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Is anyone else unable to even start GTA after doomsday update?


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Theres a bug somewhere in this update... I logged on this morning downloaded the update. Lester called me and told me to spend another 2 and a half million dollars -_- (rockstar pretty much lies about it being a 'free update' smh) Then I log out to go to groceries store.

An hour later i try to start GTA but it just KEEPS kicking me out to dashboard about 30 sec after starting the game. No matter what. Online or offline ,signed in or out , with booting to online or single player.
Tried clearing my cache and hard restarting. Nothing works. (I'm xbox one btw)


Submitted a ticket to rockstar support, but they literally responded with a VERY overused, generalized, unspecific link with instructions that was to just to make sure my internet worked .... *face-palm* -_-

At this point. I just want to know I'm the only one, or if its a somewhat widespread problem
(Hopefully i'm not the only one, then theres hope of it actually being fixed.)



Edited by theadamgore
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OK I seem to have fixed it myself (after submitting a ticket with no help from RS of course)

(Assuming your reading this around the time Doomsday heists/1.42 update came out)
If anyone else's GTA app constantly freezes 30 sec after launch no matter what..


1. Uninstall/Reinstall the game (on w/e platform your on)

2. Pray

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I'm crashing every 10 mins on PC, it used to be any 1.42 DLC vehicles that caused it, but now it won't matter. Used a Hunter in headhunter and crashed after the first kill. Guess I'll wait another bit and see if Rockstar can hotfix it.

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Yep, happened to me too. Had to reinstall the game yesterday, but it's been working well since.

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