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So... Broughy1322 just got perma banned across all platforms


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Not sure if it has been posted before...


For those unaware who is Broughy1322, he is probably the best GtaOnline content creator on the aspects of racing and giving GtaOnline cars the appropriate performance testing to save your money.


Unfortunately, given his background, Take Two probably did not like the fact that he has been exposing the new vehicles usefulness factor, impacting negatively their Cash Card sales.


Having to go as far as banning someone for negative criticism is low...

Edited by Spectre143
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Not to mention he constantly bitches about the game. I like Broughy, but even I am sick of him nitpicking every single minute issue with the game, he doesn't even complain about the bigger issues in game, just "this little thing isn't the way I would have liked" or how every discussion video after each update is about how bad it sucks. He should stick to testing videos because he lost me a while back from just being generally annoying.


What did he do to get banned? He does have multiple nodded accounts and has said so multiple times on videos, so that could be it... guy needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut I guess. That sucks, his testing videos make up for how annoying I find him, and will be sorely missed by the community if he gives up.

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Anyone else ever been banned across all platforms like this? Well, I could name a couple names, but anyone "legit"?

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He talks a lot of sense and logically explains the cash grab the game has become but I'm unsure what he hopes to achieve with it sometimes.

I went to look for a testing vid and instead found the discussion vid 100.

I did learn from it that there's a new fastest sports car in the pariah though.

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Arrows to Athens

This has been mentioned quite a few times now, so it doesn't really warrant an entire thread on its own, but it's good to spread awareness.


They're so fixated on shark cards that it's come to the point where they are now inclined to perma ban those who were gifted 5 billion out of their will and try to call them out on their bullsh*t, shady marketing tactics as a way to spread awareness and improve the game overall.

Edited by Arrows to Athens
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Did he violate the TOS with his actions?


Very unlikely given his background. Violating the ToS also does not warrant a platform wide ban as far as I know.


We know. Please use the youtube thread.


Been a while since I visited GtaForums, completely forgot about that thread.

Well... I guess he deserved his own thread given all the work on testing he has done for us.

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We know. Please use the youtube thread.

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