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Transfer between consoles/pc


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I know it is not possible but i hope Rockstar crew or developers wwould read this thread one day.


I am more Xbox player, currently i play only GTA Online on PS4 but i think about to sell PS4 so can i transfer PS4 character to xbox one?


I would pay 10eur for that transfer,

Other games like World of Warcraft got those option (changing of faction side, changing of server)


I hope Rockstar would do that one day, make a option (pay to transfer character to other console/pc)

I know it is possible because i've read about One-Time-Transfer from x360 or PS3 to newer generation console like Xbox One and PS4 also mix of them like PS3 to Xbox One, and X360 to PS4 was possible


What do you all think? Would this great idea or nah?

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Oh boy "pay to get your character transferred to another system" but I suppose if it allows more longevity in the game it could be a worthwhile option for some.


Try contacting Rockstar Support to see if you can get the account transferred on a 'one time accommodation' sort of thing, but as it's from current gen to current gen, it may not be possible. PS4 to PC however might be a different thing.

Edited by Gaffa™
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I tried there and now they said i have to send a mail to the developers .. So i did it 12hours ago


I really hope they are gonna read it because i have calculated how much millions ingame i bought on PS4 and now if i compare with my xbox account

now i know how much sharkcards i need to pay and the answer is 1000euro !!!


I really dont want pay a lot for those sharkcards

150eur or 250eur is agreeable but 1000? Way too much to pay :/


For now im trying soloing special cargo on a empty lobby because it is one of most best way to earn a lot money and rp in general


Edit: peoples who dont know me:

i am autism and i really hate when online peoples kill me because they are feeling boredom -_-

And also i am deaf, so i prefer play together with deaf peoples with same sign language from Belgium but mostly of them are PlayStation fanboys -_-

So it is NOT easy to find peoples who can help me with those heists missions on xbox these days


Because i NEED good communication, if there is no good communication i always feeling very angry and after 5th time losing same mission because of stupid stranger player him is always dying etc ..i start smash controller to table

Edited by SWYV
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