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Thoughts about the "Rescue ULP" Mission

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This is one people fail over and over where I really don't understand why.


Sure there are swarms of guys but they all spawn from the same locations outside. Inside its the same number of guys in the same spots.




I've tried this many ways.


You can climb the tower just make sure to climb all the way to the top.


You can stay out front of the door and use mini gun or explosives or your favorite headshot weapon. Everyone spawns left right or center. Sometimes the game spawns one ir two behind you?


You can hide in the hallway entrance and kill the couple guys that try to come inside (that's what she said). Csn be done with shotgun or mini or headshot weapon of choice.


Hell if you have a good inside crew and one of doesn't mind you can go to the right of the Foundry and hide under the little underpass there.


You can stand behind to the LEFT of the Foundry just behind on a little Rock Pile. Did this with grenade launcher just watch Helicopter even though they tend to just fly over.


You can bring your Insurgent and park right out front.


I am not acting like I'm some TryHard Heist guy or anything I've just noticed this one is rather easy, I've done it a host of different ways without dying so I'm left to conclude people over complicate this and get nervous at all the red blips.

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The Wandering Hunter

a glitched savage in your moc helps



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I've switched to using the Duke O'Death on this mission. I usually play this heist with only 2 people (myself included) where I'm the one on the lookout team. I just kill everyone from inside the car with my Mini SMG (including chopper pilots). This car can survive quite a few missiles from the choppers if needed and it's also semi-bulletproof.

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You should to use an insurgent pick-up for the team that covers the foundry team, then it's convenient to block the smelter's entries so that the enemy soldiers can't enter and thus the foundry team will not flanked ... and that It's all, to my sincerely I found the RCV mission was more complicated.

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The Wandering Hunter

having done this several times now i fell confident i could do mastermind going inside the foundry.

4 man that is, 2 player is basically you vs a firing squad

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I find that when there's 2 people going inside you can get in each others way, especially in the office doorway, so if you're in front and you want to get back into cover you can get blocked by the other person and end up in more trouble.


When you are on your own you know which enemies you have killed and which are still waiting for you (assuming you have played enough times to get used to know where to expect them), but with someone else you can't always be sure if the other player has got them or if they are going to surprise you.


Also enemies spawn at certain times triggered by invisible checkpoints, so if the other player takes an unexpected route, you can get enemies appearing when you are not ready for them. This also happens in the Avenger setup, when someone rushes up the stairs at the beginning and loads of enemies appear all over the place.

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Seems R* is taking enjoyment in beefing the AI at rage-quitting levels, especially with Rescue ULP. Even bosses from Dark Souls games are far more forgiving than this.

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NPC enemies inside the building are not easy, just takes time to kill them as they pop out and behind covers.

When being the outsider team, I had vehicle like Armoured Kuruma near the doorway to go inside building.

This is to ensure no NPC goes inside, to flank the inside building team.

So when outside, just simply kill them all while hiding behind Armoured Kuruma or inside.

The Buzzard Helicopter need to be blown up ASAP.

Once Agent ULP escorted out of doorway, got in Kuruma and drove away.

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Inside are the same amount of NPCs in the same spots doing the same thing. Nothing every changes.


I shoot:


Guy slightly to the right and back and the other guy who follows him.


Another guy will run in from the right crossing to the left.


Guy straight ahead behind cover.


Guy by doorway.


Upper Left Sniper.


Sandbag Guy to the far right.


Upper Left sniper.


Guy close to the door in cover behind crates.


Guy far back left behind sandbags.


Guy running down stairs.


Reload eat snacks if need be.


Go halfway up the steps and wait a second til guy runs in from the right on 2nd floor.


Kill him behind sandbags.


Kill guy directly in the back.


Move to the back and kill guy in cover around corner.


Kill guy in cover at bottom of steps to 3rd floor.


Head up steps.


Kill two guys who rush at you from far stairwell.


Kill guy holding hostage.


Kill guy running up to 3rd floor.


Wait a sec.


Kill 3 guys bottom floor who run in and start heading up steps.


Kill guy on 2nd floor catwalk to the left.


Bottom floor maybe one or two guys randomly.


That's it (unless I missed one)

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It didn't really stand out to me as one of the harder one's. Beat it on the first try with some crew mates. However, it is a nightmare with random as usual.

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Any of you who think this is easy wanna help me and my bro get through it. We did the Avenger one in 3 or 4 tries, so far the ULP one we fail at least 10 times.

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