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30FPS Lock on steam


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It's not a bug - the game is supposed to run at 30FPS*. Anything else introduces more or less severe physics issues.



* Locks at 26FPS without SilentPatch.

I know its not a bug but its just unplayable.

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Oh well - you should either get used to it or get used to physics glitches, because you can't have both.


You should try SP though - maybe what you think is 30FPS is in fact 26FPS - and the difference is noticeable. Haven't noticed it's VC - disregard.

Edited by Silent
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As mentioned, playing VC with frame limiter off will normally result in severe physics glitches, most notably the extremely low vehicle speed when using reverse drive.

I use ThirteenAG's Cleo Frame Limit Adjuster mod to remedy the issue as like you I can't stand playing games at 30 FPS.

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Yes thats the way it is 30fps, as said if you take frame limiter off it will run faster but you get glitches, cars wont reverse properly and some cars hardly move at all.

Ive being playing VC for many years and i cant say ive ever though of it as unplayable.

You have to remember the PC version is just a port from the PS2,, it might be slightly better on XBOX but to be honest only difference i see there is a few graphic enhancements such as wheel trims and a bit of shiny paint.

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