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The Unders of CoH (PC)

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The Unders of CoH


Created: May 14th 2016

Leader: BlastLord

Commissioners: Bow2toy (2nd in Command), Mr.Sanders, _KaleKazam_, Dawnoffline

Lieutenanats: Alecwilliamson, Jen_The_Rogue, Knightsend, Lucifyra


Social Club Link:



Well The Unders are indeed recruiting those who want's to do CEO jobs, MC jobs and help out on just about anything. We do have rules and policies we work together as a family and friends we don't toliate griefers and drama makers. We also have discord for those who have a mic or a headset. Our goal is to reach to the top crew ranks but it will take time for us to grow with alot of hard work and progress we will get there. Message us on our social club link above if you would like to join The Unders on the PC verson of GTA Online. The New DLC Is out now which we will be focusing on the new features the DLC has given us so we will really be racking up on money and rp and have to make sure The Unders is set as your active crew.


Our Crew also have discord for those who have a mic or a headset. Message me if you like to join our Crew's Discord.

Edited by BlastLord25

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Our Crew The Unders of CoH is back up and running to do constant grinding and making sure no one griefs your sells or stealing missions.

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We also grind the casino heist constantly 

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

Please can you limit your bumps to once per week, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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