virgil: Sounds very theraputic.

Paul: It is.

Virgil: I was being sarcastic.

Paul: Oh... F*ck you.

Once you arrive at Kenzie Park and park, Paul will point out the group of six Polish gangsters and reaches for two wooden baseball bats from the back seat and hands one to Virgil.

Paul: Okay, you see that group of Polak a**holes over there?

Virgil: Yeah.

Paul: We gonna head over there and f*ck them up. Questions?

Virgil: Nope.

Paul: You sure?

Virgil: Yeah.

Paul: Now I got a question.

Virgil: No time, let's rage.

Paul: Uh, okay.

Virgil and Paul make a bee line towards the group tightly gripping their bats. Paul taunts the group-

"Hey A**hole's. Why did the Polak cross the road? He couldn't get his dick out of the chicken."

The group charges at Virgil and Paul and they commence fighting. You must time your attack and counter in order to hit combo's that increase damages towards your opponent. Virgil was trained in hand-to-hand combat in the military. His fighting moves, once they are timed perfectly, can bring down up to three opponents at one time. Similar to the fighting mechanic from The Warrior's. Virgil will have a Rage Mode which, once activated, can increase his strength and resistance to hits. Once all six men are down, you and Paul walk away towards Pauls' vehicle.

Paul: That was fun as f*ck.

Virgil: I'm not gonna lie, it felt good.

Paul: See, it is theraputic. In a sadistic and criminal way.

Virgil: I'll keep that in mind.

Paul will notice a white Enus Cognoscenti parked not far from his vehicle. He and Virgil walk towards it. The back window will roll down revealing Ruben.

Paul: Ruben, hey.

Ruben: Hey, Paul. I see you put on quite a show there.

Paul: Here's hoping Vinewood catches on.

Ruben: Those men you two messed up, had it coming. But I know these Polak's ain't gonna stop but at least they'll get this message.

Virgil: Hopefully you find our work to his liking.

Ruben: Oh I do, Virgil. Anyway, here's your pay.

Ruben hands Paul and Virgil each with an envelope filled with money.

Ruben: Hope you find it your pay more than enough.

Paul: Oh, it's definitely more.

Ruben: Good. Paul I need you to do some security work tomorrow at The Cabaret. Got a very important person coming by and I want security beefed up.

Paul: Understood.

Ruben: And as for you Virgil, good job. I'll be expecting a visit from you soon, yeah?

Virgil: Yes, Mr. Nebish. Thank you.

Ruben: You boys take care.

Ruben will order his driver to drive away.

Paul: Alright. You just made a connection. And a great one at that.

Virgil: This job keeps getting interesting.

Paul: Told you, it's f*cking b*tching,

Virgil: So what it is you do in Henderson?

Paul: Oh look at the time, time to get some yams. I'll see ya around, Buddy.

Virgil: Such a dick-head.

Mission Passed


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Great concept


Keep up the great work! :^:

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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 6: In and Out - July 1971


In order to commence your next mission, you must head home and answer your phone.


Once you pick up-


Virgil: Hello?

Voice: Hey Virgil, whaddya say?

Virgil: Hey Philly, what's going on?

Phil: Nothing much. Got something going on here in Arborton and I'm missing one guy so, I thought of you. Whaddya say?

Virgil: I don't know, Philly. What's the thing exactly?

Phil: It's the type of thing that I can't really explain over the phone. But look, all you'll be doing is driving and that's it. Easy as can be.

Virgil: Just driving?

Phil: Just driving.

Virgil: Okay, I'm in. Where do I meet you?

Phil: First and foremost, I need you to pick up a truck over at Rich's Garage in Romero. Figured since you're closer, I could ask you to get it. That other douchebag whose missing was suppose to get it.

Virgil: What kind of truck?

Phil: A Boxville Mario's friend is lending me. Tell him you're Mario's friend and he'll give you the keys. Then I need you to hit I-18 and head straight to Arborton. Meet me over at the storage lot by Jenni's.

Virgil: Alright, I could do that.

Phil: Sweet! Alright, see you in a bit, Bud.


You are now given an objective to head to Rich Rastagano's Chop Shop in Romero.


Once you arrive, you will notice Mario's car parked in front of the garage. There is someone sitting in the passenger seat who seems to be waiting for Mario. You hear a door opening and upon gazing the entrance to the office, you see Mario and Rich saying their goodbyes as Mario walks away. He will notice you right away-


Mario: Hey Virgil. Wasn't expecting you here. How you doing?

Virgil: I'm doing good. Just picking up a truck for Philly.

Mario: A truck for Philly? Wait, don't tell me you're doing that f*cked up job for him.

Virgil: I mean, I guess. He didn't really tell me what the job is, just driving he said

Mario: Well, Philly and his Wino Uncle are gonna pull off some Slicks in Arborton. He probably called you because his driver pussied out.

Virgil: Is it risky?

Mario: I say it is. With all the sh*t Phil's been getting into lately, you never know. Take a cannon with you just in case.

Virgil: I mean, I could use the money, y'know?

Mario: Well then, come with me. There's someone I want you to meet.


Mario will take Virgil to his car to meet the gentleman sitting in the passenger seat.


Mario: Virgil, I want you to meet Bobby Manganelli, Attorney at Law. Bobby, this is Virgil Assante, my best friend. Came back from 'Nam about a month ago. Been doing work for the Jew since then.

Virgil: Wait, what the f*ck. You telling my life story to a lawyer? You out of your mind?

Mario: Relax V, he ain't your ordinary lawyer.

Bobby: He's right. I'm a person with more connections than a phone company. The whole lawyer thing is for show. Trust me. Where do you live?

Virgil: Brooke-Meyer.

Bobby: Well, if you find yourself in Romero after today, get Mario to set up a meeting between you and me. I always got work.

Virgil: Okay. Thank you, Mr. Manganelli.

Bobby: No problem.

Virgil: Well look, I gotta go. But it was great seeing you, Mario.

Mario: Right back at 'cha. Let's all link up soon.


Now you may walk to the office and speak with Rich.


Virgil: Hey Rich.

Rich: Hey ummm, Victor, right?

Virgil: It's Virgil. Virgil Assante-

Rich: Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. So what do you need?

Virgil: I'm Mario's friend. Picking up a truck.

Rich: What truck?

Virgil: What do you mean, what truck? The truck that's for Mario's friend, which is me.

Rich: I don't know what you're talking about, Buddy.

Virgil: It's a Boxville. There is a Boxville in your lot. There's no other garage in this town that has a Boxville in their lot. You're the only one. So I'm certain that's the truck I'm here to pick up. So can you please throw me the keys?

Rich: I don't see a truck out there.

Virgil: You gotta be... You're meaning to tell... I need that truck.

Rich: What truck?

Virgil: The f*cking black Boxville!

Rich: Alright! I was just breaking balls. You take sh*t a little too serious. Anyway, here's the keys. Do me a favor and don't bring that truck back here again. Okay?

Virgil: Fine.


You will grab the keys and get in the Boxville. Remember, this a heavy vehicle. So watch your speed as you're turning. And don't worry about your car, it will spawn back at your safehouse in Brooke-Meyer. Now once you are ready to hit the road, make your way to I-18 South. Watch your speed and your maneuvering, I-18 is infested with cops every mile. You are going to take exit 145 to West Arborton. Once you are off the ramp, your destination is just a few miles down the road. Once you arrive at the storage lot, Phil, along with two others, will be there already in a Albany Emperor. They will exit the vehicle once you have exited the Boxville. Phil will walk up to you-


Phil: Hey, man. Glad you made it okay. Come on, let me introduce you to the crew. This big handsome mistake is Ben Queenan. Everyone calls him Hamfist or Hammy, for the love of God, don't ask why. And this string bean is Scar Berkery. You can tell why they call him that [Pointing out Berkery's scar right under his right eye] This is Virgil Assante, my best friend from Brooke-Meyer.

Hamfist: Hey.

Scar: How you doing.

Virgil: Hey guys.

Phil: Alright, now we're all friends. Let's end this circle-jerk and get out of here. We're taking the truck. Let's go.


Everyone hops in the truck.


Virgil: Where to?

Phil: The junkyard.

Virgil: Okay. Mind telling me what job we're doing?

Phil: Alright. When the clock strikes midnight, we are gonna hit the night market. A list of cars that my Uncle Mickey needs to sell. Should be easy money.

Virgil: Why use the truck if we're just boosting cars?

Phil: I don't know. Mickey said we needed it.

Virgil: That doesn't help, but, whatever.


The junkyard is located at the far east region of Arborton. You will need to pay a toll of $5 to enter without a wanted level. Once you are in, follow the dirt path that will lead you to a small warehouse in the center of the junkyard, surrounded by towers of crushed vehicles and scrap metal. Enter through the side entrance and you will notice the lack of lighting throughout the warehouse. Look ahead and you will see a single one-bulb-light above a roundtable flickering on and off very sporadically. Standing next to the table is a man with his back facing you, he lifts his arm, clutching a bottle of whiskey, and takes in a massive gulp. Phil will call out his name-


"Uncle Mickey!"


He turns around-


Mickey: Hey Nephew. Glad you could make it.

Phil: No problem. You remember Virgil, right? From the Brooke.

Mickey: Of course, Army boy. How are ya, Bud?

Virgil: I'm good, Mick. It's good seeing you. Last time I saw you, it was through a glass window and phone in Ritter Prison. When did you get out?

Mickey: I got out about a month after you left to kill them dog-eating-commie-pricks. Been working on the low since then.

Virgil: That's good.

Mickey: Yeah. Anyway, I assume you're here to help out Philly with this job, right?

Virgil: That's right.

Mickey: Alright! This is great news. We need a man with your caliber on this job. Let's dive on in then.


Mickey unfolds a map with Arborton circled and multiple red dots across the region.


Mickey: The Night Market is on tonight, and we got a shopping list. It's small but we're looking at a good payday if we do this right. Now, my guys in Lenapia need these particular cars because they can move them quickly without any unwanted attention. It's three cars. Nothing fancy, but definitely valuable. The first one is a Albany Cosa located on Pulaski and Jerome, owned by a jewel guy who ripped off the wrong people. The second is a cherry Bravado Cargador with a V8 engine that purrs like a drunk Lilly in Mardi Gras. That's in Higgins Street. Belongs to a San Fierro man, no need to worry about him. And last but not least, an Annis 570Z. A Jap car with incredible speed and handling. That's in locked garage in Perango and West Diamond, by the cemetary. Any questions?

Scar: Yeah I got one. Why do we need the Boxville? If we're just boosting cars, we could've just cruised in a regular car. Brings less attention.

Mickey: The truck is used for something else. I'll be tagging along. Me, Scar, and Ham will boost the cars. Virgil, you'll be driving us to the cars locations. After we get all three cars, I need you and Philly to go to a house. When I say house, it's more like a Los Santos estate not far from here. It's on 17 Colbert Lane. What we want is not in the house, but in the garage in the back. You have to open it with a key which you have to get from inside the house. If I'm not mistaken, it's located in a nightstand on the master bedroom.

Virgil: You're kidding.

Phil: No he's not. The owner of that house stumbled upon a shipment of something valuable and stacked them in his garage. We get those boxes then we leave. Simple.

Mickey: That's right. Any more questions?


Everyone remains silent.


Mickey: Good. We'll wait til midnight then we hit the streets.


Time will fast-forward to midnight. The crew is now ready to commence. They all get in the truck and you are given the objective to head to either the Albany Cosa, the Bravado Cargador, or the Annis 570Z. They all must be hit first before hitting the mansion. During the drive to the first vehicle-


Mickey: So Virgil, how you holding up?

Virgil: Not bad.

Mickey: How about money-wise?

Virgil: I can't lie, it can be better. Been doing some work and they pay but I'm still sharing an apartment with my friend.

Mickey: Why don't you connect yourself with those Italians in Romero?

Virgil: Actually, I kinda already did. Just today while I was picking up the truck. I met this heavy-set guy named Bobby Manganelli. Says if I ever go back to Romero after today, to meet up with him.

Mickey: Bobby-f*cking-Manganelli. Play your cards right and he'll set you up for life.

Virgil: I hope.


If you went for the Albany Cosa first, Scar will exit the truck and go for it. You can now go to the next location. Either the Bravado Cargador or the Annis 570Z.


Phil: You know Mario is on the way of getting set up for life.

Virgil: Really? How do you know?

Phil: Well it's a wild guess. You see his house, his car, all the time he's spending in Romero with guys like Bobby Manganelli. Put two and two together.

Mickey: Yeah, but remember the only way in.

Phil: Oh I know he can do it.

Mickey: What about you, Virgil?

Virgil: What about me?

Phil: You know.

Virgil: No I don't. Care to elaborate?

Phil: Do you think you can point a gun at a man and pull the trigger, and feel nothing?

Virgil: What do you think, Philly?

Phil: I think you can. I think you can stare at the eyes of any man while he takes his last breath, and liking it. Like me. I have no problem jabbing a knife through someone's heart, shooting them in the head, burning their bodies. As long as it pays.

Virgil: Everyone has a price.

Phil: Some just genuinely enjoy it.

Virgil: ...You need to get laid.


If you went for the Bravado Cargador, Hamfist will go for it. Your next objective is now the last vehicle, which in this case, is the Annis 570Z.


Mickey: Okay boys, I'm up. The gate will be open at the junkyard so just pull right in and unload the boxes. Virgil, I need you to torch this truck away from the junkyard afterwards, okay?

Virgil: You got it.

Mickey: Okay. Now listen Philly, no bodies. Okay?

Phil: You ain't gotta worry about me.

Mickey: I do. But just promise me, no blood. I need this to be clean.

Phil: Okay, you got my word.

Mickey: Good.


Once you drop Mickey off at the last vehicle, make your way to the mansion. You will be on a time limit so be quick but careful. During the drive, you will notice Phil taking out a pistol and loading it.


Virgil: Did you not hear Mickey say no bodies?

Phil: Relax, this is just in case. I'd rather risk it all than being shot and killed in a slick. You should check yours.

Virgil: Check it for me.


Virgil hands the pistol to Phil and he loads it. Once you arrive the mansion, park the Boxville on the driveway in reverse near the garage.


Phil: Okay, here's what we're gonna do. You stand guard by the garage while I go inside and get the key. You hear anything unusual, rush in. Got it?

Virgil: Yeah, I got it.

Phil: Okay. When I get the key, I'm gonna throw it at you from the top window. You catch it and get that door open right away. Start loading the truck and I'll help as soon as I get out the house.

Virgil: And no bodies.

Phil: You're no fun, but fine.


Phil will make his way inside by entering through an open window. You must stand by the garage looking at the back second floor window, that's where Phil will throw you the keys. You only have about three hours until sunrise so as soon as Phil throws you the keys, get started on opening the garage door. Once you do, you will notice stacks of wooden boxes marked "Cubaney", a cigar company. The goal is to load 20 boxes unto the truck under the time limit. If you have time, you can load more which will give you a bigger reward. Once you are finished, close the garage door and disperse from the area.


Phil: Yeah, Baby! We did it. Clean and without a trace. He's gonna wake up to a surprise, that's for sure.

Virgil: Yeah, but, did we really get cigars?

Phil: Whaddya mean?

Virgil: The boxes are marked "Cubaney", that's a Cuban cigar company.

Phil: Well sh*t, pull over so we can check it out.


You can pull over anywhere. Phil will go in the back and open one of the boxes. He does, in fact, find cigars.


Phil: What in the f*ck.

Virgil: What?

Phil: F*cking cigars!

Virgil: The f*ck does Mickey want with a truck-full of cigars?


Phil looks deeper into the box and finds an entire layer at the bottom covered in a black rag. After he uncovers it, he discovers an entire Kilo of Heroin.


Phil: Oh sh*t. Virgil, you're gonna want to see this.


Virgil goes over-


"Jesus f*cking Christ. Is that what I think it is?"


Phil cuts a small incision into the pack and takes a small amount with his knife.


Phil: We just stole a f*ck-ton of Brown, V.

Virgil: Guess Mickey forgot to mention this sh*t. Who the f*ck did we steal from?

Phil: I don't know but we gotta got this to the junkyard now.


Virgil will take the wheel again. You must make your way to the warehouse in the junkyard. Once you arrive, the crew will be there already. Pull the truck in and exit. Virgil and Phil will approach Mickey.


Mickey: A job well done, boys.

Phil: What exactly were we stealing, Uncle Mick?

Mickey: Well, uh, cigars. Prime Cuban cigars that you all will be getting as a small reward before the actual reward.

Phil: You sure there isn't anything else in them boxes?

Mickey: Like what?

Phil: Oh I don't know, maybe uh, a huge pack of Heroin at the bottom?


Both Scar and Hamfist will look at Mickey with a blank expression.


Virgil: What exactly are you getting into, Mickey?

Mickey: Look boys what's done is done. Okay.

Phil: What ordinary man keeps about thirty kilos of Heroin in his garage, in f*cking Arborton!?

Mickey: Alright! I can see why you're a bit upset.

Scar: A bit?

Mickey: But the truth is, there is a huge market out there for this sh*t. The Polaks have been profiting from this ten-fold. We tried to be their friends and get in on this with them as partners, but they refused. So I said, f*ck it. We take it from them and sell it. They wouldn't dare jump off and attack. They're under enough bullsh*t as it is.

Virgil: So the Polaks are just gonna take this and do nothing? You honestly believe that?

Mickey: Yeah.

Hamfist: These Pierogi-eating-f*ckers are gonna be pissed the f*ck off when they find out it was us.

Mickey: Look, the job is done and that's all that matters. Let me deal with them. As soon as I flip all of this, you guys will get your cut. Until then, just stay away from Arborton until I tell you it's clear. That's it.


Everyone will walk out of the warehouse.


Phil: Sh*t is gonna get real ugly. Be prepared.

Virgil: What about you?

Phil: I'll be okay. I'm going straight to the Brooke, though. I'll see you there.

Virgil: Okay.


Your vehicle will spawn in front of the warehouse. You have completed the mission.


Mission Passed


No reward yet


-Post Mission Phonecall-


Three days after this mission, you will receive a phone call from Mickey at your safehouse.


Mickey: Hey Virgil, how are ya?

Virgil: I'm good, Mickey. What's up?

Mickey: Just money, Virgil. I got your cut and left it with Philly. Swing by his place and he'll give it to you.

Virgil: Great, thanks, Mickey.

Mickey: No problem. You take it easy, Virgil.


You can visit Phil at his house anytime to pick up the money. The reward is $2,500.

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Insane. Hire this man NOW

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Francesco Bonomo
Mission 7: Welcome Home, Brother - August 1971

Weeks have past since the last mission. At your safehouse during the night, you will hear your phone ring. You pick up and it's Phil sounding rather intoxicated.

Virgil: Hello

Phil: [slurred] Hey Virgil.

Virgil: You okay, Philly?

Phil: Yeah, I'm good. Uh... Can you swing by my place? I need your help with something.

Virgil: Sure, no problem. You sure you okay?

Phil: ...

Virgil: Phil?

Phil: Oh, hey Virgil. How you doing?

Virgil: Oh my God, I'm coming over right now.

Phil: Good, 'cause I need your help with something.

Virgil: Bye, Phil.

You are given the objective to head to Phil's house. When you arrive and approach the front door, you notice it is ajar. You have your gun on hand and slowly advance forward. You can hear
playing at maximum volume. It's coming from the living room. You go and notice the room is only dimly lit, all of the shades are down, and an ashtray full of half-smoked cigarettes. There is also one of the "Cubaney" cigar boxes from the last mission with an open pack of heroin. You notice Phil laying down on his couch, with his left arm tied and a used needle laying on the table along with three empty bottles of whiskey. You wake Phil up by giving him a hard smack across his face-

"Ah, what the f*ck!"

When he sees you in his intoxicated state, he slowly gets up speaking incoherently.

Phil: [slurred] What's up, Virgil. Glad you made it.

Virgil: What the f*ck, Phil? Is this really what you do in your free time? Killing yourself with this poison?

Phil: Don't judge me, V. Everyone has their escape. This is mine.

Virgil: Escape from what?

Phil: Our Demons.

Virgil: You're just inviting them into your house.

Phil: Besides [sniff] I don't do it a lot. I just baby-dose from time-to-time.

Virgil: That's how it f*cking starts. Eventually, you'll realize you can't stop because you feel like you need it.

Phil: Like with coke? 'cause I see it leaves no long-lasting effects on you or Paul.

Virgil: This ain't about me, Philly. This is next level sh*t. This is sure to kill you.

Phil: Life has already killed me. And the Angel of Death will come and claim me after I inflict damage upon a specific human being that will mark my end.

Virgil: Okay, that's it.

You grab Phil and throw him in the bathtub and fill it with cold water. Phil will attempt to get out of it but you must keep him down until he calms down and sobers up a bit. After some time has passed, he'll come to his senses.

Phil: You know, I really lost myself back there.

Virgil: No kidding. What were you thinking?

Phil: Liam.

Virgil: Liam? Your brother, Liam?

Phil: Yeah.

Virgil: What about him?

Phil: He's back in town.

Virgil: He is?

Phil: Yeah.

Virgil: Then why are you getting doped up?

Phil: You know Liam. He always thought he was better than me. Always puts me in the spotlight. I don't wanna deal with him sober.

Virgil: Look, Philly. He is your brother. The only that actually tries to connect with you. I don't hear Karen, Gordon, or Jimmy looking for you.

Phil: F*ck them. And f*ck Liam. He's the worse.

Virgil: So that's it? Just gonna stay here and hopefully overdose before seeing him?

Phil: Doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Virgil: Well I'm not letting you do that.

Phil: Then come with me.

Virgil: To where?

Phil: To see him. One of his old friends is throwing him a party over at Kennedy Plains. If you come with me, I'll feel better.

Virgil: [sighs] Fine.

Phil: Yes! Thank you, Virgil. I'll owe you one.

Virgil: Big time. Just get ready.

Phil: Alright.

Step outside and wait in your car. Phil will come out soon. When he does, he'll enter the car.

Virgil: Where at in Kennedy Plains?

Phil: Kaiser's Bar on Miner and Main.

You can start driving towards your objective. Jailhouse Radio will start playing A Horse with No Name and Phil will react-

"I love this f*cking song."

He'll sing to it. Keep in mind he is still under the influence of the heroin. Once you arrive at the bar, Phil will pull his pistol out and load it.

Virgil: What the f*ck are you doing?

Phil: Just in case.

Virgil: You are not taking that gun in there.

Phil: What of some jumps off?

Virgil: Fight them. You should have no reason to shoot someone.

Phil: Don't be so sure.

Virgil: The gun stays in the car.

Phil: Then yours should too.

Virgil: Fine.

Both you and Phil will place the guns under the seats. You'll then get out and enter the bar. The bar is full of people but Phil points out his brother right away.

Phil: There he is. That loud-mouth over there.

Virgil: Oh wow, he really grew that beard.

Phil: I'm not ready.

Virgil: You're already here, Philly. I'm right behind you.

Phil will walk over to Liam who is at the end of the bar. He taps on his shoulder and gets his attention.

Liam: Philly?

Phil: Hey, Liam.

Liam: Brother! [The two have a hug] So glad you can make it. Hope everything's okay between us.

Phil: We'll see. By the way, you remember Virgil, right?

Liam: Oh yeah, of course, I do.

Virgil: Hey, Liam. How are you?

Liam: Virgil Assante, you're still hanging out with my kid brother? That's a big surprise.

Virgil: I see Phil as my little brother too.

Liam: Well that's good. How about we all have a drink.

Phil: Yeah sure.

Virgil: Alright.

Liam: Great. Hey Jack, a round of whiskey.

The bartender serves the drinks and everyone drinks them.

Liam: That is some good sh*t.

Virgil: Where did you go, again?

Liam: I went to the Motherland, Ireland. Helping out our brother over in Belfast.

Virgil: That's quite a service.

Liam: Yeah. What about you, Virgil? How was 'Nam? You really gave it those commie-chinks, huh?

Virgil: That's, uh, classified.

Liam: Hey, your secret's safe with me. And what about you, Little Philly? Still hanging with our crazy Uncle.

Phil: Yeah, I am.

Liam: How did I know?

Phil: What?

Liam: I'm just kidding. Let's have another drink, huh?

Phil: Yeah, fine.

Liam: Virgil, you in?

Virgil: Yeah.

Liam: Alright. Here's to my brother, his best friend, and to all the single ladies in here.

They take the shots.

Liam: I missed you, Philly. I know you and me don't see eye-to-eye but you are my brother. Can we put aside all of our differences tonight, and drink the night away?

Phil: Yeah. Yeah, I'd love that.

Liam: Great! Jack, keep the drinks coming.

Time will fast forward to 2 am, closing time and there are only a handful od f people still in the bar.

Liam: God, that is a dirty f*cking drink. You know, Philly. If there's one thing I regret, hear me out.

Phil: What is it?

Liam: It's the fact that you have turned out to be such a street f*ck up.

Phil: What?

Liam: I mean, you really think you're gonna get far working for Mickey? He'll just get you killed and no one will miss you.

Virgil: That's a bit too far, Liam.

Liam? What? I'm just saying it like it is. He's my brother, I can tell him anything if I want to.

Phil: I would be careful if I were you.

Virgil: We were having such a good night, let's not ruin that.

Liam: If I wanted to ruin his night I would tell him to give his dad a call.

Phil looks at Liam with eyes that only scream, rage.

Liam: What was it again? Found dead in a dumpster in Bullston, right?

Virgil: That's enough, Liam.

Phil: You know, Liam. You think I'm still that scared little boy when you left. You've been away so obviously, you didn't get the memo. I ain't that little boy anymore. I'm someone who demands respect, and gets it one way or another. So before you say another word, think about that. The last person you wanna piss off right now is me. Trust me.

Liam: Whoa, I'm just being a Sly. Just having some fun with you. I don't see you for three years, just slying you up. Nothing personal. Sorry if I offended you, man.

Phil: Okay, I'll admit, I did take it a bit too far. I'm sorry. Really, I am.

Liam: Good. Now lets drink.

Liam takes another drink.

Liam: I also wanna apologize. I wanna apologize for the fact, you turned into a bigger f*ck up than your dead father.

Virgil: Jesus f*cking Christ, Liam. Really?

Phil puts his drink down, gets up and walks out the bar.

Virgil: I hope you're happy. A perfect night ruined by your bullsh*t. You don't ever change.

Liam: F*ck him! Let him take his medicine. I see the track marks on his arm. He's a low-life f*cking Junkie just like his father. F*ck him and f*ck you.

Virgil: How about I bash this f*cking bottle over your f*cking head?

Liam: Do it. I ain't scared of you, Guinea.

You will grab Liam but the rest of the men at the bar will get up and ready up to fight.

Virgil: So it's that kind of fight?

Liam: That's right, Wop.

Phil walks into the bar and walks towards Liam. You will notice Phil has his gun on hand. In a swift motion, Phil shoots his brother in the chest multiple times, until he empties the clip. Phil has a blank look on his face. Almost as if he feels nothing after murdering his own flesh and blood. The other men have cleared the bar after the first shot. You stare at Liam's dead body and Phil just standing over him.

Virgil: Phil... You do realize what you just did, right?

Phil: Yeah. We should get him in the trunk. I know a good spot to bury him.

You notice the bartender reaching for the phone. You react by going to him, grabbing him, and punching him until he falls to the ground.

"What did you see?"

You will continue to kick him until he response-

"Nothing. I didn't see anything."

You stop and help Phil get Liam corpse to the trunk of your car. Once you are done, you get in and drive away.

Virgil: Where we going?

Phil: You know Pete Zimmerman?

Virgil: Yeah?

Phil: Head over to his place to pick up some shovels.

Virgil: We're not gonna talk about this ever.

Phil: Agreed.

Virgil: Good.

You'll reach Zimmerman's residence and Phil will go in and grab a couple of shovels. He'll return to the car.

Phil: Alright, now head to the old hospital on Locust. There should be a dirt road we can take.

Virgil: We're gonna bury him at the old cemetery, aren't we?

Phil: Yeah.

At the far west of Kennedy Plains is the old abandoned mental asylum that has a field of unmarked graves where many have been buried even after the asylum closed. Once you arrive and find a spot, you get Liam's dead body out of the trunk and place him on the ground as you and Phil begin digging his grave.

Virgil: You're not at all worried about your family asking about him?

Phil: No. I'm sure they didn't even know he came back from Ireland. We'll be fine.

Virgil: Okay look. There has to be an actual reason you killed your own brother. Not because he pissed you off.

Phil: There is. I'm just not gonna say it.

Virgil: It's not like it matters now.

Phil: It doesn't. Just keep digging.

Once Phil feels the hole is enough-

"That should be good. Roll him in here."

You push Liam's body into the hole. Phil gets up close to Liam's dead face-

"See you in Hell, Brother"

Phil will get out of the hole and you two grab shovels and start filling the grave in. Phil will also throw the gun in the grave as well. Once the hole is filled in, a sudden rainstorm commences and you and Phil rush to the car.

Virgil: If I was a superstitious man, I would say we've pissed someone off burying your brother here.

Phil: F*ck them.

Virgil: Good luck with that. So, where you trying to go?

Phil: Can you drop me off over at Zimmerman's? I'm gonna crash there tonight.

Virgil: Alright. Your not gonna use that sh*t again, are you?

Phil: I can't lie. Yeah, I am. But this is my life, I'd really appreciate if you didn't butt in. I'm probably gonna die soon anyway so it wouldn't make any difference.

Virgil: You seem so sure.

Phil: I am. Old Man Sullivan from down the street used to say "If it starts raining at midnight of your birthday, you're gonna die soon."

Virgil: And did it rain?

Phil: It rained hail. Windshields and windows were cracked to sh*t. I just got to a point where I didn't care anymore. After Mom died last year, that was it for me.

Virgil: So you don't care about killing your own brother?

Phil: Trust me, V. He would've killed me if he had the chance.

Virgil: What do you mean?

Phil: I can't talk about it. Just know, it was either him or me. So it might as well be him.

Virgil: Whatever you say, Philly.

Once you arrive at Zimmerman's residence-

Virgil: Don't overdo it. Okay?

Phil: I won't. By the way, here take this.

Phil hands you an envelope.

Phil: This was on him. Might as well give it to you.

Virgil: Thanks.

Phil: Take it easy, V. Might wanna clean and disinfect that trunk. And get rid of those clothes.

Mission Passed


Flashback Mission

This is only a cutscene showing the strained relationship between Phil and his older brother, Liam.

Flashback Mission 1: The Cost for a Cause - November 1968

This will take you back to Fall of '67 in Brooke-Meyer. The location is an empty warehouse where the Pisswasser Beer Factory now resides. We see 18-year-old Phil Costigan alongside 28-year-old Liam Costigan and 39-year-old Mickey Costigan. Standing in the center of the warehouse waiting for someone.

Phil: The f*ck are we waiting for?

Liam: We told you already. Our brothers from the old country

Phil: They ain't my brothers.

Mickey: Regardless, we're looking at a good payday giving these f*ckers guns.

Liam: Don't call them that, Mick. They're fighting for a good reason. Independence from the oppressive United Kingdom.

Phil: Spoken like a true American idiot.

Mickey: Both of yous shut up. Now, Philly, you got the merchandise. Liam, you're security. Simple set-up. Should be no crossings.

Liam: That means no running, Philly.

Phil: F*ck you, Liam.

Mickey: Shut the f*ck up, the both of yous. Here they come.

Four men enter the warehouse and walk towards the trio carrying duffle bags and a briefcase.

Mickey: How you doing, Kieran?

Kieran: [irish Accent] I'm good. Bout ye, Lad?

Mickey: I could complain but who would listen? Anyway, like you, I brought security with me. Hope you understand. Times are tough around these parts.

Kieran: I understand fully, Mickey. To business then?

Mickey: To business. Now, I have for you a total of twenty M12's, twenty PK61's, twenty Cassidy 862's, and I threw in five Bekowsky Model 69's free of charge. All like you ordered.

Hugh: [irish Accent] That sounds great to me, Kieran. I'm up to high doh'.

Mickey: Whatever that means, I'm sure that's good news.

Kieran: Oh it is, Mickey. We're happy.

Mickey: Excellent. Now we did agree upon ten-thousand for the Rifles, seven-thousand for the PK's, and eight-thousand for the shotguns. Totaling-

Kieran: Twenty-five-thousand-dollars.

Mickey: That sounds about right.

Kieran: The people of Northern Ireland thanks you for your service, Mickey.

Mickey: I'm happy I can help with your cause. Now the merchandise is in the crate behind us. Philly, open the crate, will ya?

Phil takes a crowbar and opens the wooden crate, revealing the weapons neatly organized.

Kieran: You've out-done yourself, Mickey.

Mickey: The American Dream is all about aspirations and progression.

Kieran: Pay the man, Hugh.

Hugh hands Mickey the briefcase. Mickey opens it right away only to discover, it's empty.

Mickey: What the f*ck is this, Kieran?

Kieran: Sorry, Mickey. But like you said-

Hugh and the others pull out shotguns from the duffle bags and point them at Mickey, Phil, and Liam.

Kieran: These are tough times.

Mickey: You really think you're gonna live after f*cking with me?

Kieran: I guess we'll find out, won't we?

In a fast motion, Liam dives and runs towards a door to the side. The shooting starts, Mickey takes cover behind the gun crate and shoots back using a rifle. Phil takes cover behind another crate next to the gun crate. Mickey throws Phil a PK61 to shoot back. The firefight goes on for a few minutes until Mickey and Phil kill Kieran's three men.

Mickey: Philly! Go find Liam. He might be in trouble.

Phil: Alright.

Phil runs through the warehouse looking for Liam. He finds him in an old office, talking to Kieran. Phil hides behind a wall by the doorway.

Kieran: The shooting stopped. They're done.

Liam: I hope so. You going out there to check?

Kieran: Yeah. Once I regroup with my men, we'll be leaving. Understood?

Liam: Yeah, no problem. Can I have my cut?

Kieran: Ten-thousand, a fake passport, and a ticket to Belfast International for 4 AM. Too bad your brother can't come.

Liam: He was gonna die anyway. I'm just doing the world a favor.

Kieran: Well then, okay. I'll see you in Ireland.

Liam: You bet.

Kieran walks towards the doorway, Phil takes out his knife. Once Kieran gets close, Phil grabs him and holds the knife to his neck. Liam turns around and reacts by taking his gun out and pointing it at Phil.

Phil: You really think I can die that easy? You need to do better than that, Brother.

Kieran: How are you still alive?

Phil: Why don't you ask your boys. Oh wait, they're dead.

Liam: Let him go, Philly. This is for a good cause.

Phil: F*ck you and your cause. Here's my cause, you f*ck with me, you die.

Liam: I'm sorry, Phil. You'll understand in the future.

Phil: Oh yeah? Well, try to understand this.

Phil slits Kieran's throat. Liam shoots Phil in the arm and runs away. That is last time Phil and Mickey sees him until his return in 1971.

August 1971

21-year-old Phil is at home and his phone rings.

Phil: Hello?

Mickey: Did you hear?

Phil: About what?

Mickey: Your brothers coming home.

Phil: ...You're f*cking with me.

Mickey: I'm not. He's flying in tomorrow. His old friends are gonna throw him a party over at Kaiser's. If you want, I can someone else to do it-

Phil: No, I got it.

Mickey: You sure?

Phil: Yeah. I'm sure.

Mickey: Well good. Head to Petey's when you're done.

Phil: No problem.

Mickey: Good luck, Nephew.

Phil hangs up. He sits on his couch in silence, thinking. He looks over at the cigar box. He gets up and opens it. Takes out all of the cigars and gets to the hidden heroin package at the bottom. He prepares himself to shoot up, but he puts on a record before he does. Once his favorite "America" record begins playing, he injects the heroin into his arm, then lays down and closes his eyes.

Flashback Mission Complete

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This is so AWESOME. The missions are so perfectly written. Love the dialogues between Virgil and Paul. Looking forward to it. Keep up with great job.

And, are you going to add a little description about other characters like the antagonist, minor characters ?

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Francesco Bonomo

This is so AWESOME. The missions are so perfectly written. Love the dialogues between Virgil and Paul. Looking forward to it. Keep up with great job.

And, are you going to add a little description about other characters like the antagonist, minor characters ?


Thank you for your comment. I'm happy you are enjoying the concept, it truly is fun to create it. And to answer your question, yes I am going to add descriptions for characters. I am currently working on adding more details to the Opening Post as well as the Map.

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