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Fixed Wheelchair Texture


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This mod is replacing old broken texture of wheelchair with my retextured one



Old version

New version







Old Versions: Normal version , Rusted version

New version

Edited by MrFinger
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So is it similar to golden dumbells bug?

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With the dumbells they put the wrong texture on the model and that's that, the texture isn't used by other objects as well. In this case it uses a generic txd which other objects on the map use as well and mapped it on the wheelchair (odd choice). It might be better to have the wheelchair use independent textures as to not put wheelchair textures on dumpsters and such :s

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Pretty sure the original isn't broken since it looks like your ordinary rusty wheelchair that's been left out in the open for years. Your texture however looks good as well.

It uses the texture of a skip...

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So is it similar to golden dumbells bug?

I know it's a bug, it's possibly some props outta Vice City, and of course it is misused in San Andreas.

Edited by sswag
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  • 9 months later...

The wheel doesn't seem cirlce as well , you shoud try to re edit 3d models include UV , most of model in sa isn't modeling well , bug of Uv texture , extreme low polygon , because rock star didn't focus details on props in order to optimize 

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21 hours ago, MrFinger said:


You..may want to fix the placement of those footrests and maybe replace those smaller wheels

nice job though, I was always wondering what the hell was wrong with the texture

Edited by B_Smiles
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