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[GTAO] The Bought It, Sold It Thread

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Posted (edited)
On 5/18/2018 at 4:03 PM, fw3 said:

I think you posted this just to get my lemon in a twist, didn't you? grrr.... this is what really disappoints me. Reading stuff like this.‹


My previous bitching:  


I bought $3M worth of hangar, so I could buy the Sea Sparrow, and then I can't use the Sea Sparrow on Contact Missions ?? ?!! !?? ?


WTGDF ?? ??? ! ?!


$6 million down the tubes. These f*cking Rockstar bastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate their asses.


OK, so I learned more, and I have a slight update.  I was slightly wrong in my bitching.  There's Good news and Bad News.  


Turns out, the Sea Sparrow is available on the MC Interaction Menu, so in practice, I can get to it when I want it, I think. And you can call for it, so you don't have to go all the way back to the Hangar to get it.   That's the Good News.  


Now for the Bad News.  After the Player calls for the Sea Sparrow, the damn thing always spawns about a mile away from the Player, or further.  Too far to run, unless you've got a carpal tunnel death wish for your right thumb.  


So, you say to yourself, no problem, I'll just call the Mechanic to bring me one of my hundreds of Personal Vehicles, and I'll drive to the Sea Sparrow.  Problem solved?  NOPE.  As soon as your Personal Vehicle shows up, the Sea Sparrow disappears. GONE.  WTF??!??  You can only have one Personal Vehicle on the map.  The Sea Sparrow is a Personal Vehicle.  And if you try to call for the Sea Sparrow again, while you're standing beside the wheeled vehicle you just called up, it says something like "You already have a Personal Vehicle." 


So, I'm standing there, and I had wanted my $6M helicopter, but all I've got is this lousy motorcycle I called, so I can ride the ridiculous, arbitrary distance to the now nonexistent helicopter.  Yeah, that's cool.    NOT.  


So, in the end, even though I have more Personal Vehicles than the King of England, the Emir of Saudi Arabia, and Jay Leno, combined, I still have to jack the nearest Faggio or golf cart, to ride to my far-distant Sea Sparrow.  GRRRRR.  GRRRRR.  


Now, the last bit of related Sea Sparrow bitching.  With the After Hours DLC out, I decided to jump in with both feet, and I blew about $12M for the Nightclub and all the biker businesses and a CEO office.  They said it would be easy, passive income.  They said I'd be rich.  They said that consolidating the businesses into one dashboard and being able to sell them together was the grand culmination of GTA0 DLC businesses.  A panacea.  Well, its not working out like that for me.  


But here's the actual Sea Sparrow related bitching part.  Because I now have to jack a car to get to my Sea Sparrow halfway across the damn map, I am routinely getting Bounties slapped on my by the NPC whom I gently removed freom their vehicle, after asking politely.  I've almost always got a Bounty on me now. 


So then, when I go into a Public Session to try to sell the amazing, incredible, $35K jackpot of goods that I have accumulated in the Nightclub, not only am I a CEO with Goods to be destroyed, I've also got a f*ckin' Bounty, so I'm a doubly juicy target for all the Deluxo and Oppressor and Hydra assholes in the GTA0 world.  Great.  Just great.  


Thanks, Rockstar.  



Edited by saintsrow

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Weaponized Tampa...gone.

Duke o' Death...gone.

Cheval Taipan...gone.



LSIA hangar...traded for the farthest east in Fort Zancudo.


I guess that's it.

I didn't have enough money to waste before I really knew what I wanted for the most part, all largely luck.

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